Wednesday, February 22, 2017

An Open Letter from a Gen M: Tun, be fair to yourself ...

KL, Feb 22: After Tokoh Wartawan Negara Zainudin Maidin's overbearing tweet, the piece Tun, be fair to yourself by former NST motoring journalist Hezeri Samsuri, 44, who is almost half Zam's age, is sobering. It makes you think. 
Hezeri, who describes himself as "a product of Dr Mahathir's era", disagrees with almost everything that Dr M writes about the national car in his latest posting Proton. But he does not resort to calling the Old Man names. He gave him due respect. He does not even blame Mahathir for the current state of Proton, even though he thought Mahathir "should have been more proactive in helping Proton during its heydays, like how t government of Korea did when Hyundai'Kia wanted to go ito the US market".  
Hezeri is very clear about one thing: :We can do it. With this new venture for Proton soon, in my fervent view, I honestly believe we can continue to ensure Proton is our pride ...:." 
"The last thing Proton needs now is the company being pulled into another political game."

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