Thursday, May 21, 2020

Will the real Opposition Leader please stand up?

TTDI, 28 Ramadan: While we were extending our short doa for Muhyiddin, Dr Mahathir Mohamad was promising "very big trouble" for his successor and his 'back-door' government. The two-time Prime Minister said the Opposition (Pakatan Harapan) would seek to oust Muhyiddin Yassin at every turn. The Opposition will reject all bills that Muhyiddin brings to Parliament. "If everything he brings to Parliament is rejected, how does he continue?" he told Reuters in a Zoom interview. 
Muhyiddin's reply (I'm guessing):

I am fasting

But Ramadan will end soon and Muhyiddin will need to respond to the threat. He will not take it lightly. This is an angry Mahathir, one who is not as "helpless" as when he brought down Pak Lah and then Najib. Unlike then, today's Mahathir has the media, the billions, and the DAP solidly with him. 
If it's any consolation, Mahathir is not a threat to Muhyiddin only. Anwar Ibrahim, the rightful Opposition leader, the two-time (and two-timed) former future Prime Minister, should be feeling even more insecure and threatened by the Tun's recent antics. Before the Reuter interview, Dr M had held a press conference after Monday's one-day Parliament and spoke on behalf of the Opposition. The zoom press conference was attended by DAP and Warisan leaders together with remnants of Bersatu. 
Anwar's absence/exclusion stuck like a sore thumb and he knows it.

Anwar: Pakatan secretariat will lay down "a few rules we should follow"

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  1. "Unlike then, today's Mahathir has the media, the billions, and the DAP solidly with him"

    But this time, he does not have people with him, particularly the Malay. And also, just ask the speaker to turn the aircon kuat-kuat. MP PH will be absent anyway.