Monday, August 17, 2015

Justo gets three years in Thai prison

Tong, 3 others to be hauled up following Justo's conviction - TRP, 18/8
AG gets Thai help, closing in on SR's Clare Rewcastle Brown - TMI, 18/8

Original Piece: 
Pleaded guilty
17/8: Swiss national Xavier Justo was arrested on June 22. Today, just 56 days later, he pleads guilty and is sentenced to three years in Thai jail by a Thai court to blackmailing his former employer, PetroSaudi. I don't know about you, but I'm totally floored by how justice is done and seen to be done by our northern neighbours. The speed, the cold efficiency, the clinical execution of it all. 
Now, remember, Justo's blackmail attempts have been linked by the Thai authorities to several individuals in Malaysia and at least one in the UK said to be in cahoot to topple the Malaysian Government or/and Prime Minister Najib Razak. None of these individuals have been arrested, let alone charged. We have heard of a warrant of arrest, volumes about co-conspirators and a mysterious, elderly master plotter in UMNO, etc. but that's about all.


  1. Anonymous6:01 pm

    You cannot blackmail using tampered documents/emails.

    Coz the original will show the truth.

    Unless Justo was disclosing original & authentic emails....

    Just like Anwar, all Najib's actions suggested his hands are dirty. He has no idea how to wash them. And the clowns around him aren't helping.... In fact, is going to speed up his downfall.

    Nobody is buying Najib's spin. They are so laughable and make no sense.

  2. Jailed for "faked" document?

  3. Anonymous1:08 am

    What is the point of this post? Suppose to say nothing wrong in 1mdb?

    Where is your commentary?

  4. Dear Hantu Gigi Jarang,

    Makhamah Siam pun kau nak bedal? Terror mu! I suggest you reserve your comments for when our own courts try the people linked to Justo and the blackmailing.

    Anon 601 pm, If you are suggesting that Najib has powers over the Thai courts in sentencing Justo to three-year imprinsonment, wow -- you are stupider than the average Anon that posts comments here. And I would want Najib to be PM forever for being so the powerful!

  5. Anonymous11:11 am

    Bru the master spinner and unspinner
    Yes fully agree with you.
    Najib is powerful and tough enough to block SR, suspend Edge, sack DPM ,VP & AG, shake MACC, disband task force, derail PAC, yet not a single court case against anyone or organisation.Why?
    Now lets hear the arguments of both sides pro-Najib amd anti-Najib.
    Almost give up on this blog but for this post..boleh lagi laa...
    Serampang dua mata beb..


  6. JusTo didapati bersalah krn memeras ugut. Bukan mengubah suai dokumen!!! I'm more interested to know the content of the document which PSI so afraid that it might leaked to the public. Is there anything else we should know about PSI and the sacred 1imdb. I'm amazed with you now rocky, you're not bother about the truth anymore for the sake of najib.

  7. Anonymous12:09 pm

    "...when our courts try the people linked to Justo and the blackmailing"

    ---how come not included "tampering of document" - what happen to this accusation? Dah lupa?

    ---when the courts try...hehehe, who and how many has been charged by the AG or the Police? What i know, the investigation people in Task Force, Macc and BNM were either sacked, terminated or harrased.

    Of course Najib has no powers over other countries courts, only silly people make this silly comment as such. But suggesting Najib be pm forever for being so powerful....what a joke. He dare not even sue anyone till now. That's fart, not powerful. But he kencing people ada lah, i didnt say so, Umno people said so.

  8. Anonymous12:21 pm

    Anyway Tun M alleged that money was retransferred out to Singapore. Some said 2 billion. Probably Singapore PM need more donation than Malaysian PM, lol. Why transferred out if for Unno party use?

    This is yet another serious allegation. The powerful PM dare not or did not deny it until now. This is very suspicious act by Najib. Why not sue the papers that reported it, better still sue Tun M. But the powerful PM is not doing that. The saman WSJ also is a farce till now.

    And as usual, Rocky Bru's attention is on minor news like Justo's 3 year jail but he missed out on the alleged re-transfer $$$ to Singapore. As if nothing happen. Heheh, the spinnings have gone awry.

  9. three years jailed. for a few million bucks, i might go for that. i hope he got paid. kinda senseless to plead guilty without a fight.

  10. Anonymous2:36 pm

    Unit, just units...

  11. Anonymous4:04 pm

    Your boss will get life in prison.

  12. Anonymous5:59 pm

    Datuk, pls dont insult our intelligence. Hantu gigi jarang is not hitting the Thai court. He is in fact spitting you, you were the one vehemently defended the Malaysia govt the the emails were tempered and fakes. So pls Datuk dont play dumb.

  13. Anonymous1:08 am

    So Rocky, the documents were indeed not tampered by Justo as you and pro-Najibs alleged. You had written to support that they were tampered or falsified, but you could not produce any proof or evidence till now.

    If you have any intregity left, the least you could do is to write another article to admit your mistake. But somehow i suspect you cannot do that. Your master will will be very mad if you seek to speak the truth.