Sunday, July 23, 2017

Mahathir's cronies vs Najib's cronies

So who are his business cronies?

KL, 24 July: Someone sent me Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman's piece Tun Mahathir, Bapa Sebenar Pengangkutan Awam [I've retitled it Syed Saddiq: Why Mahathir had to give it to his cronies]. So I went through the article by the youth leader of Mahathir's new party. It was a piece written in defence of the former prime minister. Well, I suppose, after all the praises for Najib Razak over the much-awaited MRT project, Mahathir needed defending. But someone else could have done a better job. I cringed when Syed Saddiq admitted, unwittingly or no, that Mahathir did award major transport projects to this cronies. As if that was not bad enough, he went to explain why that  was necessary (perlu) and encouraged (harus) at the time ...

And there we were telling the Americans, the IMF and fellow Malaysians that all those allegations about Mahathir corruption, cronyism and nepotism (with apologies to Zahid Hamidi, who went to jail for making those allegations against Mahathir publicly) were lies ...  
"Alaa, cronyism under Najib is as bad if not worse," a staunch Mahathir supporter told me. 
Really? Then please give me the name of one Malaysian individual who deserves or qualifies to be called a crony of Najib Razak. There were countless when Mahathir was PM, as Syed Saddiq is telling you, even if we were to accept the words of the likes of Francis Yeoh and Samsuddin Abu Hassan that they were actually not cronies of Mahathir's, or the Government's but had made fortunes based on their own blood, sweat and tears blah blah blah ...


  1. Jho Low, the 'unofficial' consultant of 1MDB, a friend of Najib's stepson.

  2. Salam Dato Rocky.

    "Then please give me the name of one Malaysian individual who deserves or qualifies to be called a crony of Najib Razak."

    Answer: Razak Baginda, Deepak Carpet and Jho Low.... to name the prominent few.

    At least, with Dr.M's cronies such as YTL, Ananda Krishnan, Syed Mohktar Bukhary... hundreds of thousand Rakyat could earn a living and raise families, working for them. The gomen too could collect taxes in form of employees remuneration, corporate taxes and the wealth of Dr.M's cronies... eternally, as long as their companies is doing well.

    However, with Najib's cronies (Razak Baginda, Deepak Carpet and Jho Low)... what does the Rakyat and gomen, get in return? Lick their dick?

  3. Anonymous12:43 pm

    The dedak has really damage you brain En Rocky (pun intended for your datukship is illegitimate). Najib only enrich himself, Rosmah, his family and his advisor such as jho lo, farid ridzuan, habibur rahman and few other major dedakians...

    Cant believe you didnt know that but dedak will do that to people

  4. Anonymous1:56 pm

    Make sen what rd says

  5. Salam RD,

    The last line is not you, if I may just say. :-=)

    I knew Jho Lo's name would come u, though.. But if he was a crony of the Prime Minister, he wouldn't need to "steal" 1MDB's money, which is what he's been accused of, He would just need to ask the crony master what he wanted and he'd get it! No need to have trouble with the law.

    "... Razak Baginda and Deepak, to name the prominent few"?More like scraping the barrel! Neither Deepak nor Razak are big at all. Certainly not when you put them side by side with the names of Mahathir's so-called cronies that you have listed down (to name a few).

    At least you did not list "China"n as a Najib crony because someone did!

    But I don't blame you, bro RD.

  6. xnakdedak6:22 pm


    You are forgetting a certain pink diamond wearer and her son, the Wolf Of Wall St.

    Also, those who got those cheques from MO1's Ambank slush fund.

    Hope to see you on that forensic trail soon : )

  7. Anonymous7:00 pm

    Cronies and thieves are miles apart Rocky! Don't put yourself that low...

  8. Salam Again Dato Rocky.

    "No need to have trouble with the law."

    Jho Low is not in any way, in trouble with Malaysian jurisdiction. He is 'untouchable' and seems to be an angel to UMNO-Najib.

  9. "But if he was a crony of the Prime Minister, he wouldn't need to "steal" 1MDB's money, which is what he's been accused of...." Not by Najib though, or our AG, or our KPN. Which means that Jho Low didn't steal anything... so he should be Najib crony