Thursday, February 21, 2019

"Just abolish the Haj subsidies"

TTDI, 21/2/2019: I know many are following the juicy exchanges on the state of affairs at Tabung Haji, the (supposedly embattled) pilgrims fund, between the uber blogger A Voice and seasoned ex-Utusan Malaysia scribes who are now digital journalists at BebasNews. The "fight", some calls it that, revolves around the curious police reports lodged by the New management of TH against the Old, the antics of the so-called Empress Dowager at the helm of the New, and a few matters close to TH contributors' pockets like returns and dividends. Basically, the blogger, in this corner, is seen as sympathetic with the Old while the ex-Utusan's portalists, in the other corner, are ganging up with the New against the Old. But whether they express it or not in their writings, they are both still trying to defend the integrity of the institution, ie Tabung Haji. So far, that is how I see it.
This latest article by the portal's Ku Seman, another Utusan Malaysia vet at BebasNews, might escalate the cyber war. Or, rather the piece's Utusan-ish headlines - Just abolish the haj subsidies ... - will. 
That is, I must add, if the article reflects what the new TH management is planing or hoping to be doing. And I don't think that is the direction the New will take, seeing how the government is still happily dishing out the handouts under BSH, petrol subsidies, etc.

Read the full Ku Seman article h e r e.


  1. Anonymous11:23 am

    I'm just wondering...

    This so call Haj subsidies was given by whom?

    Is it the Government of Malaysia or by the Pilgrimage Fund itself?

    Enlighten me, please?

  2. Anonymous11:58 am

    Tidak setuju Subsidi Haji dimansuhkan terus...tetapi diteruskan secara tersasar seperti subsidi minyak dan BRIM...cth: pemdapatan RM 8,000.00 keatas tanpa subsidi...RM 6,000.00 - RM 7,999.00 subsidi 30%....RM 4,000.00 - RM 5,999.00 subsidi 60%...RM 3,999.00 kebawah subsidi 100%.....