Friday, May 10, 2019

Man who called me Fatty (and got away with it).

Brew Stage, Day 5 Ramadan: We would hear Maman before we'd see him. He was loud. No, he was booming. But always a cheerful kind of thunder. A wise-ass, ex-fatty (he had a 48-inch waistline before shrinking it to a 34 just by walking up and down the steps at Lake Gardens in KL for a couple of years) who was a hippie in his younger days and a PR guru as he greyed. If fate had wanted it, he might have been the President of Indonesia instead of Probowo. But his destiny was here in Malaysia, where he breathed his last yesterday. Those who knew Maman would not get over the fact for the man is quite unforgettable. I know I will remember his laughter for as long as the sun shines.


Farewell, Man.

Circa 1972. Maman (left) with friends
He tried to make me dress as sharp as his Lordship (2010) 

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