Wednesday, September 16, 2015

People's power, this time in RED

Updated, 17/9

 "I treated people with respect and the respect was reciprocated." - journalist Jia Ning on her Facebook after covering the Marah Rally at Padang Merbok yesterday.

Original article: 
16/9/2015: I did not join the Red Shirt rally but I was hoping that their number wouldn't be too small as to be embarrassing. I certainly did not expect it to be huge. Not this huge. 

I told the Malaysian Digest, where these pictures came from, that "This is people's power, too." And yes, I'm sure Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Ali would have agreed.

What does it prove? 
That with enough dose of provocation, the Malays, who formed the majority of the Red Shirts today, will go out and march, too. If Bersih4, which was predominantly Chinese, can draw 50,000 people, the Red can bring as many if not more. If Yellow wants Najib Razak to quit, some other colour can fill up the streets and demand that the Prime Minister stays.
Now where does it get us? Nowhere.

Peaceful as the Merah rally is, you sense that the people are really marah (angry). Most of the protesters today came by chartered buses from out of Kuala Lumpur and as far as Kelantan, Perlis and Johor. Some of them were paid RM50 in allowance (Bersih4 paid RM300 because they raised funds from their richer, urban supporters) but it wasn't the money, one group of people told me. "It is about maruah (integrity). You don't stomp on pictures of our Malay leaders, that's kurang ajar. I am here to show my displeasure with you."

Rightly or wrongly, the DAP was made the target of the crowd's displeasure. And whether you like it or not, Melayu mudah lupa. They will forget the good that you've done because of the really bad that they think you are doing, even if you had been a hero before.

For me, that's the one sad thing about today's Red Shirt rally ...


  1. Anonymous5:20 pm

    For every "one sad thing" that you have about the Perhimpunan Rakyat Bersatu, there are "10 SAD THINGS" about the Bershit rallies!!

  2. Anonymous5:20 pm

    Congrats for supporting and promoting racism and extremism. Umno leads the way in showing anti-chinese sentiments. It wasn't us who got RM2.6 billion of corruption money in the bank. Congrats again.

  3. Anonymous5:37 pm

    Hope tun n pm sees that poster n both feels humble n bersyukur...
    cant go coz cant handle the heat unless they do in the morning. InnsyaAllah next time.
    Msia negara tercintaku..

  4. Anonymous6:33 pm

    "Bersih4 paid RM300 because they raised funds from their richer, urban supporters"

    Really Rocky?

    What bullshit

  5. Anonymous6:56 pm

    Datuk, kenapa tak turn padang dan tanya pendapat perserta?

    Macam mana kamu dapat tahu perasaan peserta jika u tak di sana?

  6. Anonymous7:16 pm

    These are not people power. These are people from the following associations;

    1) Kelab Kami Tak De Otak
    2) Kelab Kami Sokong Pencuri dan Pembunuh
    3) Kelab Kami Sayangkan RM 50 + makanan percuma

  7. Anonymous7:20 pm

    Dear Sir,

    Most of us never care about BERSHIT 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7...but what pissed most of us were they stomped, spat and urinated on our leaders photos... regardless of WHO! That Melayu tak akan least not us.

    Cha Ya Nun Alif yang Kurang Ajar, sepatutnya kena ajar sikit.

  8. Anonymous7:31 pm

    rocky, betul ke you ni a top editor?

    people power in indonesia, phillipines, elsewhere aim to get rid of oppressive and corrupt leaders. bersih's people power, ditto.

    And somehow, you concluded this rally, with original intention of showing strength that will outnumber bersih4. (despite whatever their declared final aim, it was really to mask their ill-thought original intention after realising their follies).

    as usual, your sub-par logic and inability to think shines brightly once again.

  9. Anonymous7:49 pm

    Oh Latuk, Latuk.

    Let me set you right, OK?

    This is the statement from Zahid (IGP also gave clear warnings):

    “Menteri dalam negeri itu berkata, pihak polis dan KDN tidak mengizinkan 3 lokasi tersebut iaitu Bukit Bintang, Petaling Street dan Low Yat daripada menjadi lokasi utama perarakan penganjur himpunan Rabu ini.”

