Monday, February 27, 2017

A selfie paints a thousand words

Puchong, 27 Feb: 

"King Salman and I"

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  1. A selfie from an exhibitionist comes natural but to engrave a PTD on the AG's wall is lethal.

  2. xnakdedak8:14 am

    And what thousand words would that be, Latuk?

    Do enlighten us.

    The 136 pages of the DOJ report and the several hundred thousand words of Ambrin Buang in his OSA-ed report are a bit more relevant.

  3. xnakdedak8:17 am

    Although I once again applaud your 10-minute working style.

    Your twin dingleberries, the esteemed Bigdog and Voicey, have sooooo much to learn (mainly about grammar : )

  4. Salam Dato Rocky.

    The last time, he did that too, with Obama in The Beast. I'm sure China is watching.

    Well... he should better be careful whom he befriend, especially a war-monger.

    The Saudis are chummy with US. In-fact they hosted an American Military base where American Jet-fighters took-off to bomb Iraq and literally send Saddam to the gallows. Today... Iraq is Shia controlled. Bodoh betol.

    Unprovoked, the Saudis, hand in glove with US, bombed Yemen then coined the Coalition of Islamic Nation Against Terrorist and Najib was a part, of which Jokowi steadfastly declined.

    As a matter of fact, Najib discreetly send our boys for that Coalition's military exercise, code-named, Northern Thunder.
    Now... to the Saudis, Shias can also mean 'terrorist', because they are 'terrified' of Shia's Iran and technically in a proxy-war with them in Yemen.

    I'm sure Najib and King Salman would talk about Shia 'terror' too. me, the Malays should not get involve in Arabic stupidity.

  5. Anonymous3:16 pm

    Datuk, Husim Lempoyang tu pun ko ada hati nak quote sama, kalau seademon tu faham lah sebab hantu, tapi saudagar unta ish....

  6. RAKYAT SIUMAN CUKUP GEMBIRA DAN BERBESAR HATI..khusus org yg benar beriman...Masya Allah..moga diberi kebaikan pd kedua pemimpon ini.

  7. sbb agong jemput..harap maklum

  8. Anonymous8:25 am

    no matter how much its worth, it still cant explain where the hell the tm2.6billion came and went from his private account.

  9. Bro. Adakah derma dari Saudi di SAH KAN? Lu kalau nak mengampu pon. Look at the bigger picture bro. Stakat selfie ini boleh membersehkan penyamunan najib terkutuk pada NEGARA dan bangsa. You grow up brader. Kami yang menbaca jaringanmu bukan anak anak.

  10. xnakdedak3:28 pm

    Meanwhile his statement “the presence of King Salman is sufficient to prove Najib was telling the truth” of course lacks logic or explanation.

    When other leaders visit Malaysia it is not because they gave Najib a billion dollars and when he visits other countries it is not because he gave the leader a billion dollars.

    Unfortunately for Najib, this is one of the world’s biggest corruption cases, so yes, not only will the opposition continue harping on about it, but so will global law enforcers who are busy closing in on the RM2.6 bn …. and indeed all the additional payments that have now been identified going into Najib’s accounts from SRC, Blackstone Asia (BVI) etc….

    I guess your home country of Singapore is insane, eh Latuk?

    Chasing 1MDB cases & prosecutions, when everyone on this side of the border really BELIEVES it's 100% halal.


    Is the Bugis Worrier's fat Chinese songlap clerk, Jho Low, going to escape?

    Should he?

  11. xnakdedak,

    you sure sound unhappy. but why should you? singapore, switzerland and those other countries are still investigating the alleged crimes involving 1mdb. raja salmon's visit may make you realise that, hey, he could have donated the rm2.6 billion, after all! but no need to get worked up because singapore (my home country? hehe, sllap tu, bang) does not have any love for the Saudis or their king or anyone he takes a selfie with, so if jho lo had used singapore to launder money or commit any other crimes, jho lo will get what's coming ... So far, as we all know, the Swiss has closed its errant banks in Singapore and some Singaporeans are going to jail for crimes linked to (not committed by) 1mdb.


  12. Anonymous Anonymous said...
    Datuk, Husim Lempoyang tu pun ko ada hati nak quote sama, kalau seademon tu faham lah sebab hantu, tapi saudagar unta ish....


    Husin Lempoyang tu bijaksana orangnya ... Hehe

  13. RD,

    Your line "... the Malays should not get involved in Arabic stupidity" referred.
    I agree. But hard to reverse what has been hammered into our psyche so effectively in the last few decades, don't you think?. When people equate the Arabs to Islam (and vice versa), that is not a surprising outcome. But having said, there are many beautiful things Arahjic which we Malays should and can emulate. Cuma kita tak nadir, kot ...

    Where diplomatic relations, military cooperation, etc are concerned, however, I am not that learned I see King Salman's visit from one intriguing angle: it took place within days of the also-historic visit by Israel's Benjamin Netayahu to Singapore (Feb 19). My Wisma Putra sources said it was a coincidence. I thought it was too good to be a coincidence. In any case, both Israel and Saudi Arabia have got Trump's America behind it.

    So I can't wait for Trump to be here ... one selfie with the Prime Minister for the album!

  14. xnakdedak12:49 pm

    "raja salmon's visit may make you realise that, hey, he could have donated the rm2.6 billion, after all".

    Salman has been king since 2015.

    The Bugis pirate's windfall was in 2013.

    How astonishing that neither he nor "I saw the documents" Zahid just asks the Saudis to forward the forensic evidence of the "transfer" to the 7 countries, and close the matter.


    Because there isn't any.

  15. Anonymous1:12 pm

    kejap king salman kejap king aziz yg kasi. check the timeline.. hehe spin.. gaji buta betul cyber troppers umno nih..
    -cam shial-

  16. Anonymous9:33 pm

    King Salman very proud of Saudi punye baju kebangsaan.
    Patut kite contohi, sekurang2nya bersongkok.
    Ada cite kata King Salman dah nyanyuk sikit.

  17. Anonymous1:05 pm

    Defending the indefensible eh, Latuk ? When Najib goes to jail, what will you write in your blog ? "Bukan gua bikin?" "Saya memang tak tahu."

    We trust the DOJ, the Swiss AG, the Singapore CAD, more than we trust sycophants like you.