Thursday, November 26, 2015

Barring media coverage: Umno can learn from Guan Eng

Behave, and assembly may be open, Ku Nan tells media

My view is that Ku Nan's flip flop on the issue  is the main problem here, not whether Umno would resttrict media access to next week's Umno general assembly or keep it a free-for-all. 

If Ku Nan can't decide, let someone else decide one way or another.  And explain why. If if it is because Malaysiakini is an Opposition mouthpiece, or the Insider has an axe to grind with the party, or because Malaysian Chronicle is crap, just be brave to say so. Then stick to your decision. If there's anything Malaysians especially netizens don't like, it's your inability to be decisive and stick to your guns.

Learn from Lim Guan Eng, if you must. The DAP boss didn't even flich when he barred Utusan Malaysia and New Straits Times from covering the Penang State government's official functions soon after becoming Chief Minister in 2008. Why did he say he had to bar these two? Because they are Umno mouthpieces, according to him. It was absurd but dd Guan Eng care? 

Guan Eng went on to sue and threaten to sue newspapers and journalists he deemed hostile towards him. The latest court case was just last week: LGE & Gang vs Terence Fernandez and Others (FTM, Nov 17). For context, read MACC begins probe on Merc purchase (Malaysia Today, Jan 3, 2014). 

p.s. Interestingly, Umno minister Rahman Dahlan is said to be taking Malaysiakini to court over the portal's deliberate campaign to tarnish his image, allegedly of course. Read Straw that broke the camel's back: Pro-portal Umno minister sues Malaysiakini.

Do you think there will be an outcry as a result of Rahman's action? Was there any when Guan Eng sued all those journalists? Me, I'd ask Rahman if he really thinks he has the will and the stamina to see through his threat of suing Kini to serve as a lesson to other portals and online media to be truthful and professional. They won't make it easy for you ...


  1. Anonymous10:54 am

    What "truthful and professional" like you, Latuk?

    Ahhhhh, but then they don't receive such generous, ummmmmmmmm.

    You're about the same level as Utusan and Media Prima, Latuk.

    And what a level that is....

  2. Anonymous10:59 am

    The thing is, that even with audio and video evidence, UMNO monkeys just deny it even exists.

    This is what Mr Slapper pulled off in under 3 days:

    1) Outright denial

    “How can I use the word 'lempang' and so on? That is schoolkids language.

    This reporter, I do not understand her. That is her interpretation.

    “I am not a young boy. How can I use that kind of word?

    If I say something, it should suit my stature as a veteran politician. How can I use stupid words like that?"

    - Tajuddin to The Star Online

    2) I was misquoted

    "Why should I apologise? What wrong did I do?"

    "What is reported by Malaysiakini... That was not necessarily what I said."

    - Tajuddin to Malaysiakini

    3) Just kidding

    "That was just a joke, it was not part of the press conference, just a joke."

    - Tajuddin to Sin Chew Daily

    4) Just a reminder

    “There were no threats made, be it to ‘lempang‘ or any other form of threats.

    “It was just a reminder to the Chinese in Malaysia that if they have a problem, they should solve it internally.

    "Do not involve outsiders. Do not think of getting protection from outside."

    So it does not really matter that the audio file was uploaded, he just ignored reality.

    Why can't Ku Nan employ the same tactics for the PAU?

    Just deny that all the upcoming racism, poor excuses for the 2.6 billion and 1MDB, and desperate acts of Bugis ass-saving, and open jeering from delegates just never happened?

    Simple, surely?

  3. Anonymous11:20 am


    This is closer to why there's a blackout:

    I think the ugly Bangla-lookalike should stick to NOT suing the WSJ and sending letters in terrible English.

    It's what he does best.

  4. Anonymous11:55 am

    nonsensical media + inept officer = stupid news

  5. Anonymous12:57 pm

    The young overambitious boy from Sabah calls the Morais SD a bad script, forgetting his own embarrassing episode with Mumbling Lester and Bankrupt Ramesh.

    I seem to recall him saying:


    Even for an Umno minister, that is moronic.

  6. Anonymous1:07 pm

    A good scoop is produced by a broad minded man, lousy scoop is like the thrash littered by a lazy dude.

    A lazy dude would swallow whole lame and stink when the story about a pen drive can be posted to Atlanta and reached the recipient without being detected: all 'dogs' and 'eagles' are sleeping may be.

    A broad minded literate don't simply swallow rumors but chew it slowly and cautiously first. Instead of believing he would always skeptical and producing tough question: "can you show us the receiver slip, please?"

    No wonder there are many many suing here and there.