Friday, June 07, 2019

TM CEO: NK it is, then

TTDI, Shawal 3: I would just ignore the question mark at the end of the headline  because this is the New Straits Times and their sources, I'm sure, especially in this particular issue, are not just reliable but more than reliable. 

People who know Noor Kamarul, or NK, readily hightlight the facts that he is very experienced (34 years in telco, meaning he has worked alongside TM's current chairman Rosli Man), contributed greatly towards Celcom's golden era of 31 successive quarters of growth (when, incidentally, Shazalli Ramly was the Celcom boss), is technically sound, and personally nice, traditional, religious, etc. 
Of course, he's not young. But if an earlier article also by the NST [read h e r e] is be believed, then Kamarul will serve as TM's CEO for only two years before handing it over to the much younger,  homegrown talent Imri Mokhtar.

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  1. Yes he is the best man to move TM forward in the era of future telecommunications for Malaysia
    I know him very humble man but technically sound