Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sarawak Report moles in Bank Negara: Foreign correspondents in HK told a week ago


Original article
Exceprts from RPK's 11 July's The Bank Negara Scandal, Yet Again 
"[Datuk NMY, SM and ARAB] have been identified as the three culprits from the bank who leaked confidential information to the Wall Street Journal.
A report has already been made against them and there is a strong possibility they are going to suffer the same fate that Murad did back in 1999.
In the first Bank Negara scandal in 1993 it involved the crime of trying to cover up the RM30 billion Forex losses and the crime of lying to Parliament. In 1999 it was the crime of money laundering and the crime of siphoning out RM3 billion. This time it is more serious.
The authorities are working on the angle that these three Bank Negara officers are trying to subvert the government and subversion can be interpreted as an act of treason. This can have very serious repercussions on the country and any act of sabotage to bring down the country is punishable under the charge of waging war against the Agong and can attract the death sentence.
Maybe they thought they were just sabotaging the Prime Minister but when the act of sabotaging the Prime Minister involves sabotaging the country then it would tantamount to treason. And treason means death.
There is no confirmation yet how the police are going to proceed with this case but indications are they are already quite fed up with the whole matter and this time may throw the book at [the Bank Negara three]."

One thing you'd know by now is that Raja Petra's info and style are not for the faint-hearted; what he dishes out can be a little too overwhelming for a lot of people. "Come on, is this for real?" someone asked me about RPK's article on the BNM moles. Well, we'll know soon enough if the Task Force led by Attorney-General Gani Patail has caught those who have been leaking out what they shouldn't to foreign agents like Saraawak Report, Wall Street Journal, Xavier Justo or/and their representatives. Since Malaysians are so ready to believe anything, why not give RPK the benefit of the doubt until it's been officially denied? But one thing we do know for sure, people leak national secrets for money. Lots of it.

In the meantime, watch this video clip* [which could as well be a manual on "How to run down your country in 30 minutes"] if only to learn that the Opposition politicians, who are among people who treat Sarawak Report's documents and articles as gospel truth, have known for a while that Clare Rewcastle Brown's moles are in the Malaysian Central Bank ...

" ... a lot of us suspect that the central bank authority or someone in the central bank is the whistleblower on this particular case." - YB Wong Chen (PKR, Kelana Jaya) at the Foreign Correspondents Club in Hong Kong on July 6 on a 1MDB expose where the Wall Street Journal claimed that RM700 million had gone into PM Najib's personal account 

Other quotable quotes: 

Wong Chen's on Dr M:
"1mdb stems from Dr Mahahtir fighting PM Najib ... the basic argument is about accountability and transparency, which is very ironic because most of you know who Dr Mahathir is (chuckles), and the way he ruled for 22 years .. (more chuckles)".
On his "nest" in Singapore and very strange views on Islam:
"... it's when the people start to express very strange views about Islam and what a multiracial country should be, then that's the real challenge ... the pure news is: the government has lost its moral compass, and by losing that moral compass it is influencing the people and the community to act and behave in an erratic manner: intolerance, disunity disharmony these are the norms everyday," and he went on to blame the social media: "and we see it because the social media is now such a powerful tool, and it's going up and up, and the government is not doing much about it, despite all the rhetorics..."
Wong Chen's promoting tourism to Malaysia:
"They passed the law to bring back indefinite detention without trial. So if you come to Malaysia and you do certain things and the government is not happy with you, they might just pick you up and throw you in jail forever. There is no recourse for any judicial review, or nothing, you can't do a habeas corpus application to get any form of justice."

* Taken from Zakhir Mohamad's latest posting Relying on lies and fabricated story 


  1. Anonymous2:15 pm

    where is anifah aman with his letter of demand???

  2. Going by RPK's logic "the act of sabotaging the Prime Minister involves sabotaging the country then it would tantamount to treason. And treason means death."
    Are we going to hang Dr Mahathir for sabotaging the PM?
    Are we going to hang everyone who oppose the PM?
    Are we going to hang RPK (if we can catch him) for making that statutory declaration suggesting Rosmah supervised the blowing up of Altantuya thus implicating the PM with the murder? Wasn't that sabotaging the PM which involves sabotaging the country according to RPK's logic? Wasn't that treason?
    This RPK really gets on my nerves, sometimes.
    Tengah puasa pun buat orang marah je.

