Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Ah, DA spanks for The Mole

Kuala Lumpur, Dec 6: Long before I started this blog, Dave Avran was already making a name for himself and poking fun at very important people at Spanking DA Monkey. He was doing it openly, without fear or favour, at a time when most people blogged using pseudonyms and commented in other people's blogs as Anons (many still do!). When social media invaded our lives, Dave founded M.A.R.A.H, an independent online crime-watch movement comprising concerned citizens, and devoted his time towards making our neighbourhood safer. Starting today, he joined The Mole officially as a Columnist. 

His column will appear every Tuesday.

I don't think Dave is vying for the most popular columnist title judging from this piece...

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  1. Bedul1:02 am

    Fat hopes lor Rocky. Ambiga and Marina are racists in the guise of Clean (Sic) platform. They just want to throw out the Malay govt of UMNO with Najib as target. The sad thing is some pseudo liberal Malays are supporting them. Malays are stupid that they didn't realize the nons are united in wantinng a DAP-led govt. Kena cucuk hidung. Kalau UMNO kalah habislah masa depan Melayu. Jauh panggang dari api.
    Biar putih tulang jangan putih mata. Ingat je tu. Kalau tak nak undi BN, undi PAS - the second best bet for the Malays.