Thursday, July 25, 2019

"Convenient" bomb threat at Najib's trial

Taman Tun, 25 July: Like any good Malaysian, I dutifully shared with my contacts via mobile and the social media the news about the so-called bomb threat at the KL court complex, where Najib Razak's trial had entered its 44th day. At the same time, scores of other good citizens were doing the same, as I received as many as I sent out, if not more.

Immediate clear out ordered at 12.30 pm 

Despite the fact that the news was being sent out by all the mainstream media, many thought it was faked news. Or an empty threat. Some believed the news was real but the bomb threat was "staged"! A friend who has seen a fair share of the nation's trials and tribulations since the 90s, in response to a link to the Star's article headlined Najib's SRC trial postponed after bomb threat at court complex that I sent, wrote: 

"Seriously? How convenient, huh?"

Malaysians, in general, have become so skeptical. 

But the "bombs" that have been dropped on the judiciary, and on the SRC trial in particular, in the last few days are very real if you go with the alternative - and very cynical -  NewMalaysiaHerald portal:


  1. Anonymous7:11 pm

    Are Msian leaving in the Msia Baru era or stone age era. Msia practising Rule of Law or Rule of "Malaysian Jungle". Shame on Pakatoon Tak Ada HARAPAN.

  2. xnakdedak6:43 pm

    Latuk O Latuk O Latuk,

    So your best defence against your paymaster's deepening connection to Jho Low in court is to....

    ....send your remaining reader (no, not plural) to "NewMalaysiaHerald"?

    LOL.....Latuk O Latuk O Latuk,

    If you want incompetent propaganda, try Rocky Bru.

    I've heard he's really good. Meaning really bad. Which is good.