Thursday, April 06, 2017

Why MAIS shouldn't lodge another police report

Bangsar, Thurs: Just as I was about to extend my blog holiday due to minor health reasons, the highly-controversial A Voice had to come up with Dear Selangor Mufti ... What is the fatwa on MAIS default? (4/5/17). I could not sit idle even if I wanted to because, by default , this latest instalment on the subject by Another Brick in the Wall blog will affect my well-being.
Some of my readers would be aware that as a result of A Voice's March 6 posting, which I quoted in my While the Agong makes headllines (7/3/17), MAIS has demanded both A Voice and I to apologise publicly (as in newspapers in English and Bahasa) to HRH Sultan Selangor. MAIS has also lodged a police report against both of us (after we failed to meet their deadline for the apology). 
Court proceedings between MAIS and parties that are trying to get back the RM125 million they had lent it to build a hostel, which is now operational and bringing the Council a healthy income, are ongoing or pending so I shall not dwell too much into them. 
But instead of lodging another police report against A Voice (or, for that matter, against me for merely reporting it here), may I suggest MAIS try and reach out to blogosphere in a more professional manner and try to explain its position. I'm sure they can do that without discussing the merits of the case (or do it off the record).
For context, please read the blogger's related postings Istana request no apology, but Court judge MAIS wrong (21/3/17),  MAIS demanded apology (10/3/17) and Selangor royal default? 6/3/17).

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    Why not you use his real name instead of a voice? He writes for you right? And zakhir also does too. Shows the lack of quality the writing industry has at the moment when these two can make a living writing.