Monday, April 02, 2018

3 years on, still nobody has migrated because of GST

April 1, 2015, after putting off the idea time and again for over two decades, Malaysia finally decided to join the long list of countries that have implemented the goods and services tax. 160 out of 180 nations of the world had already done it before us (as the then DPM Muhyiddin Yassin said in the clip above) and yet the detractors aka jokers (which are today led by same ex DPM) claimed the new tax would be disastrous, the people would be impoverished, and the country would be bankrupt in no time for sure. 
There was a lot of talk among these jokers about them and other bright Malaysians migrating because of GST. 
But three years on, nobody you and I know have fled the country, have they? Certainly none of those jokers have!
The fact is, life's too good here. In many cases, even better after the GST. Those against the goods and services tax are probably people who had had it so good due to the "ketirisan" of the old tax regime.
In the last three years, Saudi Arabia, China, India, Seychelles and several more countries have implemented GST. Just a handful in this world left which have not. So even if these jokers were to really migrate after the general election because Pakatan Harapan has lost the general election*,  there would be very few countries to migrate to. 
North Korea is likely to be one of them. 
* Pakatan Harapan has promised to abolish the GST if they win the GE14, a move that has bewildered many of its own sympathisers because of the sheer stupidity of the promise. No wonder some of the PH leaders themselves are shaking their heads. Read Mahathir again admits PH won't be able to fulfil pledges]


  1. Anonymous9:23 am

    You have becoming more and more of Hapraq blogger supporting the government managed by kleptocrat PM - Shame on you dedak eater !

  2. Salam Dato Rocky.

    Come-on Dato. That speech by Muhyiddin was recorded when he was still in support of Najib and BN. Most probably during that time, everybody was still in the dark on 1MDB-Jho Low's scandal. At that time too, Muhyiddin like most of the Rakyat, must have been fooled by Ahmad Mazlan rhetoric that GST will bring down the cost of essential items.

    Everything about GST wasn't clear yet. The Rakyat then, didn't even realized that all their utility bill (including internet), will swell by 6%. The reason being, the government chose not inform this hard-truth to The Rakyat, at the outset.

    With the help of MSM, the gomen bragged that 6% is the lowest in the world. Made comparison with Indonesia's 10%, without mentioning the fact that they levied it at point of sales by major vendors. That the're provisions in Indonesia which allow for certain items to be taxed as high as 20% with a cap of 35% on luxury goods, while cottage economies and industries are exempted.

    In-contrast, our Government seems to hide the fact that our system of GST was imposed throughout the whole manufacturing supply chain, eg. producer, manufacturing/supplier, wholesales/middlemen, finally retailers.

    Ehmmm... wonder what's the reason 1MDB-Jho Low was exempted from GST, Dato?
    Just imagine the amount, the government aka Rakyat could make on those Billions worth of Energy assets and prime-land sales to foreigners, Dato.

  3. Salam again Dato Rocky.

    At the end of your post on GST, you wrote... "Read [Mahathir again admits PH won't be able to fulfil pledges]". In square-bracket, denotes a link to NST.

    Are you trying to mislead your readers that Dr.M is still contemplating on abolishing GST, Dato?

    In that link from NST, no where it quoted Dr.M as saying that his pledge to do away with GST is difficult to fulfill. The only difficult thing he said was to 'remove all the road tolls'.

    Ehmm... in contrast, Najib's doing away with Batu 3 & Sg. Rasau toll (including one each in Bukit Kayu Itam & JB), seems like walking in the park for him. Gets to be popular too.
    Maybe he thought the Rakyat mudah lupa, that in 2011 the concessionaire's contract for toll collection in Batu 3 & Sg. Rasah was extended another 20 years when it was supposed to expire in 2018, after 30 years of operation.
    Buta-buta wasting RM2.04 Billion of Rakyat money to pay compensation for lost of revenue until the needless prolong-expiry, 2038.
    What's more annoying, 6 lives was wasted, then only the toll infrastructure was cleared, in a haste, without any brouhaha about those death, of-course.


  4. Bro RD, waalaikumsalam.
    Tragic, those deaths. Haters, as expected, blamed them on Najib and BN. There's nothing you can do about them. That the relevant authorities should have brought down the structures sooner is wisdom after the fact.

    As for Dr M "still contemplating on abolishing the GST", I am quite sure what his position is right now with regards to the GST. Or, for that matter, with regards to anything. At the rate Tun is revising his views and positions on history, the present and the future, God only knows. But in our conversations in the past, he was never dead against GST. He was unhappy with the Government's move to abolish ISA. He was not pleased with the idea of throwing money to the B40 (BR1M). He was not happy with many things. But he was also always unhappy with DAP and Kit Siang, too.