Sunday, November 06, 2016

How Mahathir tried and failed to get China's RM144 billion

"The opposition is jealous and worried about Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s China visit, which has turned out to be a roaring success." - Mahathir's weapon of distraction, Salleh Said Keruak

Really Nazri, Mahathir jealous of Najib's China success? 

Sunday, 6 Nov: I don't often agree with Nazri Aziz but the point he underscored in Jealousy prompted Dr M's comments (Malaysian Digest, 3 Nov) made me look back at Mahathir Mohamad's own politics re China when he was PM. 

A lot of people forget that Dr M tried very hard to be in China's good books. Through his ambitious but ill-fated East Asia Economic Group (EAEG) proposal, he tried to get China to lead Asia, together with Japan and South Korea, against America and Europe. EAEG was renamed a Caucus after consultations with spooked and reluctant Asean partners (and Japan and South Korea) but it remained a proposal until the end, much to Mahathir's chagrin. 
Imagine if he had succeeded! It would have been Mahathir announcing last week's historic RM144 billion Chinese investment into Malaysia, not Najib!

In any case, China (not the US or Japan) has been Malaysia's largest trading partner since 2009, the year Najib became PM. Quite naturally, the biggest trading partner would start bringing in huge direct investment into Malaysia, just as the US and Japan had done before, and become this country's leading investor. 

But that's something not only Mahathir finds difficult to accept, whether out of jealousy or his own past failure to put China in his pocket. 

An expert writing in The Diplomat Is China now Malaysia's largest investor? (Jan 2016) authoritatively concluded that he couldn't see China investing heavily in Malaysia:

"That said, even if official data eventually does show China as being Malaysia’s largest foreign investor, that could just be a 2015 aberration instead of a sustained trend, given the uniqueness of these year-end investments. As The Post notes, it will be difficult for Beijing to sustain the top position since Malaysia’s plan to become a high-income nation by 2020 prioritizes high-value industries, with such investments typically coming from traditional sources like Europe, Japan, Singapore, and the United States."

A lot of people having to eat their own words. I think that's why they hate Najib.

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  1. Sheikh Arab10:55 am

    He does not deserve our money too. We knew he is undeserving.

    Today collaborate with evil jew ... soros and murdoch!!!!

  2. xnakdedak11:16 am

    "I don't often agree with Nazri Aziz but the point he underscored in Jealousy prompted Dr M's comments (Malaysian Digest, 3 Nov) made me look back at Mahathir Mohamad's own politics re China when he was PM."

    Well, that's the difference between us, Latuk.

    I will happily agree with anyone as long as my PMO cheque gets banked in on time. I may even follow RPK and, like a good little parrot, repeat the words of intellectual giants like S S Keruak verbatim. Here, have more birdseed.

    Ahhhhh, prostitution. It's a good life.

    PS: Wouldn't it be easier to close down your now-redundant comment box? Then it will look like your brilliant blog posts can't be refuted. Win-win, bro : )

  3. Anonymous12:17 pm

    Itu orang Kadir Jasin lagi mau komen pasal RM144 billion. Kita komen dalam dia punya blog dia terus block.

    Mana ada standard itu punya orang.

  4. MR hup2:17 pm


    Tumpang tanya- sejak bila beri kontrak dan pinjam wang dari negara luar dikira sebagai Pelaburan Asing?

    Terima kasih."

    Nazri Aziz bodoh, yang percaya dia pun bodoh.

  5. drMpower6:59 pm

    55 billion is a soft loan.

    Its like that 975million ill fated loan from Deutsche Bank led consortium of bank.

    If count this way, then it isnt 144billion. Its much higher. We have got to calculate 1mdb foreign loans as well!

  6. Salam Dato.

    I'm glad that I send my eldest son to SRJK(C). It help him a lot in looking for a job after graduation.

    Before... I thought that Najib was going American... play golf with Obama, visit Facebook founder and even selfie'd with Zuckerberg.

    But now... after DoJ's claim... Najib's is looking to China. He even hired another 'adviser'... Jack Ma for gomen's digital economy.

    Looks like Malaysian should learn mandarin in future. Therefore, more demands for SRJK(C).

  7. Good for you, RD.

    As for the greater demand for SRJK(C), it will happen if our national school's quality continues to decline. Muhyiddin Yassin had a great opportunity to make it right but he had other ideas (and distractions). Tun Dr M could have done a Lee Kuan Yew and integrate all schools but he chose to take baby steps ...

    But we should all take up Mandarin, if we have the talent! And Arabic! The Muslims in Chinese speak these two languages and survived under the Communists!

  8. MR Hup and DrM Power,

    If China buys our kelapa sawit, some people will cry foul and claim that "We've sold off our kelapa sawit to China!"
    That's the state of some people's mental hysteria. You get the picture ...

  9. Salam Dato Rocky.

    I thought, both you and Dato Kadir disallowed Anonymous commentaries. Or was it an exception since the above Anon wrote negatively about your ex-boss?

  10. "If China buys our kelapa sawit, some people will cry foul and claim that "We've sold off our kelapa sawit to China!"
    That's the state of some people's mental hysteria. You get the picture ..."

    allo latuk,,itu jual kelapa sawit tarak sama dgn buat pinjaman berbillion...i think u're the one who got mental hysteria when people go against its (china loan)

    Klu takda duit, buat cara takda duit..berbelanja ikut kemampuan...nak buat loan kena pikir kemampuan bayar balik... ibarat orang miskin kais pagi makan pagi nak buat pinjaman buat banglo besar...Hutang luar negara pun meningkat dgn mendadak sejak Najib..ditambah lagi dgn hutang 1MDB, ECRL & high speed train... and with deficit budget every year??...i cant imagine how our children would suffer in future to come. Najis has sold malaysian soul to the all malays must learn to speak mandarin in our very own soil???...

    Aalal latuk...manyak sedap makan dedakkk...ada perasa tambahan strawberi ka?? Kasi cuci baik2 smpi belakang kuali berkilat2...

    Dulu sy ingat DAP would sell malaysia to china,,rupa2 najib dah tolong jualkan siap2..

  11. Soft loan is not investment... LOL

  12. Anonymous11:31 pm

    China sudah makan dedak.
    Yum yum

  13. Salam RD,

    You mean this comment by Anon!

    Anonymous said...
    Itu orang Kadir Jasin lagi mau komen pasal RM144 billion. Kita komen dalam dia punya blog dia terus block.

    Mana ada standard itu punya orang.

    12:17 pm Delete

    Kadang2 TER-lepas. You know lah, ramai sangat Anonyous commenters ni. How I wish they - including those who use all those fancy nicks - would unmask and feel free (and fearless) to leave comments. I understand, though, believe me .. I understand why they won't.

    As for this particular comment "hurting" Kadir, well I suppose you don't know my ex boss well. He publishes worst comments (whacking him) in his own blog. Salam