Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Ye lah, where was Daim? (And will it be Ku Li or Muhyiddin?)

5) The smartest person here who did not attend appears to be long-time Mahathir supporter Tun Daim who refuses to appear in public with this bunch of frustrated leaders since he knows that Tun M can no longer defend him from harm. Tun Daim is smart enough to stay away and not put his rumoured billions of ringgit wealth in jeopardy.

In the beginning, just as Dr Mahathir Mohamad was launching his all-out attack on Prime Minister Najib Razak, former Finance Minister and one of the richest men in this country, Daim Zainuddin, was featured prominently in the equation, not by himself but by some of the pro-Tun bloggers. Photographs of Daim having power breakfast were proudly published in these blogs, giving the impression, intended or otherwise, that Dr M and Daim were a tag team. Well, maybe they still are; the two have gone back a long, long time, in party and government; both are from Kedah and even their villages are close to each other. They have parted ways in the past, even tried to kill each other politically, but they've never burnt their bridges. 

The fact remains that Daim was sorely missing from yesterday's picture-perfect Press conference to gang up against Najib and his Administration. 

Thank you, Seademon aka Capt Rahmat, for pointing it out - the bit about Daim missing, I mean. I don't necessarily agree with the first four points in your Historia de los Cojones, though. 

And I certainly disagree with the use of doctored pictures without cautioning the readers that they are doctored pictures because SOME Malaysians are bound to believe that they are real!

A picture form Seademon's latest, for a shining example:

Doctored: Some of the jokers were not really there but elsewhere

Still on the subject of yesterday's Press conference, I can safely say that it is clear now that in the unlikely event that Najib steps down or is sacked or gets arrested by the CIA, MI5 or Mossad for stealing 1MDBs' money or accepting a donation from Israel's enemies, the next Prime Minister will not be Zahid Hamidi but someone from this photograph.

But who?

Will it be Ku Li-Muhyiddin (Ku Li as PM and Abang Din as DPM).

Or could it be Muhyiddin as PM and Shafie Afdal as Deputy Prime Minister?

Can't be Dr M-Ku Li.

Or could it?


  1. Anonymous9:19 am

    Rocky, ko suruh lah kawan ko hantu laut tu buka ruangan komen dlm blog dia, awat dia takut ka org komen dia? one way trafik saja mana achi, komen org degar2x tp x bg pulak org komen ke dia. suruh dia masuk laut balik la lg baik.

    - Hantu Siber -

  2. Anonymous9:37 am

    rocky never touch the 4 beliyon missing from pensions fund.

    or jho low

    or good star company

    all he cares about is protecting najib.


  3. Anonymous9:49 am

    Uncle Rocky,

    To answer your question, let's look at this possibility by taking into consideration Uncle Rahmat's picture:

    Tun Madey and Sanusi cannot be PM, too nyanyuk-prone. Tun Madey used ISA many times in the past, now complaining about SOSMA. See? nyanyuk-prone right? Tee Keat also cannot because he's not Malay, unless he joins DAP and MCA supports from behind (LoL!!). Ku Li has the word "jinxed" all over his forehead. Shapiee will not stand a chance, no Sabah support one, so cannot. Muhyiddin? Apparently there's a big can of worms in the size of Johor being prepared and will be spilled in Dataran Merdeka should he become PM.

    So? Rani Kulup will be appointed as the new PM with the Mufti of Perlis as Deputy. The Bomoh Kelapa will be appointed as the new Home Minister and Minister of Transport. Then, the Mufti of Perlis who is well-known to be gila-glamer cannot tahan playing second fiddle starts writing letters claiming that Rani Kulup tipu hadis and not being very Islamic. Rani Kulup cannot kipidap anymore and he is so dongibap, then the clash of the titans began. Bomoh Kelapa got really fed-up and decided to tampar both the Mufti and Rani Kulup just like the way he used to tampar buaya. Then Tun Madey made another press conference claiming that he is really scared since the Home Minister can tampar both the PM and DPM, what would happen to ordinary Malaysians. Tun Madey then decided to jalan-jalan for BerSHIT 5.0.

