Thursday, June 01, 2017

Rocky's Bru is 11

And an invitation to the IPD ...
Puchong, June 1: The very day this blog turned 11 yesterday, I got a call in the morning from the Royal Malaysian Police. There has been a police report lodged against this blog so the police are obliged to start an investigation, the Inspector tells me. I understand a hundred percent, Inspector. 
Since starting Rocky's Bru on 31 May 2006, I've gotten my share of summons to police stations in and around Kuala Lumpur. The police and the MCMC have also paid me a visit at home and my office to check out my apparatus. A Minister was among those who have lodged police reports against what I wrote. And there was also that lawsuit that dragged for five years, the first in the world between a newspaper company against a blogger, or something like that. 
But I do hope my meeting with the Inspector next week would be a cordial one and would not lead to lawsuits. 
Anyway ...

... during those 11 years, this blog drew 23 million pageviews, some 3 million of these coming in during the last 12 months, during which I did about 100 postings, which I must say is not very productive of me. 
On the other hand, you, my Dear Readers, have been far more industrious: this blog has published over 137, 000 of readers' comments since 31 May 2006, whether or not I like them. Lately, those who oppose my views outnumber the supporters, but to agree to disagree is something that's always a given.

I expect the coming months to keep me far busier (and more productive), especially with the 14th general election on the horizon. As always, I so look forward to your continuous support/opposition and readership. 
Blessed Ramadhan, my Dear Readers.


  1. Oh dear, oh dear, whose toes have you stepped on now?

    Write 100 lines on the blackboard, "In future, I must be a good boy and (try to)) shut my gob."

    Good luck kiddo.

  2. You're my idol in this blogsphere Dato. Keep it up.

  3. Anonymous4:11 pm

    Keep it up.

  4. xnakdedak7:09 pm

    According to the documents obtained by Sarawak Report, the controversial lawyer Muhammed Shafee Abdullah was one of the biggest individual recipients of money from Najib’s 1MDB slush fund accounts.

    Shaffee, who is known to be an extremely close confidante of Najib and who was controversially appointed as the public prosecutor during the appeal against the acquittal of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim on sodomy charges in 2014, received two payments.

    11th September 2013 Najib paid him RM4,300,000 from his AmBank account no 2112022011906 and again on 17th February 2014 he received RM5,200,000 from the same account.  This account has been identified as having been funded by money stolen by the Prime Minister from the 1MDB subsidiary SRC, which had borrowed some RM4 billion from the civil service pension fund KWAP.

    AG Apandi inadvertently confirmed that finding by waving MACC investigation papers showing the money trail into Account no 2112022011906 in January 2016, at the very press conference during which he announced that no wrong-doings had been committed and he was closing down investigations into 1MDB.

    Can a senior lawyer sue the SR?

    I guess so.

    Let's wait, huh?

    Next Tuesday kut.

    When is the WSJ being sued?

    Next Tuesday?

    1. Anonymous8:18 am

      Of all reports...SR and WSJ??

  5. Anonymous10:03 am

    Ya and continue to lick Najib harder for there are bigger reward is waiting for ya...