Thursday, August 15, 2019

After Khat "defeat", Zakir Naik is next?

Bangsar, 15 Aug: Annie says the "racist" Dong Zong trumped the Old Man over the Khat issue (Dong Zong wins ... DAP too). A lot of ordinary folks would agree with Annie. 
Generally, people think Dr M is not the man he used to be. He's got the same fire in his guts but he doesn't have the same kind of generals and soldiers he once commanded. At the height of his power, Mahathir would have pushed through the khat issue with one eye shut. Today, Dong Zong beat the Old Man quite easily. The two-time Prime Minister has been coming under fire over not just the khat issue but also the controversial preacher Zakir Naik and Lynas. He used to thrive on crisis but these days you can almost see him buckling under the weight of relatively small but never-ending problems this Administration has left for him to resolve. 


Some ordinary folks are wondering if he wouldn't actually throw the controversial preacher Zakir Naik under the bus after this, especially after his own daughter Marina and blue-eye boy-minister Syed Saddiq have started attacking Zakir. I hope not but I can't help but wonder, too. 
Oh, anyway, when I say "I hope not" it doesn't mean I am a fan of Zakir Naik. I have watched some of his sessions on You Tube and I think he is really good at what he does but I also think there has been too much hype and I really couldn't care less if he stays or if he goes. This country has taken in so many people for centuries - and is still doing so. Therefore, one more pendatang or guest will not make it poorer. On the contrary, we are today richer for it. 


  1. Anonymous11:33 am

    you may be good with words
    but don't play with fire.
    You hidden tone and msg is glaringly biased.

    Use you god-given gift wisely and fairly!!!

  2. Anonymous12:51 pm

    "This country has taken in so many people for centuries - and is still doing so. Therefore, one more pendatang or guest will not make it poorer. On the contrary, we are today richer for it."

    You serious, bru? You ok with venomous, divisive & radicalisive pendatang? Yes, we are richer for those who came and partake and enjoy our peace, harmony, hospitality, great food and greater people.

    All it takes is ONE ketul of Taik to stink the whole nation - NO this pendatang is not welcome. We don't want a degeneration like what's happening in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, etc. We will certainly be all richer when the particular syit is cleaned up! Until then - do care about this, please - even the pleasure of 'live to bike' could be in jeopardy.

    Anywaz, Tun has brought it on himself, could be senility finally kicking in, and it's time for him to step aside.


  3. zakir naik is so cunning man and fooling people easily because his birth and born place is too dirt he ever feels i m a god and people easily obey his words. one surprize Mahathir Sir is a prime minister of Malaysia this ordinary man zakir naik talking with PM level is totally amazing. Zakir is not a wise man he read one book in his whole life so any one can master in one book and one subject. he is totally cheating malaysian. If malaysia continues his PR in future malaysia face a big problem of communal harmony.Zakir naik is not sit sailent his intension is to to create noise in malaysia.simple logic why he choose malaysia for PR why not nebouring countries of india like nepal,pakistan,srilanka,butan,bangladesh. Those countries kick him soon. so malaysia is safe country and he feels can cheat malaysian easily.
    all the best in future wait n watch what zakir do

  4. Zakir is so cunning man and he choosen malaysia for safe why he has not choosen for PR indian neighbouring countries like bangaladesh,nepal,pakistan,buthan n all because they kick zakir becked. malaysia is cool and peaceful country zakir naiks main intension is to create man to man war community to community war in malaysia but no one knows still about him. if malaysia send him his original country his real face come out.

  5. even india requested malaysia to returncunning man zakir naik.still no action taken by malaysia all countries feels to get him by surgical strike is a only solution for india. Still india is waiting why due to good relationship between both countries. This time malaysia not send zakir naik we will take another step to get back him