Wednesday, February 21, 2018

So Guan Eng and the DAP don't need the Malay votes

Guan Eng's tunnel vision: If t h i s is true,
Dr M and Junior can't represent Malay voters lah

Orignial article:
21 Feb
Guan Eng's tunnel vision about multiracial politics 

In MCA leaders avoiding Chinese-majority seats, Lim Guan Eng mocks his political foes from the Malaysian Chinese Association, Umno's major partner in the ruling BN coalition, for needing Malay votes to win the elections. The way I see it and the way most people will see it, the beleaguered Penang Chief Minister mocks himself. He insults the  Malay voters. 
If a Chinese leader contests and wins in a non-Chinese-majority area or an Indian leader in a non-Indian-community constituent, isn't that testimony and validation of multi racial politics? 
Doesn't it show that voters are able to decide NOT on racial background? 

Guan Eng is a complete moron to say that MCA can't represent Chinese voters if it's banking on Malay support. What's wrong with Malay voters, mo? The DAP does not need Malay support, is it? 
But wasn't that what you and your party claimed to have been fighting for? Preaching us for decades about Malaysian Malaysia and all that bs? And now you are whining and bitching ... just because the MCA seems to have achieved it! 
I am a Malay voter so Guan Eng does not need my support or my vote but I would still like to tell him: maybe you can't undo your mistakes with regards to your underground tunnel but you can still go and fix that tunnel vision of yours. 

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  1. Anonymous8:42 am

    Mokti dan mopti kata harem undi DAP, so samalah juga dengan mca dan mic.

    Pru2018. No malay vote for calon non muslim