Friday, May 20, 2016

Malaysian Minister says time WSJ starts quoting reliable and REAL sources

Salleh: WSJ's use of anon sources cowardly 
Puchong, 20 May: Malaysia's Multimedia and Communications Minister Salleh Said Keruak has accused the Wall Street Journal of fabricating the "sources" and "investigators" the newspaper has been quoting on the 1MDB affair for the past year or so. In other words, the combative Salleh is saying that the WSJ's "anonymous sources" and "anonymous investigators" do not exist.
"If they actually exist, then why doesn't the WSJ tell Malaysians who they are? ... But we know they won't provide names, because they can't. " - SSK 19 May
The Minister went on to describe the WSJ's use of anonymous sources as "a cowardly way to avoid being sued".

This is not the first time Salleh has taken the WSJ to task over their reporting on Malaysia and I fear for him. Insulting a powerful newspaper like the WSJ can get one in an awful lot of trouble. Salleh is either very brave or foolish. Or both. Kind of remind me of Dr Mahathir back then ....


  1. "Kind of remind me of Dr Mahathir back then ...."

    What have you ben smoking?

    SSK was not even mention in any of WSJ report.

    If it was Dr.M, he would not need sycophant like SSK, to come to his defense, anyway.

  2. Anonymous12:19 pm

    Bila nak saman...? Oh ya Selasa...mmm dah lebih 45x Selasa daaaa

  3. xnakdedak2:11 pm

    "In other words, the combative Salleh is saying that the WSJ's "anonymous sources" and "anonymous investigators" do not exist."


    Having ass-kissed his way into Cabinet purely by writing blog articles praising the Bugis crook to the skies, the calculative Salleh is worried that he has everything to lose.

    Take some truth serum, bro.

    PS: The Swiss A-G is not an "anonymous source", is he, Salleh?

    Yet he says US$4 billion has been stolen from 1MDB.

    Too bad you have literally no power to prevent your boy's upcoming doom, Salleh.

  4. xnakdedak2:15 pm

    Funny how Salleh and certain bloggers remained deadly silent when the MACC, AGC, SB and BNM were being sabotaged openly in July last year.

    Guess the rakyat know who their friends are.

    And (on the other side) who's in it for the dedak.

    How will it all end?

    In international humiliation.

    Ah well.

    I can always switch yet sides again, but first a nice long bike ride, grey ponytail flapping wildly in the wind, just like my principles.

  5. xnakdedak2:16 pm

    So now Anwar Al-Juburi is trying to taint Azmin with sexual allegations?

    The boy has no sense of irony, huh.

  6. Anonymous5:52 pm

    wahhhhh... byknya update. hehe.

    how much are u asking now latuk?

    the mole is dying. not enough cash to support arr?

    no wonder suddenly byk posting. brapa byk latuk mintak kali ini?

    you punya "kembara motosikal" using tax payers money tak jadi ar?

    pakai la duit sendiri. ni asyik nak mintak "derma" je. perangai Najib Razak siot.

    oh ya, lupa hang memang kaki jilat bontot Najib.

  7. Its all over the news and u still acting blur. Game is up bro

  8. Anonymous10:19 am

    so sue them then.....

  9. Anonymous10:24 pm

    Don't they have the right to protect their source. Just asking.

  10. paktho12:31 pm

    Kasi Saman lah, kalau di pehak yg benar. Rakyat pun nk tahu sapa yg berbohong.

  11. The truth not the source4:28 pm

    Its not amatter ogf quoting real sources. Salleh Keruak dont seems to understand, what matter is the truth.
    If WSJ has published untruth then Najib must sue. Its that simple.

    But Najib wont sue because its the trutdh. So simple.

    Nothing can be hidden in this internet age. Cayman Island seems so far. British vihrgin Island seem s remote.. not any more kj..paul low.
    Tax Voidance is tax evasion muahaha.

  12. xnakdedak5:07 pm

    Food for thought:

    When the Bugis pirate finally gets his complete, confirmed global humiliation as a two-bit crook who stole from his own people, anyone who kept their eyes shut to the sabotage locally will be tainted forever. that's the whole UMNO top leadership and a handful of faded bloga2.

    Is that bits of poop I see among the dedak?

  13. xnakdedak6:59 pm

    "This is not the first time Salleh has taken the WSJ to task over their reporting on Malaysia and I fear for him. Insulting a powerful newspaper like the WSJ can get one in an awful lot of trouble. Salleh is either very brave or foolish. Or both."


    Just write a few more rear-smooching blog articles, and everything will be fine again.

    No worries.

  14. xnakdedak10:13 pm

    The God-like intelligence of Arul Kanda ("Man Of The Year") will be tested soon.

    Six BSI execs charged in Singapore.

    I bet they know all about the "Units That Weren't Units".

    What is they expose the whole scam?

    Is that sweat I see on the shiny dome of "Man Of The Year"?

  15. Anonymous9:22 am

    WSJ also made up that story BSI being shut down in Switzerland and its Singapore branch being closed! Only for money laundering!! We all know that PM Najib is innocent and that he did nothing bout the money disappearing from 1MDB. No, no, no -- it is still there and Arul is looking after it.

  16. xnakdedak3:33 pm

    Why no lawsuit against WSJ, funded by taxpayer money?

    It's not like the Bugis scumbag cares about taxpayer money.....

  17. Anonymous5:11 pm

    Singapore Business Times ( front page report today - "MAS to shut down BSI Singapore for anti-money laundering breaches".

    Maybe the Hon Minister could comment on this? Please...

  18. Anonymous6:26 pm


    singapore and switzerland have started criminal proceedings

    so you still support eggless and hippo eh??

  19. xnakdedak8:00 am

    Your boy is abusing every law under the sun to cover his tracks, eh?

    OSA pulak!

    So Goodstar was a Jho Low company after all.

    Hasan Carimakan and his Bugis crook master, both caught with pants around ankles.

    It's amazing that a 90 year old man and a middle aged white woman are the only ones pushing for the truth.


    I'm just keeping my head in the dedak.

    It's filled my ears.

  20. Anonymous5:24 pm

    come on la Dato Rocky, you're a smart man. I got a feeling you're smarter than the whole bunch of the pro-Najib bloggers. Are you still going to defend Najib? 1MDB is a large fraud, and Najib was behind it all along.

  21. deasemon9:32 pm

    Help me bro......I am an infant raised by sucking from the teat of Genting's duit Cina haram, yet I am blogging about I a hypocrite?

    1. Anonymous8:22 pm

      No you are not. You went up there just to enjoy the kool weather. Doesnt mean going up there to berjudi. Its God's land pegi la jalan2.

  22. xnakdedak1:30 pm


    The PMO wants you to write an article about how Muslims must unite in KK and Sg. Besar so that Haron Din can continue to say that nobody would be stupid enough to put RM2.6 billion in their own personal account.

    Besok bole ke bro?

    T'kasih bro.

  23. deasemen6:41 pm

    Seriously though, can I apply to change my name to Ustaz Duit Judi Haram Cina Genting?

    And yet I continue to pontificate.......

  24. Anonymous12:07 pm

    Sue WSJ lah...sue bloomberg lah.. sue Aljazeerah/CNN/CNBC.. sue sue sue