    1. Anonymous2:10 pm

      And now the surprise of them all the so called rocky who supposedly the respected journo of all journo is quoting RPK. That tell's what Rocky is all about isn't it? There's a song called 'all about the money'... Everyone has got a price including your sifu Rocky!!!

  3. Anonymous3:07 pm

    "But one thing we do know for sure, people leak national secrets for money. Lots of it."

    LOL, a pot calling the kettle black.

    Not everyone sells their soul, you know.

    I salute these patriots for exposing the corruption. FOC, I bet.

    Maybe some of that 1MDB money is used to pay you every month, Latuk?

    Gomen-paid ass-kissing is not in the Parliamentary budget, that's for sure.

    Where does the cash come from?

  4. Anonymous4:21 pm

    Giving RPK the benefit of the doubt ? What were you saying in the run-up to GE12 ? You wanted him hanged, didn't you ? Your boss finally got to him through his family, so we know what he says is no longer to be trusted.

  5. Anonymous5:12 pm

    Spin spin and spin la latuk.... Still trying to justify your earnings as najib paid blogger? Better be quick cos soon the money will dry up when najib amd rosmah resign. Padan muka kamu!!!

  6. Anonymous5:41 pm

    No. Ruj.: 07/15/03 Untuk siaran segera

    Kenyataan Bank Negara Malaysia

    Bank Negara Malaysia mengecam sekeras-kerasnya dakwaan bahawa pegawai-pegawai Bank telah membocorkan maklumat kepada pihak media. Dakwaan ini adalah tidak berasas sama sekali. Sehubungan dengan itu, pihak Bank telah bertindak membuat laporan polis. Bank Negara Malaysia bertekad akan terus berusaha mencari kebenaran dengan cara yang adil dan saksama. Dalam melaksanakan tanggungjawabnya, pihak Bank tidak menyebelahi mana-mana pihak dan juga tidak akan memperdayakan amanah rakyat. Bank Negara Malaysia juga akan terus menyiasat mana-mana pelanggaran terhadap undang-undang di bawah kawal selianya. Pihak Bank, sebagai sebahagian daripada Pasukan Petugas Khas, tetap komited untuk mencapai objektif Pasukan Petugas Khas. Dalam usaha ini, pihak Bank mendapat sokongan sepenuh daripada Pasukan Petugas Khas.

    Bank Negara Malaysia
    12 Julai 2015

  7. charleskiwi6:05 pm

    This hardly the time to talk or worry about the people who leaked the informations, first thing first, lets worry about the US$700- millions that went into the personal accounts of Najib. It is almost two weeks since the news of the US$700- million went into Najib's personal accounts. Yet to date Najib is only able to write to WSJ and demand this and that but fail to sue them.
    I said from the start he will not be able to sue anyone especially the WSJ they have in fact stated their stand without any change of their published article upon receipt of the Najib's lawyers. It has been a few days since and there is no further actions from our PM. Come on Najib stop talking and only keep talking, sue them for all they are worth. Now your wife's accounts has come into the focus and how and what are you going to explain about it ?
    What Rocky is doing now is just trying to divert the attention you are getting, we have plenty of time to nail the whistle blowers. Just do one thing at a time sue the WSJ just sue them and stop talking and talking if only you got the gumption to do that.

  8. Anonymous6:18 pm


    I realise that you, just like Mr Kencing-And-Run Away in Manchester, still get paid, irrespective of whether you are publishing bulls*** or not.


    That's about 3 articles in a row now?

    That makes you unfortunately similar in modus operandi to a dung beetle, Latuk.

    A dung beetle rolls up other people's s*** and claims it as its own, you see.

    Try to live with a little more dignity, Latuk.

    The people you are spinning for will certainly not leave a good Malaysia for your children, or grandchildren.

    Think about that for a while.

    Wallahu a'lam.

    1. Anonymous10:12 pm

      How did USD 700 Mil leave the US to Malaysia without either the Americans asking why or the BNM? When I wire across USD 5K to my broher in the states - I'm asked to fill out heap of forms plus justify the existence of my brother in the US with valid travelling docs + my valid source of funds.

      So is the USD 700 mil transfer for real? Why does it take the task force so damn long to determine that? I'm sure under the Anti Money Laundering Act and Terrorism Financing laws - the answers should be out there in a matter of seconds.

