Wednesday, December 28, 2016

One fight Dr M is not going to win

Five reasons why BR1M is not a bribe: MACC 
Puchong, 28 Dec: Someone told me not too long ago that Dr Mahathir Mohamad would not pick a fight that he could not win. The political writer Joceline Tan used the same quotes in one of her articles at the onset of the still ongoing Mahathir-Najib fight. and I'm sure she had spoken to the same person. But telling 7 million Malaysians they are taking bribes for accepting the cash aid under the Government's BR1M scheme is not a fight that the disgruntled ex-Prime Minister is going to win. 
I think even the person who spoke to me and who must have spoken to Joceline would concede. 
Several Cabinet Ministers have come out to scold Dr M over his Christmas remarks (read Boxing Day). What's not expected was for Wan Azizah to join the chorus. And if that wasn't good enough (or bad enough, depending on whose side you are on), the national anti-graft commission's No 2 man has provided the reasons (I counted FIVE, read h e r e) why BR1M is not a form of corruption. 

Datuk Azam's explanation should put to rest this BR1M issue, once and for all. 


  1. Grand Marquis12:06 am

    Actually it is an insult just to answer to the question. It is like trying to argue if Britney Spears is still a virgin.

  2. what a kayu8:59 am

    Giving BRIM to help the poor is GOOD.
    With your "top editorial" brains, I would expect you to ask deeper questions like

    - the manner BRIM is given out?
    The old and poor including some sickly have to fork out money they barely have to travel some distance, wait for hours to receive the handouts from "selected" leaders.

    - Why was it done this way?
    - To whom are these poor psychologically "programmed" to be thankful/grateful for the aids received?
    - Is the aids truly given sincerely in in good faith or with intended side benefit?

    You simply accepted what was said by others without any analytical thinking at all.

    Again, as usual, what can we expect from someone NEP-ed glorified successful professional like you?

  3. xnakdedak11:57 am

    "....the national anti-graft commission's No 2 man has provided the reasons (I counted FIVE) why BR1M is not a form of corruption."

    Just like getting 2.6 billion in your personal account, eh: )

    Ask RockyBru to explain the SWIFT codes.

    "It's not bullshit, it was from Saudi Arabia"

    The youngsters at The Mole will learn all they need to know about top-level investigative journalism from the grey pony-tailed master.


  4. Anonymous10:31 pm

    Brim is stoopid plan.Almost 70% of household got it.
    This means that we have so many under poverty line.
    The gomen shud target specific group which is very needy and give the handout more.
    The balance in billions imagine can build more schools, unis, hospitals, klinik kesihatan and improve our roads.