    "Yang penting kami pihak PDRM dan KDN tidak mengizinkan perarakan dibuat di Jalan Bukit Bintang atau pun di Petaling Street atau melalui Low Yat," kata Zahid yang ditemui wartawan selepas Mesyuarat Tertinggi Barisan Nasional (BN) di Putra World Trade Center malam ini.”


    Very, very clear.

    OK, this is what happened today:

    “6.30pm: Petaling Street - Negotiations fail between the police and protest leaders, which include Umno leaders Reezal Merican Reezal Merican and Mohd Razlan Rafii.

    Dang Wangi district police chief Zainol Samah tells them the rally is only permitted in Padang Merbok and police have already given some leeway by allowing several Malay NGO leaders in Petaling Street earlier.

    "It's enough, disperse," Zainol says.

    However, Mohd Razlan refuses to budge. He says Petaling Street is not a forbidden area and protestors are mature enough not to go on a rampage in the street.

    He adds that the area is symbolically important to protesters as it is significant to the ethnic Chinese.”

    Earlier, the Red Macai Army breached Bukit Bintang by force. Threats were made against the police.


    KHAIRY JAMALUDDIN: Is your FT Chief illiterate, or JUST disobedient?

    REEZAL: Are you illiterate, or JUST disobedient?

    ZAHID & IGP: How lah, my brothers? Any action? I think this is worse than wearing a yellow shirt, right?

    IKAN BAKAR BOY: If the Petaling Street mob are all Oppo, why are FT UMNO head and Reezal negotiating with the police to get into the street? AFTER the rally ended, some more?

    PINK-LIPPED BUGIS: I think your Rent-A-Mob day went badly wrong and backfired, bro. Padan muka. Good for FDI, for sure.

    PS: Does Umno still have a disciplinary committee?

    PPS: Oh yes Latuk, you are going to claim that Petaling Street wasn't the fault of the Red Macai Army. Aren't you?

    Watch the numerous videos at leisure, bro.

    And ask yourself again:

    if they are all Oppo, why are Reezal Merican and Mohd Razlan Rafii demanding that total strangers be allowed into Petaling Street?

    Spin that for a while, bro.

    Have fun, ya. Love you.

  10. Anonymous7:57 pm

    I wear red today. Too bad I can't attend the rally today as I have to take care of my kids. Alhamdulillah that the number turned out to be massive. That really sent a powerful message to those anti-establishment that we the Malays are watching.

  11. Anonymous7:59 pm

    Sampai bila lah org Melayu ni nak jadi bodoh, asyik tuduh org lain atass kegagalan diri sendiri? Sebagai bekas pensyarah, pelajar yg selalu gagal, kena tendang keluar, kena tolong naik markah...semua org Melayu jugak. Memang Melayu memalukan nama Islam. Kerja keras tak mahu, suka rileks aje Dan harapkan bantuan org tapi diri sendiri tak nak usaha. Org yg terang terang menipu Dan mengambil duit, diterima Dan diagung sebagai pemimpin. Rasuah ambil tapi tuduh si pemberi. Memang tak de amanah Dan tidak menunjukkan ciri seorang Islam. Malu lah. Asal dapat duit, rm100 pun jadi. INI lah harga diri org Melayu. Kena Tanya...siapa sewa bas berduyun duyun? Siapa bagi makan? Siapa bagi duit? Mana dapat duit? Kalau org tak bagi, tak kan Turum punya org Melayu yg memang murah harga diri. Ni lah yg UMNO baru telah menjadikan org Melayu...harga diri murah! Malu sangat...
    Bekas penyokong UMNO.

  12. Anonymous8:00 pm

    Comment from bigdog's reader:

    "When reports surfaced about divisions having to send in so and so numbers to participate in “perhimpunan” which i am certain made the majority that attended, how can you conclude “demonstration of force..”? The fact is, that was a rented crowd. It does not reflect the truth. The truth is, the pm no longer enjoys support of the people. The chinese want him out because the economy is stalling, the malays want him out cause he has no balls and is very scandalous (to say the least)."

    Cannot argue.

    Well put.

  13. Anonymous8:01 pm

    Malu lah:

    One middle-aged Cina woman was able to control a crowd of over 100,000, and Umno cannot prevent 1,000 hired mat rempit from trying to barge into an area that PDRM & KDN already clearly said was OFF-LIMITS???

    Didn't Zahid say that stern action would be taken if anyone tried to get into the 3 banned areas?