    The saga continues.......


  4. Anonymous9:59 am


    Disappointed that you got carried away with the jibbo-politico-economics la....we'll have to wait and see lah.


  5. Anonymous10:32 am

    "...in the unlikely event that Najib steps down or is sacked or gets arrested by the CIA, MI5 or Mossad for stealing 1MDBs' money or accepting a donation from Israel's enemies, the next Prime Minister will not be Zahid Hamidi but someone from this photograph."

    Of course not.

    He'll just interfere, sack, transfer and arrest in order to sabotage his own arrest.

    Next on the list to be sacked, arrested, transferred and intimidated:

    The FBI, the US Justice Department, and the government agencies of S'pore, Switzerland, HK, and UK.

    I hear KBAB is en route with his SOSMA warrant.

  6. Dang Wangi10:33 am

    ayooh... all these people so yesterday.. though not Muhyidin and Shafie. not to say they are better than yesterday's old timers. i say, cerita Muhyidin you have to ask johor people. jangan lah lontar batu kalau tangan hang tu tak so bersih (aiikk, bersih pulak .. macam kuning Bersih tu heheh) .
    as for shafie -- ciis!!! miang gatal. kalau tak pasal hang banyak duit, takkan minah small time starlet tu nak kan hang.. podaah lah... mimpi nak jadi pemimpin??? go fly kite lah shafie.

    Ku Li -- no disrespect but your time was last century. this world today is beyond your capability. and frankly -- you weren't that great a finance minister. BMF scandal comes to mind.

    Tun -- it's not good for your health all this ugliness.

  7. huzzah10:35 am

    Daim still making his billions, that little man. tak padan kecik pendek.

    still a mystery kenapa he is so angry with Najib...tak cukup dapat $$$$ kot..

    bukan boleh percaya si daim nii

  8. Anonymous10:36 am

    Alamak din, tak der cara lain ka nak spin? Tun Daim need be there la. He just need to provide his money for the campaign to 'kick out' Najib. When has Tun Daim be the type of person to seek publicity? You know that since ages ago. Of course people like sat daemon and najib's bootlickers like you will try to push najib's angle as much as possible. But we'll see what happens and najib rosmah fall like a humpty dumpty.

    1. Anonymous7:03 pm

      Rocky sees kuman seberang laut but not gajah depan mata. Serving BN's MPs were there tak nampak. Tun seated beside Kuli pun tak nampak. But he looks for Daim. Kelakar lah bro ni.

  9. Anonymous10:36 am



    Now that the chrome-dome thambi is admitting that SR documents are true, hey dude how about the detailed account of the mega-scam pulled by 1MDB that they detailed more than a year ago?

    Knape tak saman?


    Knape tak saman?

    Why lie, cover and then admit only one month later?

    This will end with a lot of sweat coming out of that botak head, bro.

    Escape while you can.

  10. Anonymous10:39 am

    Latuk, I have to laugh when I see your fellow hooker The CannotSpinners failing to spin their way out of the toll hike mess.

    But you still haven't explained this:

    DIRECT QUOTE from the 2013 BN Manifesto:

    "The gradual reduction of intra-city tolls".

    You see, the word "reduction" means GO DOWN, not GO UP.

    You mean the man is a compulsive liar?

    Not really news, bro.

    The nation figured that out years ago.

  11. Anonymous10:45 am

    You still think Najib is innocent which is mindboggling really. Such a swell guy before this sorry episode.

    At least your tone seems to acknowledge that his position is untenable and he has to go.

    Lamp post is better than Najib as PM, so no difference who to replace him.

  12. Anonymous10:48 am

    Democracy is not static but a dynamic thing. To grow and be matured will take long a times to achieved. In the end, the targets are for the elected person to attain certain quality: i.e., it has to think carefully before opening the mouth or carrying a duty; be it formal or informal. Usually growth will be promoted by the fertile new faces or a the old but clean ones. The tainted ones will likely impede the process.

