Friday, February 09, 2018

Why GE14 won't be called before May

“The three months probe will start today ... Only after the review is completed will Felda be able to take disciplinary actions." - Shahrir Samad 

Thanks to Shahrir Samad, the Felda chairman, many will now assume  that the general election won't happen until May. 
During a press conference (that started 10.45pm) last night, Shahrir announced the Felda board's decision to establish a special committee on legal review tasked to recommend legal/disciplinary action against Felda officers/directors implicated in a forensic audit investigation into Felda's "lost" Jalan Semarak land issue. Findings by the audit firm have been submitted to the PM but these findings were not shared with the Press last night. Shahrir declined to even reveal the name of the audit firm. 
That aside, the latest committee will require three months to complete its review, Shahrir said.  It's February so three months will take us to May. The Holy Ramadan starts middle May and Hari Raya is mid-June. The Constitution dictates that GE14 must be held by August this year.
PM Najib is not likely to call for a GE if the Felda Jalan Semarak land issue is not fully resolved. Too much at stake there. 

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