    So much for setting a good example.

    So much for maruah.

  14. Anonymous8:51 pm

    What is there to be shout and proud about ? Do we get and made things better ?

  15. Anonymous9:01 pm

    Can the organizer be truly proud of the number that had participated in the red shirt rally vis-a-vis the Bersih 4 rally ? To recap , the latter was declared illegal and those found wearing yellow t-shirt with the writings Bersih 4 on it were threatened with arrest. Had the Bersih 4 been given the same treatment as that of the red shirt I wonder what size of the crowd would be.

    Pl Rocky, don't pass any insinuation to Dr Siti Hasmah.

  16. Anonymous9:03 pm

    I am not impressed by the quantity and more importantly the quality of the turnout.

    I am CERTAINLY not intimidated by those fucking thugs.

    How many Chemistry graduates do you think the Chinese community has?

  17. Anonymous9:12 pm

    “Kira-kira 2.6 bilion berarah menuju pwtc hingga semut pun tiada ruang untuk jalan”

  18. Anonymous9:22 pm

    Another Umno figure whose hypocrisy stinks to the high heavens is Deputy Foreign Minister Reezal Merican Naina Merican.

    Reezal, who famously vowed action against Malaysians who participated in Bersih 4 overseas, is playing a whole different tune in the red-shirt matter.

    Whoops, here he is, disregarding both the DPM and PRDM by trying to negotiate passage into Petaling Street:

    His very presence there is a BREACH of the terms of the permit.

    There's a certain decorum expected from a Deputy Minister.

    Reezal doesn't get it.

    Plus, he evidently cannot read.

  19. Anonymous9:32 pm

    I've been in Padang Merbok for PAS rallies when it's shoulder to shoulder.

    There is no way you can pack more than 25,000 people into that space, even if you fill the edges right up.

    These are not shoulder to shoulder:

    Hence, I would estimate that less than 20K total turned up in the main location.

    With the violence, this is a huge PR mess for Najib.

    Was it worth it?

    I guess the bus rental & stage rental guys did OK, lah.

  20. Anonymous9:36 pm

    "I certainly did not expect it to be huge. Not this huge."

    Creative cropping and angles can't save you, really.

    You want the truth?

    You can't handle the truth.

  21. Anonymous10:58 pm

    Stomping on pictures is just an excuse. They forgot that it's UMNO that taught the Bersih people to stamp on leaders they don't like. UMNO In Penang have been doing it to Lim Guan Eng since 2008. They even sent shit as a cake to him lest we forget. You don't get DAP supporters going to the street to protest their leader have been humiliated. This red rally is just to show how racist they are and to divert the attention of the real issues like 1MDB and the PM's RM26b. To that end every rational Malaysian who think logically will agree unless they are like you Rocky and those who rallied today who may be suffering from an acute inferiority complex thinking that the Chinese are bullying them and not giving them face. Read Tengku Razaleigh please. You Malays control everything from The royalties to the army,police,judiciary and civil servants..How the hack are the Chinese going to take over the country unless of course all the Malays got nuke overnight. Get real's all about good governance and no corruptions ..that's what the Chinese really wants..there is nothing to do with race.You are just spinning and diverting from the real issues like those who rally today.

  22. Anonymous11:16 pm



  23. Anonymous11:16 pm

    The really sad thing about this red shirt rally is that they are supporting a corrupt man leading an equally corrupt party.

  24. Anonymous11:18 pm

    Looks like a classic case of the Emperrors New Clothes.

    whilst not disputing the numbers - would they have come if not for the transportation & plus plus?

  25. Anonymous11:25 pm

    Nah, nih lah baru maruah melayu bro:

    I feel so proud.

  26. Anonymous12:15 am

    Police estimation of the RED crowd....less than 50,000 (NO, there is NO zero missing)...

  27. Anonymous12:22 am

    PS: Both Zahid Hamidi and the IGP said REPEATEDLY that BB, Low Yat and Petaling St were out of bounds.

    Yet the Pemuda Umno WP chief tried to play dumb and claimed he did not know.

    "Debacle" is the right word, for sure.

