Tuesday, March 08, 2016

The Ku Li Declaration

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And an unforgiving Kak Wan speaks out: IIt's Dr M who needs us

"It does not change the views of Pakatan and the main agenda for us is to free Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim from prison. He is a political victim and he needs to be freed. It does not matter what (Mahathir) thinks about it. This has always been our agenda ...."

8 March 2016:

It does look like Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad might have underestiated the response from his admirers and the people towards his chummy collaboration with old foe Lim Kit Siang and Gang. A young reporter from Mahathir's home state Kedah, whose entire family is was a die hard fan of the ex PM, immediately put up the #respectmyPM symbol onto his Facebook profile. But while the young man's opinion may not count much to many, Umno veteran Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah's stand that "I did not go, I do not support, and I didn't even know about (the pact)" is a mega setback. For talk by the Mahathir-Azmin-Muhyiddin-Ambiga-Kit Siang camp since Friday was that Ku Li, always the potential alternative PM since when Mahathir himself was the PM, was solidly with them. 

Ku Li isn't the only one disputing claims by the organisers of the so-called Citizens Declaration (Netizens are calling it the Mahathir Declaration) about the support they had. The other day Zaman Khan, a respected retired top cop, denied involvement in the pact. I deny as strongly as possible, to say I am on the side of those who signed the declaration and will march to oppose the government. I am not involved,” said Zaman Khan, here


  1. Anonymous8:45 am

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  2. Note: I still get a lot of comments by Anonymous. Which I had to delete, as promised. Dear Readers, if you wish to comment, please leave a nickname, pen name, moniker at least. Your real ID/handle preferred, of course.

  3. Bru_Kaapi9:16 am

    Ku Li ? Zaman Khan ? Not required here. As for Azizah, she is on her retirement once Azmin fits in well. So, the point here is it is a Citizens Declaration and yes, written by Mahathir. For those who do not understand this, do not sign. For those who can understand but choose to spin, settle down and be patient. Your pay master is sourcing for more funds since he has more to contend with now. Can comprehend ? Good !

  4. xnakdedak10:35 am

    "A young reporter from Mahathir's home state Kedah, whose entire family is was a die hard fan of the ex PM, immediately put up the #respectmyPM symbol onto his Facebook profile."

    LOL......yeah, that really worked!

    The Prime Moron seems to forget his approval rating is a staggeringly high 23%.

    The witty responses to #respectmyPM (rather, #suspectmyPM) kind of underline just how much lurrrve the man and his lovely missus get.

    Never mind.

    As long as I get the next "I Love PM" banners & badges printing contract, and as long as dedak keeps falling into the pockets of all the mediocre failed journalists we know and love, who's to complain?

    It's only the rakyat who will suffer.

    Who cares?

  5. Posting terbaru, dah tak boleh nak komen ke Dato?

  6. Dato sekarang dah sokong peliwat ke?

    Lagi satu Dato; President UMNO pun dah jadi macam PAN Mat Sabu.
    AMANAH atau Respect is earn, not given.

  7. Najib yang oatut di selam(**)kan Dato. Bukan UMNO.

  8. IT.Scheiss1:12 pm

    This ending by Anak Si Hamid has another implications not mentioned.

    "But I have to make a slight change to the above fable. The Horse and the Stag actually inhabit the same territory and have a very similar diet. Although they have four legs they are not as well constructed to outwit the two-legged Hunter's shewdness and tactics."

    "In this tale about the Horse, the Stag and the Hunter, what lesson can be learned? Don't you get a feeling of deja vu? It has happened before in the history of the Malay domain : during the fall of the Malacca Sultanate, the acquisition of Singapore, the creation of the Straits Settlements, the Federated Malay States, the Unfederated Malay States, the Malayan Union and even the terms of Merdeka in 1957."

    And that is - that some of the civil society groups involved are known to have received funds or support from U.S. imperialist agencies such as the National Endowment for Democracy, the National Democratic Institute or from Soros-backed NGOs , so in the end, the imperialists could well be the proverbial "hunter" and the alliance of Malaysian activists and civil society groups the proverbial "horse" or should I say "horses" saddled to draw the proverbial "carriage".

    During the height of the Reformasi movement, when I passionately supported it against Mahathir, Shamsul Akmar pointed out to me how the colonial British gradually took control of Malaya by militarily supporting one sultan against another in return for him accepting a British "advisor" if his state won the war and that lesson has stuck in my mind since then and whilst I'm not pro-BN, at the same time I'm careful about blindly throwing my support behind the opponent or opponents.

    From around 2.50 min into this Discovery Channel video on Singapore Raffles, it describes how a disgruntled Johor prince who felt he had been passed over as sultan, made a deal with Stamford Raffles who made him a sultan in return for him signing away rights for the British East India company do what it wanted in Singapore.


    Whilst this video is very much pro-colonialist, still it provides nuggets of lessons as to the history of Malaya's colonisation and of the days of Britain's version of globalisation which will help us understand today's globalisation, which by the way, is not very different from in the past.

    Mahathir once fought back against Soros' currency manipulation with his pegging of the ringgit and making it non-convertible overseas, and thus helped Malaysia, including small businesses, to pull through the Asian Economic Crisis of the late 1990s but now he has gone over to the other side.

    It appears that nothing much has changed between the warlords during Raffles time and latter-day warlords in Malaysia today, except that most of today's warlords are commoners - the bourgeoisie -- battling it out not with keris and spears on the plains and mountains but behind the facade of Westminster-style parliamentary democracy.

    I'm sure detractors will say that Britain's colonialism was good for Singapore and by extension Malaysia, in that it laid the foundations for trade and commerce.

    However, today's form of globalisation is more like the haphazard management of the British East India Company in Singapore's early days, rather than governance by British civil servants in its later days before its independence.

    Still, history testifies that nobody likes to be subjects of a foreign power however beneficial it may have been and will fight for independence both politically and economically.

    Likewise, nobody likes to live under the wings of their parents forever, however comfortable that life may be.

  9. Wan Yuz4:46 pm

    Not much different when all of you were the motley crew of misfits trying to topple Pak Lah.

  10. Din, thank you for the offer of a snorkel.

    But you have to be careful: you might be accused of bribing your ex-teacher.

    I suppose I could reciprocate with lasagne and lemon layer pudding - there will be no evidence as it will all be gobbled up!

    1. Lasagne and teh tarik would be perfect, AsH!

  11. Wan Yus,

    CORRECTION: We weren't TRYING to topple Pak Lah, if you know what I mean