Tuesday, January 02, 2018

The economy is sooo bad ... KL City Hall had to ditch their 6-lane highway plan for disgruntled TTDI

2018 arrived safely. Malaysians woke up to the New Year, hung over from a peaceful and prosperous 2017, to a still peaceful and prosperous Malaysia. Some bad news carried over from the old year but it's easy find the good ones, too. Personally, the best piece of news that welcomed the new year for me is the decision by DBKL to scrap the proposed preposterous six-lane super highway for peaceful, easy Taman Tun Dr Ismail, one of the greener residential areas in the city's fringes.

No more six-lane highway in TTDI ... 

But as the story suggests (read also The Mole's report TTDI-DBKL tussle sets to continue) the residents and their association are not celebrating the good news. Why? I spoke to some of the residents and I must say I was quite shocked to discover that they have very little trust left in the City Hall and (especially) the minister in charge. 

"Happy New Year. Just can't trust them. Hope they will not build the highway. The judge is inclined towards them. We were fined RM42K," said one resident association member in a text message. (For context pls read TTDI Residents shocked with RM42,000 costs ...)

TTDI residents think the authorities are just buying time. "General election is just around the corner so they will say just about anything for their political masters to win back our support."

I wish they would have more faith. 


  1. Mmm ... on what basis should they have more faith?

  2. I propose they live in the jungle if they want peace. They are very selfish people.

  3. Anonymous2:19 pm

    FAITH rocky? Not everyone is getting dedak like you, at least these people have integrity and smart in assuming the earlier retraction to build the highway is just a ploy for incoming PRU14.