  28. Anonymous1:14 am

    Malu betul kepada Allah, jika orang Islam berbangsa Melayu mati2 mempertahankan maruah seorang pemimpin yang telah melakukan kejahatan dan kezaliman kepada Negara dan rakyat dia sendiri. Langkah paling simple iaitu berterus terang bagaimana semua isu tentang salah laku moral boleh terjadi pun tak dapat dilaksanakan secara bermaruah. Melayu memang mudah diperdaya, tak kira oleh bangsa kafir juga pemimpin korup dari kalangan Melayu sendiri. Sekarang agenda besar yahudi dan barat untuk melihat perpecahan kaum yang menghancurkan semakin menjadi kenyataan. Pergeseran antara dua kumpulan baju seperti mana terjadi di Thailand sudah pun bertapak di Malaysia... Tidak akan ada siapa pun yang untung kecuali si PM keparat yang makin seronok kerana dapat lari daripada tanggung jawab juga tindakan undang2..

  29. Anonymous1:21 am

    to me its about democracy and perpaduan.
    if you keep pushing the PM and current govt to step down this is what you get ...the other party will retaliate.
    Bersih is so kurang ajar n impatient sampaikan they cant even wait for next GE...biadap at the highest level.
    If Bersih was really honest and have integrity they would have clean their side of the fence first. Also why were they hipocrite when the Reds want to rally?
    All these while the Malays have kept quiet....but now look what happen...PAS n UMNO together......somethung which we long to see for a some so proud I can burst...:)

  30. Anonymous1:49 am

    You know what the Red Shirts really lacked?

    Wit. Humour. Creativity.

    Yellows win that one, hands down.

    Happy, (or rather "Unhappy", as it turned out), Malaysia Day.

  31. Anonymous2:34 am

    Dahlah; memang BAGUS pun, MELAYU akan MUDAH LUPA pd. mana-maan PENGKHIANAT-TAK-SEDAQ-DIRI!

    Tapi kan bagus no, kalau PESAKA/NGO-NGO Islam/Melayu BERSAMA kutip derma buat ASRAMA cthnya kat LRT ka; utk. kegunaan mana-mana PESERTA dlm. perhimpunan sebegini, supaya dpt. juga depa BEREHAT dan TIDOQ dengan selesa atau BERMALAM kat KL ni. Jadi tak payahlah depa dari jauh ni TERPAKSA bergegas pulang jauh dgn. KEPENATAN, pd. hari yg. SAMA; apalagi bila TAK mampu bayaq hotel!

    Tapi aku heran kenapa ada satu RESOLUSI 2 dari pihak PENGANJUR mulia kita ini - boleh pula promosi 'bangsa' Malaysia! Patutnya Perhimpunan Melayu/Rakyat Bersatu ni nak juga MEMBANGKITkan semangat anak-anak MUDA kita terutamanya, untuk MENENTANG habis-habisan legasi dajal MALAYAN UNION-KEPARAT-RASIS si Penjajah British/ZIONIS-FREEMASON, yg. mahu diHIDUPkan KEMBALI oleh KULI depa dari puak PENGGANAS-PENGGANAS KAPIRDAJAL RASIS DAPBANGKAI/PKRHOMO/BerSHIT - yg. sebenaqnya mahu MENGHAPUSkan HAK dan IDENTITI kita sebagai BANGSA Bumiputera Islam/Melayu - dengan SATU identiti `bangsa` Malaysia (‘bangsa’ Malayan di zaman penjajah) - lihat SEJARAH Malayan Union amat MERBAHAYA ini di - , Sejarah Perjuangan Kemerdekaan V: Protes Melayu, UMNO & Pembentukan Persekutuan Tanah Melayu!

    Nek Tempoyak.

  32. Look beyond the picture and learn from history.

    The picture actually showing the majorities that contains the most youth in a single nation with discriminated low incomes and marginalised educational and occupation opportunities that were asked to survived in a more depressing economic future.

    They had began to agreed with something for their common interest and the had voiced it loud and clear.

    Today the said "Bersatu", soon they will say "Perubahan". This was how the French Revolution started, this was how the Boston Tea Party began and this was how the actions against Malayan Union began.

    We had seen it in Germany when they asked for the Berlin Wall to be torn down and in the end Soviet Empire crumbled.

    If not careful we will see the "Red Shirt Revolution" will covers the whole Nusantara if "Bersatu" is echoed into Indonesia. Like the Arab Spring not so long time ago.

