Thursday, April 12, 2018

"How I rigged the Elections ... "

The Admin for Dr Mahathir Mohamad's blog should let the Old Man know that PM Najib Razak has already declared Wednesday, 9th May 2018 a public holiday to make it easier for the rakyat to exercise their right to vote. The news on the public holiday came out yesterday, a day after the Election Commission announced nomination and polling dates for the14th general election. 

Mahathir wrote in his latest posting:
Admin should have known about the public holiday and made the correction immediately. Unless Admin themselves hadn't or didn't read what Mahathir wrote in his latest posting. 

In the same posting, Mahathir is clearly saying it's ok for you to accept bribes offered by Najib but give your vote to Pakatan Harapan. And you wonder why we haven't been winning the war against corruption.
In future, accepting bribes may even be halal!

Do read the posting Cara Najib Tipu. Which could be retitled How I Rigged the Elections When I was PM...

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  1. Salam Dato Rocky.

    "And you wonder why we haven't been winning the war against corruption".

    Jangan mudah lupa... Dato.

    Look no further than Sleepyhead aka Mr. Clean... at least that's the impression Dr.M had when he resigned in 2003.

    When Najib took over from Sleepyhead, everybody was expecting him to get rid, at least a few of what he inherited, especially the latter's SIL's Tingkat-4 cabinet. Lo and behold, Najib chose otherwise, even though a few moons back there were thunderous cries of... KJ Rasuah, KJ Rasuah, KJ Rasuah... at PWTC, during UMNO's party Election.

    Oh... by the way... what have become to that RM110 million corruption in KBS?

    For all I know, that bust came after KJ's famous; 'Jho Low's fingerprints all over 1MDB' comment. Never heard of him spoke about Jho Low, after that... Ehmmm.

    Please note that I quote RPK's portal, who once swore a SD, implying that Rosmah was at the scene where Altantuya was C4ed in month of Ramadan, on the eve of Raya Puasa 2006, where the atmosphere at the nearest village (Kg. Budiman), about 1 km away, was in midst of celebration mood of exploding meriam-buloh or bamboo-cannon, stuffed with water and a little bit of calcium carbide.