Friday, March 11, 2016

Who can fill Dr M's shoes as Petronas Advisor?

KL, 11 March 2016:
Najib Razak, pink lips and supposedly soft and too nice a man (and nice men don't win wars, someone tells me all the time), has done something crude as oil: the PM has ended Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's tenure as Petronas Advisor! 

11th March 2016
The Cabinet today discussed the actions of former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, particularly in launching the so-called "Citizen’s Declaration" with opposition leaders last week.
The declaration aims to topple the democratically-elected Government led by the Prime Minister, and is therefore against the law and the Federal Constitution.
The Cabinet decided that since Tun Mahathir is no longer supporting the current Government, he should no longer hold any position related to the Government.
Therefore, the Cabinet today agreed unanimously to terminate the appointment of Tun Mahathir as advisor to Petronas.
I am not shocked, really. Tun leading the motley crew pact last Friday clearly crossed the line. The PMO statement didn't name a successor. Ku Li, the first chairman and chief executive of the national oil corporation, comes to mind.


  1. Oghe Guo Muse9:17 pm

    Better Ku Li.

    All the while, Mahathir never allow Petronas to give respect and tribute to Ku Li for his pioneering effort initiating the national oil company.

    It is overdue. Hope it is not too late!

  2. Eric Ong9:34 pm

    Congratulations Najib! Officially the most pathetic and petty PM in our history. Petronas now can be opened for business the Najib way.

  3. Just about anyone with a BLACK HEART or lack of a moral compass.
    Must be able to SPIN news, cover up of deaths, tampering of records, mismanagement and other unscrupulous acts.
    Most important, must be able to TAICHI problems!

    Not saying that IT did it, but have seen lots of cover up related to petrol chemical companies in Malaysia, from small to HUGE ones.

    The collapse that occurred within Shell's premise, at Lingkaran Cyberjaya (if I remember correctly), Wisma 2 or SITI 2 (what the local call it), just outside of the lift, is one example.
    There was intentional news black out, of that particular single incident!
    Fortunately, no lives were lost.
    The boss around that time, was Steve Clearwater, now a DATUK as I have heard.
    His assistant was Gerome Welsh.
    Check out my information if it is TRUE or NOT!
    Lots of mismanagement & cover up, down there!

    Deaths related to oil platforms, around the world.
    Safety audit tampering, around the world again.
    And many more!

  4. xnakdedak11:10 pm

    "Najib Razak, pink lips and supposedly soft and too nice a man"?

    Really bro?

    I'll reword:

    "Najib Razak, nervous pink lips and a desperate tyrant clinging to power"

    Proof of that statement?

    a) The legal cases slapped against critical media and political opponents, while others enjoy immunity;

    b) The sacking of the former attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail to prevent someone being charged;

    c) The illegal transfer of MACC officials to the PM’s Department and then the re-transfer;

    d) The elevation of the PAC members to the cabinet, delaying PAC investigations;

    e) The purge of dissenting Umno members from the party ranks,

    f) The jailing of whistle-blowers by abusing security laws like s124 and SOSMA;

    g) The removal of Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin from his post;

    h) The banning of local publications (causing loss of livelihood to innocent journalists), yet not a shred of evidence that the facts published are false;

    i) The sabotage, arrests and intimidation of BNM, SB, MACC and AGC personnel to disrupt investigations


    "Nice" ke? He's a war general!

    Whoops, no.

    He's a desperate scumbag, based objectively on the facts above.

    He's also a crap liar.

  5. xnakdedak11:14 pm

    "The declaration aims to topple the democratically-elected Government led by the Prime Minister, and is therefore against the law and the Federal Constitution."

    LOL....the favourite word, "topple".


    The pirate is merely a public servant, paid from public funds. (And perhaps, stealing them?)

    Any Malaysian citizen has a perfect right to say:

    "I don't think you're doing a good job, so step down."

    That's not toppling, is it?


  6. At long last Najib had brought something not so very important to the cabinet for discussion. A collective responsibility to dismiss Dr.M as Petronas Advisor?

    Hope he brings to the cabinet too, to discuss Dr.M's replacement. Whoever the replacement, I don't think the Rakyat care much.

    I guess sending our boys to participate in that 'Coalition of Islamic Nation Against Terrorism' coined by the Sauds, was not that important to be brought to the cabinet for discussion. That 'Northern Thunder' military exercise too? Wonder why Najib send our boys in a stealthily. Exactly the same manner he use to go for Christmas overseas vacation, each year-end.

    Anyway, I've never heard Najib discussed with the cabinet, when 1MDB came into existence. Or maybe as PM cum Finance Minister he need not have to.

