Monday, February 05, 2018

War against Fake news: Why we need to win it together

Msia and Spore join nations around the globe
 in the war against FAKE news

Some Opposition politicians have accused the Government  of wanting to use a proposed new law against fake news to silence anti-government elements aka its political enemies. Well, some Opposition politicians are stupid. You don't need me to tell you that but I will tell you that anyway.  Because Communications Minister Saleh Said Keruak is not going to say that because he has to play nice and explain why Malaysia needs such a law:

“The fake news are not only a matter of concern for those from the ruling party but also those from the opposition parties and members of the public. We should determine together that the fake news problem can be resolved.” - Law against fake news not for political interest: Salleh 
Fake news according to the Daily Telegraph 

Fact is, fake news is not just a Malaysian problem. Just last month, the UK government said it was going to set up a new national security unit to tackle fake news. US president Donald Trump says even the great American mainstream media - not just the social media - have been faking it these days. Singapore has launched its war against fake news, h e r e.
Trumping fake news in America

Here in Malaysia, we really know how to fake it. Let's not blame it just on the ruling party's so-called cyber troopers; the Opposition's propaganda machinery has had more experience in this department. In any case, an anti-fake news law should serve neither the ruling party nor the Opposition; it should be meant to protect the Malaysian public against fakehood and half-truths. 

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