Friday, March 31, 2017

Najib's school of diplomacy (Don't mess with Malaysia Part ll)

Alhamdulillah, the nine "hostages" in the KL-Pyongyang diplomacy row over matters related to the killing of Jong Nam, the North Korean leader's half-brother, are safely back in Malaysia a couple of hours ago. The North Koreans detained by us in retaliation would be reluctant to go home, I'm sure, but they are free to go, and so is the body of the body of the murdered half-brother. I couldn't care less about these two, what's important is the Malaysians are back and they are safe. 
I'm not privy to how PM Najib Razak plan to proceed with diplomatic ties and bilateral relations with North Korea but he will no doubt leave the matter in the Foreign Minister Anifah Aman and his team at Wisma Putra, who have taught us a thing or two about the art of international diplomacy. Kudos to them. 
Personally, I would be more cautious when dealing with the North Koreans after this little incident. At the same time, I would be more wary of Malaysians who, at the height of the KL-Pyongyang spat, behaved more North Korean than the North Koreans themselves. - 31 March

30th March 2017.      I am pleased to announce that the nine Malaysians who had been barred from leaving North Korea have now been allowed to return to Malaysia. Alhamdulillah, they took off from Pyongyang today at 7.45pm Malaysian time, and will land in Kuala Lumpur tomorrow around 5am.
2.      I would like to thank those in the Malaysian government involved in the negotiations, led by our Ministry of Foreign Affairs.‎ I had a deep personal concern about this matter, and we worked intensively behind the scenes to achieve this successful outcome. Many challenges were overcome to ensure the return of our fellow Malaysians.  The safety and security of our citizens will always be my first priority.
3.      We will now allow North Koreans to leave Malaysia. In addition, following the completion of the autopsy on the deceased and receipt of a letter from his family requesting the remains be returned to North Korea, the coroner has approved the release of the body.
4.      The government believes strongly in the principles of justice and sovereignty. Our police investigation into this serious crime on Malaysian soil will continue. I have instructed for all possible measures to be taken to bring those responsible for this murder to justice.
5.      As Prime Minister, I am grateful that all Malaysians united to overcome this crisis in the spirit of Negaraku. It shows what can be achieved for the nation if we work together as one.

Joint Statement of DPRK and Malaysia

Pyongyang, March 30 (KCNA) -- Delegations from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) and Malaysia issued a joint statement on Thursday. The statement is as follows:

1. Delegations from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) and Malaysia recently held a meeting in Kuala Lumpur to resolve issues arising from the death of a DPRK national in Kuala Lumpur on 13 February, 2017.

2. Both countries reaffirmed their desire to resolve the existing issues, based on the fundamental strength of their bilateral relations, which have been cultivated since the diplomatic relations were established in 1973.

3. Both countries agreed on the importance of respecting the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, and full implement the provisions contained therein.

4. As the DPRK has produced all necessary documentations related to the body of the deceased from the family, Malaysia agreed to facilitate the transfer of the body to the family of the deceased in DPRK.

5. Both countries agreed to lift the travel ban imposed on citizens of the other country and guarantee their safety and security within their respective territory. This would allow the nine Malaysians presently in Pyongyang to return to Malaysia and the DPRK citizens in Kuala Lumpur to depart Malaysia.

6. The importance of bilateral relations was reaffirmed. In this connection, both countries agreed to positively discuss the re-introduction of the visa-free system and work towards bringing the relations to a higher level.



  1. xnakdedak12:59 pm


    “Najib has conveniently and mischievously failed to disclose the multiple elephants squeezed into the room,” Pua said before elaborating on the various debts or guarantees by Putrajaya in relation to the state-owned investment firm.

    Pua listed them as follows:

    A 30-year RM5 billion bond which is guaranteed by the federal government;

    Two 10-year US$1.75 billion bonds which were guaranteed by Abu Dhabi’s International Petroleum Investment Corporation (IPIC) but have since been indemnified by the Ministry of Finance, Incorporated (MoF Inc);

    10-year US$3 billion bond, guaranteed with a “Letter of Support” issued by the finance minister;

    US$1 billion advance by IPIC, indemnified by MOF Inc; and

    At least US$230 million worth of interest payments by IPIC on behalf of 1MDB, indemnified by MOF Inc.

    “Hence, the total amount of 1MDB debt still outstanding, and directly or indirectly guaranteed by the federal government are RM5 billion and at least US$7.73 billion, bringing it to a grand total of more than RM39 billion.

    “This is despite the fact that the federal government has already bailed out 1MDB’s real estate division by assuming 1MDB’s RM2.4 billion worth of sukuk and another RM800 million borrowed from Socso,” Pua said, adding that the RM39 billion was still outstanding despite 1MDB having already disposed of its power plant assets for a total of RM9.83 billion.

  2. Anonymous1:32 am


    Dalam diam, Raja Arab bagi RM2.6B, kemudian datang melawat Malaysia dan membawa pelaburan berbilion ringgit...

    Dalam diam, kerajaan China bersetuju melabur berbilion-bilion ringgit di Johor..

    Dalam diam, Presiden Perancis datang melawat Malaysia dan melabur serta menandatangani beberapa MOU...

    Dalam diam, 5 rakyat Malaysia yang diculik Abu Sayaff telah berjaya dibawa keluar dan kembali ke Malaysia...

    Dalam diam, 9 rakyat Malaysia di Korea Utara berjaya dibawa pulang...

    Dalam diam, DSN dijemput sebagai tetamu kehormat di India dan Malaysia bakal mendapat pelaburan dari India...

    Dalam diam, hutang 1MDB sudah lunas dan bakal menempa kejayaan untuk negara...

    Dalam diam, ramai anggota-anggota pengganas berjaya ditangkap...

    Dalam diam, ramai yang disyaki mengambil rasuah telah dihadapkan ke mahkamah atau sedang disisasat...

    Dalam diam, DSN dan kerajaan Malaysia telah menjalankan tugas dengan baik dan bersungguh-sungguh demi kemakmuran dan kesejahteraan negara...

    Yang bising-bising menyalak sana sini dan melalak itu ini satu apa pun depa tak buat...hanya menyalak, melalak, menyalak, melalak....

    1. Bayang2 depa sendiri pun depa salak

    2. Kami yang percaya kepada PM dan kerajaan sentiasa berdoa yang terbaik.InsyAllah...

    3. Anonymous11:15 am

      Dlm diam najib curi duit 1mdb take tulis pun.

  3. Dalam diam hutang 1MDB lunas? Anda kurang membaca dan berfikir...

  4. dlm diam juga tanah 1mdb dijual
    dlm diam juga duit rasuah jadi sedekah
    dlm diam duit malaysia dah jadi duit sampah
    dlm diam juga undang2 negara di compromise dengan kerajaan utara
    dlm diam juga rasuah makin menjadi jadi
    dlm diam tanah johor dengan hak milik kekal jadi milik rakyat china
    dlm diam juga malaysia hancur

  5. Dalam diam, asset dan anggota ATM di hantar untuk membantu Arab Saudi mengebom Yemen, Negara Arab paling miskin di Dunia, sehingga tidak mampu miliki Tentera Udara sendiri.

    Dalam diam, Malaysia telah membantu Arab Saudi membunuh Rakyat Yemen... orang-tua, wanita & kanak-kanak.

    Dalam diam, Malaysia telah masuk-campur dalam pertelingkahan bodoh Pak-Pak Arab yang menguntungkan 'musuh' Islam.

    Dalam diam, Malaysia akan menjadi musuh kepada Iran dan Puak Syiah.