  13. Anonymous10:51 am

    LOL, even your "SeaDemon" or whatever his name is is trying to justify the toll hike.

    Hey, a Manifesto is a Manifesto.

    It's there in black & white.

    Along with these (all from 2013 BN Manifsto):

    "Easing Cost Of Living" - ha ha ha, tak payah cakap, lah! What HASN'T gone up?

    "Access to Quality Health Services" - we have fewer cancer specialists, in total, than some countries have in one hospital!

    "Towards Greater Efficiency in Public Transportation" - ummm, you mean "Towards More Expensive Public Transportation"?

    "World Class Infrastructure Development and Rural Transformation": Yes, KLIA2 was delayed how many times already, and at what cost? How many of the Kuala Besut by-election promises have been carried out? How can you look FELDA shareholders in the eye?

    "Strengthening Women’s Participation": One cowndominium owner plus that Pempena chap does not count.

    "Building a Resilient, Dynamic and Innovative Economy" - ha ha ha, tak payah cakap, lah! Ringgit going to hit 5.00 to US dollar soon. 41% FDI flight in the last 12 months. Already broken the 55% GDP-debt ratio, highest in Asia. Rated by Oxford group as Asia's most "at-risk" economy". Good work.

    "Building towards Educational Excellence" - Vietnamese kids are more advanced than ours, and we spent RM20 million on external consultants??? ITM plunges 100 places and their chancellor says he doesn't care?

    "Enhancing Security and Public Safety": How many Malaysians feel safe on the streets? How many tourists in East Malaysia do?

    "Promoting Islam, Religious Freedom and Harmony": Religious Freedom and Harmony? Can you please ask the East Malaysians, Syiah Muslims, Chinese and Indians about this one? It's the worst in Malaysia's history!

    "Fighting the Scourge of Corruption": Yeah right, look at the billions wasted every year as detailed in the AG's report, and the fact that we have more illicit money flowing out than any country our size. Or maybe it was all "donations"?

    "Revitalising the Public Service and Enhancing Good Governance": More civil servants than the rest of SE Asia combined, how have you "revitalised" them? We are still ranked one of the most corrupt public sectors in Apac by Ernst & Young. Is cracking down on MACC and BNM part of "Revitalising the Public Service and Enhancing Good Governance?"

    Oh, and what happened to:


    b) 10-point solution

    c) No detention without trial

    d) Abolishing the Sedition Act

    e) Greater freedom of expression and more democracy?

    Drop yellow balloons, get arrested, know too much, get SOSMA-ed, sponsor a racist rent-a-crowd and songlap public money left right & centre...no action?

    Malaysia is now a laughing stock of the entire world, known globally as having the most "donated" PM on earth.

    Great job.

  14. Anonymous11:42 am

    Bru, answer very simple.. Ku Li caretaker PM, Muhyiddin DPM till next election and RPK as Home Minister.

    Clue.. life is a cycle including politics. Remember our first PM was a royalty.

  15. Anonymous12:19 pm

    And in this posting the fact that 2 people are imprisoned is lost on you.
    You sure behave differently when you are the one not being persecuted


  16. I pray that it is neither self declared Raja Bomoh Ibrahim Mat Zin nor self declared weirdo Abdul Rani Kulop. Malaysians have been known to vote for one candidate just to keep the other candidate out.

  17. Anonymous12:49 pm

    So the line of defence for Najib stealing billions and abusing his power is ---- Daim wasn't there??

  18. Anonymous2:54 pm

    there's a new nickname for you dato'

    The Delusional Presidential Blogger aka Rocky Bru

    had to post this. baru je dengar dari kawan2 hangpa rocky.

    well. better than pre paid blogger right?

  19. Anonymous3:01 pm

    So it has come down to this now. Doctored photographs et al. How low can you all go?

    I can understand Salleh Kerauk as he was given only 2 years to be CM; not enough time to make a killing. But SeaDemon and you?

  20. if daim attended, what will the spin be?