  33. Anonymous7:10 am

    Bersih 4 paid Rm300 because they raised funds from their richer urban is about time to make the poor supporter from all over kampong n felda as rich as the urban oppotoons supporters!...take more of their tax money!...opps sorry...I can sense someone fainted and drops to the floor!

  34. trifling-jester7:19 am

    Bersih4 had 50k people? Paid 300 vs 50? Satu lagi spin dari barisan umno

  35. Anonymous7:37 am

    The corrupt leaders need to keep the citizen of Malaysia divided, this is an age-old "divide and conquer" tactic. With the different ethnic groups up against one another, the corrupt government can divert the attention away from their greed and corrupt practices. Malaysians need to unite and not be misled.

  36. Anonymous7:48 am

    The Malays have been given everything and govern but still cannot make any rational decison and cannot think rationally. UMNO did this to them. Mediocre education, handouts, stuffing race and religion down their throats, saying they are the supreme race and the product is the red shirts mentality and speeches. UMNO made these red shirts what they are today and made the other Malays what they are today. Insecure, poor, frightened and stupid. UMNO failed them miserably and big time.

  37. Anonymous9:10 am

    "I treated people with respect and the respect was reciprocated."


    Tell that to the 2 injured cops, and the many PRDM members who were rudely shoved aside when the Rent-A-Crowd went into areas that were explicitly prohibited by the rally permit.

    Anyway, the likely thing is that Mr PM's approval rating has plummeted after this unruly fiasco.

    Meanwhile, he was saying this:

    "We succeeded in forging an identity as a prosperous nation made up of different cultures and traditions. What other country has united multi-racial communities like Malaysia? We have Malays, Chinese, Indians, Iban, Bidayuh, Melanau, Kadazandusun, Bajau, Murut and others. Our differences have not stopped us from living in harmony," said Najib.


    "Moderation", "harmony", "transparency".

    He's truly an inspiration to us all.

  38. Rockybru sir. The crowd was overwhelming indeed.

    Maybe to add for the resolutions, government must plan towns where there will be predominantly malay as business owners, shop operators and those who live there.

    Plans for every states in Malaysia.

    There are very few towns in Malaysia where more than 90% of shops were own by Malays.

    Goverment must help. We have Chinatown and Litte India. There is almost unheard of Malay Street or Malay Town.

  39. Anonymous9:38 am

    “But we must keep this event in perspective, namely a small group of organisers trying to curry favour with the powers that be, by toying with racial sentiments,” Oh told Malay Mail Online.

    “Most Malaysians see through the charade and are not of the same wavelength as these simpleton wannabes,” the analyst added.


    It was a waste of time, unless you rent out buses, I guess.

  40. Rocky,

    What you said is true. I got piss off when i saw photos of our Malay leaders being stomp by Bersit4 members. That include our ulamak TGHH. This is paling biadap. I asked myself to join this himpunan to show my displeasure. I wear my own red t-shirt, paid my own bus fare and lrt ride from Subang Jaya to Masjid Jamek.

    I am not an UMNO or PAS member. I am just an ordinary Melayu who has been hurt with all the politicking going on. Now I am very happy as the Melayu has united.

    Many have asked what has this Himpunan achieved. Dont take the silent majority of the Malays for granted. This is not about saving Najib. This is to show we are here and dont step on us whatever your political objectives are.

  41. Anonymous11:02 am

    I am racist and my racism based on Islam, says Umno’s Annuar Musa - See more at:

    At least he is being honest about being a racist but when has Islam ever condone racism. This joker is no different from ISIL, misusing Islam to suit their agenda.

  42. Anonymous3:13 pm

    Now I know how marcos can stay so long in power in the phillipines.

  43. Bersih is against corruption and dirty politics.
    And the Red Shirt Rally is against Bersih??? WTF!!!

  44. Dear The,

    No, this is not the case of Red vs Yellow. I am sure all of them who came to walk the streets, whether they are paid RM50 or RM300, are against corruption and what you call dirty politics. The organisers of the first Bersih in Nov 10, 2007, certainly were (read RPK's latest posting). The latter Bersihs seemed to have deviated somewhat. The last one - Bersih 4 - was all about getting the PM to quit. To quote you, WTF?

  45. Thank you Esa Adam,

    It's so nice to see people like you stand up and reclaim your space, including the space provided by comments boxes like my blog, which has been overwhelmed by idiotic remarks lately. Syabas bro!

