Monday, October 28, 2019

In Malaysia, there's a new storm coming ..

PMiw8: You want to fight, I will give you war.
H20: Bring it on, I'm ready
PMiw8: Good luck, deputy prime minister.

The above is a recent exchange at the lobby of our Parliament between Anwar Ibrahim, still the 8th Prime Minister in waiting, and Umno loyalist Hishamuddin Hussein. It's a brief verbal war "amid big smiles" that will precede the real thing, according to Joceline Tan in her latest column.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous5:03 pm

    Joceline Tan????


    Latuk O Latuk, she is a "journalist" in the same way that you are a "journalist" :)

    Ask yourself whether protectors of kleptocrats have done Malaysia a service, or those who exposed them?

    I'm sure both you and Ms(?) Tan would have been very happy if the Cash King's thefts went unnoticed.

    Mesti cari makan eh Latuk?


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