Monday, February 20, 2017

Why I didn't blog about Zam's tweets on the JB cycling tragedy

KL Feb 20: I bumped into a senior editor from Utusan Malaysia this afternoon and asked him what he thought about his former editor-in-chief's tweet on the 3am accident in Johor Baru that killed eight young ones. 
"We don't understand him anymore, Rocky. He's gone bonkers." 
The editor said he spoke for his colleagues in Utusan Malaysia. 
"It is disgraceful, really," he added.
Zam, who turned politician from journalist towards the end of Dr Mahathir Mohamad's rule, wrote under pressure in later tweets that he hadn't lost his marbles, that he was merely stating the facts, ands that government cybertroopres were desperate. He wasn't even blaming Najib Razak for the tragedy, he insisted. 
But that's not how everybody else read/interpreted Zam's tweets. And the senior editor I bumped into today wasn't the only Utusan Malaysia journalist who was offended by Zam's words and conduct.

A case in hand ...

Then a reporter from the news portal Malaysian Digest called me up for my comments. Damn. I was hoping I didn't have to comment on what Zam had written on his Twitter but  a fellow journalist is a asking me what I thought of Zam's tweets?
Well, to put it simply, and speaking as journalist, I was ashamed. 
This is the recipient of the 2006 Tokoh Wartawan Negara (Eminent Journalist) award that we are talking about, I told the Digest.

p.s.  In 2006, I remember forcing myself to refrain from writing on my blog about the manner the award had been given to Zam back then. Maybe I shouldn't have  .. 


  1. Anonymous12:17 am

    Perhaps u shudve written about it in 2006 #theeminentjournalistaward ✌

  2. Anonymous12:54 am


    You should refrained yourself even now..for blogging

  3. I had suspected it's a spoof account. Of someone wanting to bring the real Zam to disrepute. "Surely Zam wouldn't be so petty and downright idiotic"...

    It's sad he has denigrated himself to this level.

  4. xnakdedak11:35 am

    "...that he was merely stating the facts, ands that government cybertroopres were desperate."

    Well, the government "cybertroopres" seem to ignore the multiple hippos in the room, such as 1MDB, SRC, TH, FELDA and all those other little things that most certainly ARE the direct result of the Bugis clown's "leadership".

    History will name him Bapak Klepet Negara, a bumbling thief who did no good to anyone.

    And his defenders and the "cybertroopres"?

    Nah, those failed hacks are forgotten already.

  5. xnakdedak4:39 pm

    "Well, to put it simply, and speaking as journalist, I was ashamed."

    Ahhhh shame is a strange emotion Latuk.


    No shame about standing next to the guy who got 2.6 billion in his personal account thanks to the Forex losses wayyyyy back in the 90s.

    Hey wait a minute...

  6. He was just stating the current factual incidents. Comparing it to incidents during Tun's era is "sour grape Rocky...just like the forex issue. Let's move on Rocky not move backward! Address the current issues.. 1MDB, the Communist China influences in Malaysia etc...

  7. Anonymous1:41 pm

    Guess the moment Perkasa award anyone as tokoh, some will go downhill. He was perkasa's anugerah tokoh for kewartawanan for 2016. First tokoh was Maathir, look what happen to him.