  46. Anon 748,

    The Malays, for your info, weren't given all that. The had to fight the British to get a tiny slice of wealth in their own country. And they are still having to fight for it. Look at KLCC, OneUtama, Pavilion, etc -- you see Malay establishments in those malls? No or very few, right? But do you see the Malays running amok all these years because some other races are dominating the economy and making all the money? No. That is, until some of you pushed and provoked them, and made them feel like you're taking them for granted.

    And, btw, those "insecure, frightened, poor and stupid" Malays you were referring to? They sound like the Malays from your party. Those Malays who wore red yesterday, I didn't see fear, insecurity, and stupidity in their faces.

  47. anon 1.14am,

    Pakai nama sendiri untuk buat komen pun takut, lu nak cakap pasal agenda Yahudi dan Barat.
    Piiiii dah!

  48. Anon said ...

    Pl Rocky, don't pass any insinuation to Dr Siti Hasmah.

    9:01 p.m


    Oh, i beg your pardon, Tun Siti take cakap pasal people's power kah? I thought she did during Bersih 4 so I was just crediting her.

  49. Anonymous Anonymous said...
    I wear red today. Too bad I can't attend the rally today as I have to take care of my kids. Alhamdulillah that the number turned out to be massive. That really sent a powerful message to those anti-establishment that we the Malays are watching.

    7:57 p.m


    Dear Anon,

    That message was sent, loud and clear.

  50. Anonymous5:37 pm

    Reezal dipanggil hypokrit oleh seorang komenta Datuk. Dia patut baca nukilan seroang Lim yang lebih muda dan tiada kepentingan politic, Sdr Lim Sian See:

    Lim Kit Siang has called on PM Najib and his cabinet to apologise to Malaysians for their "shameful abdication of responsibility" in allowing Malaysia Day to be desecrated by the red-shirts rally.
    He pointed out that over 1,000 shopkeepers and traders in Petaling Street, representing over 90 percent of the businesses closed their shops due to safety reasons.
    He also said the Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (ACCCIM) expressed its opposition to the rally due to its racial tone and appealed to the prime minister to take action.
    This is the reason why I am opposed to all street rallies including yesterday's rally. I am consistent in this.
    On the other hand, Uncle Lim Kit Siang is a hypocrite supreme.
    Did he really think that BERSIH 1, 2, 3 and 4 did not force any shops to close for the day due to the rallies?
    As for race-based rallies, does Lim Kit Siang remember the HINDRAF rally was a rally held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on 25 November 2007.
    The rally started when a crowd estimated to be between 5,000 to 30,000 people gathered outside the Petronas Twin Towers Many shops around Kuala Lumpur including Suria KLCC were closed on that day in fear of trouble from the rally.
    What did Lim Kit Siang say then?
    He fully supported the HINDRAF rally and said that police must respect the human rights of Malaysians to peaceful assembly
    "The police should stop over-reacting, dismantle the roadblocks creating massive jams in KL and Klang Valley and issue police permit for the Hindraf rally." said Kit Siang.
    So, he supports race-based protest such as HINDRAF as well as the four BERSIH rallies to take place which similarly disrupts businesses but it is not okay for the Red rally to take place?
    What about all those countless rallies and demos that your partner PKR keep on holding around Sogo? Those don't disrupt Sogo and the surrounding businesses?
    This essentially confirms Uncle Lim as the biggest and unprincipled hypocrite in Malaysian politics.
    If you have any principles, you should protest all street rallies - and not just the street rally that is not on your side.…/hindraf-rally-police-stop-st…/

  51. Anonymous6:02 pm

    Esa that what makes you so angry, 2 unknown Chinese stomping on a picture of PAS and UMNO leaders?? BTW what about the Melayus who stomped and tore pictures of Koh Tsu Koon, conducted funeral rites in front of Guan Engs House, threatened to assault Teresa Kok, invaded the Penang Leg Assembly and lots lots more?? Oh right, that did not rile you up, that did not make you angry, why , hey it was the CINA at the receiving end , they deserved it.
    Meanwhile in Putridjaya the lanun King sits back and laughs at how he has managed to get away stealing billions of rakyats money and is in the process of stealing even more.
    With Dunggus like you we can and he will.