    By the way, what has become of that Police investigation about that mysterious RM2 million in his wife's personal bank account? Everybody seems quite as if it was a donation from Saudi Royals, too.

  7. The Minister of Finance may want to takeover for the best interest of the nation. Or, appoint any loyal graduates from the University of U. no? Or, to offer our Mr X, a Mr Nobody here who is a somebody working 350km down south for his ability and expertise.

  8. More important is for you to THINK why Tun allowed himself to be removed, instead of resigning like he has before.
    So go put on your thinking cap.

  9. damansaraman7:56 am

    Assalammualaikum bro

    I am not shocked neither emotional about it.

    You are right, Tun leading the motley crew pact last Friday clearly crossed the line as far as UMNO is concern. Najib as the PM has the full right to appoint or terminate anybody as he wishes. That is something everyone has to respect.

    But sacking or terminating or transferring anybody will not solve Najib and UMNO’s current trust deficit problem. It might even elevate the scenario.

    Najib and the Zahid lead bandwagon must start answering (with actual and clear facts and stop changing the storylines) those many questions that rooted the trust deficit problem in the first place before it’s too late.

    Blaming TunM for all the misery is definitely wrong in calculation, however we see it. Tun was and is never the problem neither is the issue.

    And to have a go against somebody who is 90 years old and had quit his post some 13 years ago just prove the standard of the current leadership.

    Seriously, there is nothing premier about Najib and the team.

  10. Melayu bodoh10:33 am


  11. It's fact that for many years Mahathir has only been an advisor in name to Proton and Petronas.

    Remember, he was not consulted on the Euro 1 sale of MV Augusta by Proton resulting on RM400 million losses? He was also not consulted on Petronas $20 billion Canada project.

    These advisory pay and perks were gifted to Mahathir to enable him to live in style.

  12. Whoever he is, has to and must be a YESMAN. Maybe Pak Lah

  13. Posted on the 11th 2016. Where are the comments? Not many pay attention to your blog. Keep trying. You should succeed some day.

  14. xnakdedak12:15 pm

    Two Australian journalists from the Four Corners current affairs show were detained in Kuching last night while reporting on “a local political issue”, the broadcaster ABC says.

    Journalist Linton Besser and a camera operator have since been released. Edgar Ong, a local assisting the ABC team, was also held.

    Sally Neighbour, the programme’s executive producer, said on Twitter the staff were arrested “after trying to question Prime Minister (Datuk Seri) Najib Razak over a corruption scandal”.

    Najib was in Kuching yesterday at the launch of the Malaysian National Digital Inclusion programme.

    The crew had flown to Kuching yesterday and wanted to ask Najib about the alleged RM2.6 billion channelled into his bank accounts during the prime minister’s walkabout in Kampung Haji Baki.

    However, Najib did not respond when the journalist asked the question and the prime minister’s security pushed the crew aside.

    Police from the Kota Sentosa station picked the crew up after they had returned to their hotel.

    The Australian consular in Kuching has appointed a lawyer to handle their case.

    They are being investigated under Section 186 of the Penal Code for obstructing a public servant in discharge of public function.

    HA HA HA HA!

    "Nothing2Hide", eh?


  15. Rocky there are many many capable Malaysians that can take over as Petronas advisor! When you asked whether anyone can fill Mahathir's shoes you also implied his shoes ar un-fillable, hogwash! Cheers!

  16. For now, there is no need for any advisor to Petronas. Save the unnecessary costs and expenses since Petronas is already on a cost-cutting mode. No Ku Li; nobody.The Chairman, the Board of Directors and current senior management are competent enough to lead Petronas without being complicated by "advice" from an advisor.

  17. Geng Mamak2:43 pm

    Pink is a colour associated with an outfit in Umno. This outfit in turn has been associated with all kinds of things, good and bad.

    Regardless of the correlation, I find it strange that you see najib who with his pink lips and soft looking (I don't know which part) has ended Mahathir's stint in PETRONAS as something crude as oil. While you allude it to Najib, Najib himself says it was a unanimous decision by the Cabinet and not just him (I guess). While you may see it as nothing and just a comment to appease the Ketuanan Dedak, inadvertently you have made najib looking even more pinkish and softer. Of course I don't want to go further as not to jeopardise your rice bowl or perhaps dedak. But somehow that oil you associated with being crude might have cause a very oily situation and may require dozens of minyak cap kapak. Forget about minyak gamat !

  18. xnakdedak2:09 pm

    "The PMO statement didn't name a successor. Ku Li, the first chairman and chief executive of the national oil corporation, comes to mind."

    Nope, it's Sleepyhead that's tipped.

    Don't topple him again, bro.

    86 floors is a long way to fall : )