    1. Anonymous7:05 pm

      Rocky will say Paklah tak join...adoiii

  21. Anonymous4:49 pm

    When Kit Siang says about Melayu First and 1M will not last long, he was actually very very correct. It is a reality now.

  22. Anonymous4:52 pm

    Ye lah, where is Mukhriz?


    1. Anonymous6:06 pm

      Mukhriz jaga kedah laaa...tu pon ada org dengki nak sabo tempat dia. Mcm tiada kerja lain mereka nih...ingat Allah buta?

  23. Anonymous5:13 pm

    In the context of politic, People Court is the highest one. It only convenes every 4-5 years. No one and not even the opposition can throw out what has been decided by this court. If there is tug of war in between that period, only them (people court) can make a verdict.

  24. Tebing Tinggi5:18 pm

    Poor Rocky. His comments on the Ringgit went nowhere as forex traders and the markets blithely disregarded his prognostications.

    So, what's a blogger gotta do?

    Invent another cause celebre, that's what?

    Note how the Brumeister deftly jumps from topic to topic?

    The "short attention span syndrome"?

  25. Anonymous2:53 am

    The line-up at Tun M's press conference are public figures who either forget or made to forget that each and everyone has a closet full of not so nice past. Who would not have ? Even the latest winner of Akademi Fantasia has one, which is going viral as we speak... As long as we are human, you n I have something that we would like to keep to ourselves. As long as we are not in the public eyes, our little 'secrets' are safe in this world I guess.
    Nevetheless, having skeletons in the closet is one thing but being a munafik is another ! When one choses to demean another n pretend/ choses to forget ones own sins, that is the worst of the kind.....
    Please hold your horses people from both sides of the fences. Let's take a bird eye's view of the present situation n do some soul searching. Are we contributing to the wellfare or the downfall of the nation ? Whether we are right or wrong, are our actions doing justice to this beloved land ? Are we being fair to our anak, cucu n cicit if Malaysia falls apart as a result of our 'perjuangan'? Has not the old sayings 'Menanag jadi arang, kalah jadi abu' and ' Menang sorak, kampung tergadai ' mean anything at all ?
    Dear learned people, let's do the right thing. Let's not be the one that place Malaysia in the like of Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Syria... and live to regret it.

    Nenek Kampung

  26. Anonymous3:09 pm

    these people are just a bunch of old men who got sacked...or cant let go of the 22 year old own dictatorship.
    Najib kept silent coz he knows its no used explaining to a bunch of people who will not accept the truth.
    Biarkan jer lah and let them scrambling and present what ever proof they have or actually dont have(?)
    Bak kata Tun M dia sendiri tak ada bukti pun....and how dare he kan....how dare he drag the rakyat into this...rakyat pun terlibat dalam fitnah tanpa bukti ni.
    Rasullullah pun diam bila di fitnah kan?

  27. Anonymous6:25 pm

    Hantu Siber 9.19am . Kalau hantu laut buka ruangan komen aku lah dulu sekali nak komen. Kalau dia nak cerita kisah dulu2 ni kisah benar dari USJ-Subang Jaya. Bapak diani pernah nak sangat jadi pengurusi surau USJ 12 tapi kena tolak ahli kariah. Sebab ?Dia pengarah syarikat yang berkait dengan Genting...amek kau...

  28. Anonymous8:13 pm

    CIA, MI5 or Mossad for stealing 1MDBs' money

    Those are spy agencies, they don't arrest people.

    You can only be arrested if you are accused of breaking the law (accused - guilt to be proven in a court of law)by those authorised by a state (as common in all modern states) to do so i.e. the police.

    Saudi Arabia, the UAE etc might have anti-Israel rheoteric but are friendly in reality. Do need to champion Datuk Seri Najib as kind anti-yahudi warrior that Israel needs to take down. Enough crazy fantasy's in Msia.


  29. Anyone who become the next PM will still be condemn by Dr. M. Unless DR. M going to heaven or his own son is selected, otherwise nobody will satisfied him as a candidate for next PM.