Monday, March 21, 2016

A lot at stake than just Guan Eng's bungalow for Abu Kassim

KL, 22 March: 
This one won't go away just like that, Guan Eng
If half the allegations made against him over the RM2.8 million bungalow are true, Lim Guan Eng's days as Chief Minister of Penang are numbered. I think he knows it. 
Pool or no swimming pool, it's a mistake to think that you can fool the Rakyat. And I think deep inside he knows that, too. If Guan Eng thought the open house he held at his controversial bungalow for the selected media (for the record, I was not invited) would make him appear "open", like he had nothing to hide, well he thought wrong. Khir Toyo, the Selangor MB then, was convicted on what seemed to some to be a lesser sin. So Guan Eng will get no sympathies from the Rakyat on this matter. And certainly none from the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC). 
I am a believer that you're innocent until proven guilty, something I'm not sure Guan Eng abides by all the time. 
I also believe that the MACC is more interested in Guan Eng's bungalow than a lot of people give them credit for. Many forget that eversince Teoh Beng Hock's death, Abu Kassim and the MACC have kept out of the DAP's way. Accusing of murder when that was not what happeend [MACC admits negligence, pays RM600k to TBH family], the MACC almost lost its will to probe the DAP for any alleged wrong-doing or corrupt practices. The case that it was investigating at the time of TBH's death, for example, was it ever pursued?  
One got the impression that for the MACC, it was safer, after TBH, to go after alleged corruption involving the Federal government and the ruling BN coalition.
If there's evidence of corruption in the Penang bungalow case - and a lot of people are suggesting that there's more than enough of it (More damning evidence against LGE by Bujai] - Abu Kassim is gointg to go after Guan Eng like tonnes of bricks. 

A lot at stake for Abu Kassim and the MACC 
The MACC boss has lost some of the goodwill of his old die-hard supporters from the TBH days [read The bulls and bulls of Abu Kassim by A Voice], but I believe he will do his job, without fear or favour. I only hope the MACC will not go after Guan Eng with innuendos and incomplete investigations, and that they will be driven by a hunger for the truth and for redemption, not a need to get even ....


  1. xnakdedak3:32 pm

    "A lot at stake for Abu Kassim and the MACC The MACC boss has lost some of the goodwill of his old die-hard supporters from the TBH days [read The bulls and bulls of Abu Kassim by A Voice], but I believe he will do his job, without fear or favour."


    TS Abu Kassim may not have much time to layan Air Asia's fave whipping boy and some sold-out ancient hack. Those MACC files on Senor Paymaster aren't closed yet, and the evidence is obviously damning enough for the oversight panel to ask for a review.

    Charges? Oh yes.

    There is only so much a few gomen barua and a handful of prepaids can do to stop the stink from escaping before long.

    And it will, it will.

  2. Well Bro,

    You're still a piece of shit like always. Take off your sunglasses and look yourself in the mirror.
    Still a piece of shit eh?

  3. Bro ...

    There is a lot of doubt about MACC being serious enough to investigate LGE . After all , the senior officers have rub shoulders with Tokong and gang too often a time .

    If we were to refer to their wife's FB , we can guess the direction they will take . Note that the wife's hold the key here in the investigation .

    Another interesting episode from DAP , MACC and the Pakatun ..

    By the way , Tun M and the outcast seems to be very quiet ... too quiet ... wonder what's next ...?

    Yeah...Truth hurts .



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