    1. Anonymous9:47 pm

      ...for every action there will be a reaction...the malay was only react accorddingly from the provocative action!

  52. Anonymous6:35 pm

    "The Malays, for your info, weren't given all that. The had to fight the British to get a tiny slice of wealth in their own country. And they are still having to fight for it. Look at KLCC, OneUtama, Pavilion, etc -- you see Malay establishments in those malls? No or very few, right? But do you see the Malays running amok all these years because some other races are dominating the economy and making all the money? No. That is, until some of you pushed and provoked them, and made them feel like you're taking them for granted."

    Brilliant summary of the entire Umno lie being swallowed hook, line & sinker.

    "Look at KLCC, OneUtama, Pavilion, etc - you see Malay establishments in those malls? No or very few, right?"

    More to the point:

    Look at the bank balances of the top 1% of Umno members. (More to the point.)

    That pisses all over the paltry earnings of those Malays who run honest businesses and make it by hard work (yes, we do exist.)

    Once you realise that Umno has been f***ing the Malays up the ass for four decades, you might get a better grip on reality. (Though you wouldn't spit in your own rice bowl, I guess. The whole cliched "pushed & provoked" rhetoric is all about keeping power, too. Geddit?)

    But as you say, journalists don't work for free.

    Plenty of bloggers do, though.

    But it's not money that drives them.

  53. Anonymous6:37 pm

    "Alhamdulillah that the number turned out to be massive."

    Mat Maslan thinks it was 32 million, I hear.

    45,000 when you're being herded onto buses and paid?


    Real sad.

    Epic FAIL.

    1. Anonymous9:03 am

      Suggestion...the malay lead government should start a plan how to put a large malay community in every city...used the tax money to build housing estate...increasa the brim amount specially for them...take care of their wellbeing...if not they will be discriminated and intimidated as what happen in penang! next time we dont have to herded and pay the rural folks allowance all the way from kampong all over the country to make a massive what the oppotoons urban folks are enjoying now...rally almost anytime they want!...oops one more thing...just dont bother anymore what the oppotoons going to say...because prooven they are the ungrateful urban city folks which are enjoying their life in the ciry.Start thinking the wellbeing of the rural folks!

  54. Anonymous7:56 pm

    " And they are still having to fight for it. Look at KLCC, OneUtama, Pavilion, etc -- you see Malay establishments in those malls? No or very few, right? "

    Dude, seriously, some people open shops and you blame them for it?

    Come on, there are a lot of initiatives and loans to help, why aren't they working, this needs to be analaysed, instead you blame an entire race for their enterprise? For opening shops on their own initiative?

  55. Anonymous11:55 pm

    hehe.. ramai yg meroyan cannot accept the truth that the red rally was triumphant more so then beshit.. u cant handle the truth... too bad... dont be a sore loser lah.. muhsabah diri tu... why so many malays turn up n the rally was held peaceful n weather was fantastic... Alhamdullilah syukur

  56. Anonymous8:02 am

    Datuk bru...Alang2 sekarang sure cina dh x vote use ur connections to get to the powers that be to start nationalising all sekolah cina tamil etc...strike while the iron is hot. Use the excuse unity to do least something good can come our of this.

  57. Anonymous5:51 pm

    harapkn pakcik makcik felda ceruk kg,samseng jalanan,kutu rayau,mat rempit..dalang2 garu tel*q

  58. Anonymous11:19 pm

    To me, Bersih4 was a chinese majority demanding for pm to step down. At the same time it was a political action which also to show the chinese rejection and hatred towards the malays as the son of the soil and especially the muslims political leaders.

    The red shirts demo was only showing of the malays to backfire the chinese bersih4. By right the malays should also demand this pm to step down due to his mismanagement and poor leadership. They forgot this PM has shown support to the chinese to fishing the chinese votes or bcos of his liberlism or whatever, and more than what the malays can think of like the pm himself scrapping the nep. The worst is when the current pm has successfully created huge gap between the rich and the poors just from his rhetoric's of high income country (the people or the country?), when many of those poors are the malays.

    the pm must be put down as quickly as possible before the country getting rotten and irreparable.

  59. Anonymous10:04 am

    The "malaysian" bar council has come out with a big fat statement at how disappointed they are with our PM and that the get together of the "red shirts" was racist and violent. How blatantly biased and manipulative some groups are!