Wednesday, December 11, 2019

China, rare earth and the suit against Mahathir and Cabinet over Lynas decision

Source: Malaysiakini

If you're not a Mkini subscriber, don't despair! You may go to Ktemoc Konsiders h e r e. The news article did not mention that Save Malaysia Stop Lynas, the grouping that has been on the forefront of the anti-Lynas movement since Day 1, is not a registered organisation [read The Mole's A peculiar facet of Save Malaysia, Stop Lynas]. 
Me, I'm fascinated with the fact that the trio is "muhibah" team when all know that the anti-Lynas movement has always been 99% Chinese. One commenter at Ktemoc suspects a "multiracial" political party to be behind the lawsuit against their own Big Boss the PM and his Cabinet. Well, you can't stop people from speculating. But the suit did come hot at the heels of another earth-shattering story Crackdown on rare-earth mining and smuggling (The Mole, 10 Dec) about the authorities uncovering a syndicate smuggling out rare earths from this country. Where to, you ask? 
Yes, all rare earth roads lead to China, it seems.

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