      Why all the dilly dall

  9. Anonymous7:08 pm

    @ 2:23 p.m.

    Well said, Annie.

    Excellent retort to that man's sheer hypocrisy.

  10. Anonymous7:51 pm


    Reputasi anda sudah semakin meredum..too bad lar rock..

  11. Anonymous7:56 pm

    "BANGSA BUMIPUTERA Islam/Melayu mesti BERSATU, utk. MENENTANG habis-habisan puak PENDATANG PENGGANAS-PENGGANAS KAPIRDAJAL DAPBANGKAI/PKRHOMO-EJEN Barat/ZIONIS-PEROMPAK/PENJENAYAH- no 1 - yg. begitu galak tak habis-habis nak MENJATUHkan ISLAM; NEGARA ISLAM pusaka nenek moyang berzaman kita ini; DYMM Kesultanan Islam/Melayu kita sbg. PENJAGA Islam dan kaum Bumiputera; HAK dan IDENTITI Bumiputera Islam/Melayu kita, IMDB/MARA dll, YAB PM Islam/Melayu; DS Mohd. Najib Tun Razak kita serta isteri, DS Rosmah Mansor; dan LEGASI-amat-GEMILANG Ayahanda YAB PM, iaitu BAPA KEMERDEKAAN/BAPA PEMBANGUNAN BUMIPUTERA-no-1, Allahyarham YAB PM Tun Abdul Razak Hussein TERCINTA kita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Betul ke nih? "LEGASI-amat-GEMILANG Ayahanda YAB PM"???

    Pi tanya Nazir ler...

  12. Anonymous11:21 pm

    Exposing crime committed by PM is considered treason? Common, this is utter rubbish. What RPK did about Atlantuya murder implicating Rosmah should also be considered treason. I think the Task Force will suddenly change direction and start investigating this trio and the entire investigation will only be focused on those who leak the documents and not the real crime. Najib boleh!!!

  13. Anonymous1:41 am


    This is very confirmed story already:

    It was a plot done in S'pore. Pls alert your readers, thanks.

  14. Anonymous3:00 am


    Institusi BANK kita pun nak diJAHANAMKan oleh puak PENGGANAS ni! PENGINTIPAN dn SABOTAJ oleh EJEN-EJEN PENGGANAS ni termasuk S.Repot-KEPARAT tu, sepatutnya diSIASAT bawah AKTA TERORISMA oleh KDN!

    Dan mcmmanalah si PENGGANAS KAPIRDAJAL Anti-ISLAM/Melayu tony PUAKA-DAPBANGKAI-EJEN ZIONIS-PEROMPAK/PENJENAYAH- no 1 tu boleh terlibat dlm. PACBANGANG tu- yg. patut diBUBARkan segera! Mcm. puak ni pula lebih BERKUASA dr. K’jaan – sekrg. nak panggil MARA pula berdasarkan repot media Barat/Zionis-KEPARAT juga! Seolah NEGARA ISLAM berdaulat kita ini serta UMNO; IMDB, MARA, TABUNG HAJI, FELDA dan mana-mana insitusi-instusi/pemimipin yg. menjaga HAK dan KEBAJIKAN Bumiputera terutamanya Bumiputera Islam/Melayu kena TUNDUK pd. REJIM/MEDIA-PENIPU Barat/Zionis mcm. kita ni masih KULI depa – apa KEJADAHnya ni?!

    Nek Tempoyak.

  15. Anonymous5:33 am

    Rpk and Oppo MPs are not the only people who think/suspect/know that Malaysians are selling out fellow Malaysians to foreigners.

  16. Anonymous10:14 am

    So why don this Cinapek just hop accross the border and balik Kampong?

    Mat Bonk.

  17. Anonymous8:38 pm

    Can we charge this wong chen fella for crimes against his country or sabotage?

    If he dared mutter the same as an American, he would be put to jail long ago.

    To badmouth one's country out of context is different from fighting for democracy. These scums should be exposed for waht they are; no country would welcome them.

  18. Anonymous11:04 pm

    Earlier, he said under the new Patriot Act Malaysian has no recourse whatsoever if the government is not happy with them and may got themselves jailed indefinitely.

    Later, he said he is scared of himself and get his lawyer friends to wait for him at the airport when he fly back to Malaysia the next day.

    What an irony, huh? Farking piggy politicians.