Thursday, November 01, 2018

Golf, anyone?

For context, read Cricket, anyone?

As if the intent to get rid of the Kinrara Oval wasn't bad enough, developers concerned are said to have set their eyes to also take back the public golf course in the vicinity to build low-density apartments (not to be mistaken for low-cost apartments).
"A check with the Subang Jaya Municipal Council website shows that it intends to convert the five-acre land which was a green lung area into a commercial site.
It turns out that Kinrara Oval is not the only green lung earmarked for development in Bandar Kinrara, the other being the Kinrara Golf Club, which is almost six times bigger than the cricket ground."Cricket association not giving up on Kinrara Oval despite lease expiry, The Mole

Some people tell me the developers made their move when the "old government" was still in power. Others say the developers leapt into action at the dawn of Malaysia Baharu. I don't care which is which, just as I care little about golf as a pastime. But what I know is that if the developers succeed, there will be hardly any green lung left in Bandar Kinrara except for a few playgrounds and the occasional football field. 

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  1. What is the new gorvernment doing? Are they speechless? Rakyat vote for change. Sir Tun Mahathir, pls do something to save the Kinrara Oval and Golf
    at Bandar Kinrara.