Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Apandi Ali vs RPK and Khairuddin (there's Azeeez in there somewhere, too!)

No need to sue RPK lah, AG

Bangsar, 24 Oct: Re AG Apandi Ali's task force (Who, or what, does Apandi's task force serve?), I expected one side of the political divide to express reservations. Because that's how things usually work in this country. I did not expect BOTH sides to violently protest the move. 

I certainly did not expect Malaysia Today's RPK, whose views these days are said to represent the views of some people close to Prime Minister Najib Razak, to launch such a vicious attack on Apandi. (Read Strong rumours surrounding the AG Part 1 and Strong rumours surrounding the AG Part 2). So offensive were RPK's attacks that Apandi truly offended. The AG reportedly lost his trademark composure and has threatened to sue the Malaysian blogger in England (Apandi threatens to sue Raja Petra "till kingdom comes").

Khairuddin: AG ignorant of
 process of law

Former Umno man Khairuddin Hassan's opposition towards the task force is more palatable even if his reasoning is rather odd. The Mahathir Mohamad loyalist is suspicious of Apandi's motive and speaks of a conflict of interest and suspects that what will happen is that Apandi will declare that the task force, after investigating the claims against the MACC boss, finds that there is no case ...

"Apa motif Apandi Ali?! Dia nak kata 'tiada kes' setelah menyiasat sepertimana kelazimannya!!" Khairuddin Hassan: Kenapa Peguam Negara pula kalut tubuh panel has siasat Ketua Pesuruhjaya Suruhanjaya SPRM?! Ianya ada unsur "Conflict of interest!!"

If you ask me, I'd say surely Apandli Ali is doing something right for operatives on both sides to be against him on this issue!

Now, I am against the AG resorting to legal action to silence RPK because RPK will not be silenced. Lodging a police report to intimidate RPK will also be useless because RPK will not be intimidated. Trust me, Also, the AG has other more pressing things to worry about. If it's any consolation, look at it this way: if RPK does represent the PM or the PMO in some way, then surely most people can see that this means that the AG is only acting in the interest of justice!

The AG should not be losing sleep over Khairuddin, either. He should not feel hurt or insulted if Din calls him bangang because Din calls everybody who could become his political foe bangang, anyway.

What Apandi should do is to go ahead and get his task force going. The integrity of the MACC is at stake, which cannot be defended by RPK or Khairuddin but by proper investigation. And if the task force finds there to be no case against the MACC boss after it has conducted its investigation thorougly, so be it. And the sooner the AG makes that happen, the better for everyone. 

The worst thing that the AG can do, of course, is to make a U-turn. We have enough of that to last us a lifetime already ...

p.s  The Malaysian Insight sees things differently, in The Battle Within Camp Najib.
"Expect the battle to get nastier unless Najib steps in."



  1. It really baffled me too when Apandi announced the setting up of a taskforce to monitor MACC's chief alleged affair. Because sex affair is a personal matter, not a serious matter if you see it from a professional perspective.

  2. Anonymous7:16 pm

    Rocky, sudah tukar ke?

  3. xnakdedak9:05 am

    "And if the task force finds there to be no case against the MACC boss after it has conducted its investigation thorougly, so be it. And the sooner the AG makes that happen, the better for everyone."

    Hee hee Latuk, you're so cute.

    Naturally, Khairuddin's fear is the only sane one:

    Your "composed" AG will do the same thing he did with 1MDB, i.e. ignore the MACC's reco to prosecute MO1 for theft against the people, and "tutup kes".

    It's what he was hurriedly shoved into place for in 24 hours...


    A kes-tutuper and MO1 lackey.

    Too many around.