Thursday, June 11, 2015

Why the hell is PM still talking about 1MDB?

I read Najib Razak's latest blog posting and couldn't help slapping my forehead in disbelief: the Prime Minister still thinks he should engage the NGOs and explain to them the state of affairs in 1MDB, even after the #nothing2hide fiasco. He should not. 
1. The Cabinet has made the decision to appoint YB Ahmad Husni Hanadziah, the Second Finance Minister, as government spokesman for 1MDB. Najib should be fair to Husni and let the man do his job. Plus, Arul Kanda is finally getting the hang of talking back to his critics; Najib shouldn't overshadow the 1MDB president/group exec director  [see his latest h e r e].
2. The Auditor-General has completed its probe into the accounts of 1MDB and the PAC have started theirs [PAC not satisfied with Deloitte's]. Najib may be construed as truing to "influence" the AG and the PAC if he continues to talk about the merits of 1MDB while the probe is ongoing 
3. As PM, he has other important things to attend to.

Important things like the 11th Malaysia Plan. In fact, this is so important to the nation. It is final 5-year economic plan before 2020, the year Malaysia is supposed to join the league of developed nations. The PM should already be embarking on a road tour to start telling people what the Plan entails and what the Rakyat's roles are if he seriously needs everybody's buy in.  Before that, pls make the necessary adjustments after getting feedback from others who know better than the government. I recommend the PM starts with RMK-11: Merancang Untuk Gagal (Planning to fail) by Hidup Tuah, a vocal former government economist still sympathetic towards Najib's cause.
And other things like our as-good-as-dead stock market. Why does it remain so boring? Perhaps we need a more exciting individual to lead Bursa? What's happening to the fiery Securities Commission? Why are investors said to be packing their bags to go? How can the government help boost the share prices of FGV and the sales of Proton cars and make sure that those who lost jobs due to the misadventures at MAS get re-employed? What's happening to our beloved ringgit?

Why all this negativity despite our strong economic fundamentals?

Eg our trade:


Our unemployment rate:

Our CPI:

Clearly, the statistics suggest that our economy isn't doing as badly some people have made it out to be. Why do people fall for it then? A pal who returned home recently from years of high flying abroad blames it on perception and public relations. "This Administration doesn't seem to know how to communicate effectively." 
Another corporate leader said to me over Cuban cigars the other evening: "These are signs that people are losing confidence in Najib's leadership".  
Maybe they are right, maybe they are wrong but PM Najib has to go out there as well as down to the ground to tell investors and the ordinary Joe that he's got things under control. People need to see him and hear him. He needs to restore or boost people's confidence.
And he can't possibly do that if he allows himself to continue to be distracted by the 1MDB issue, by talk about Jho Lo and Berkin handbags, by the spectre of Dr Mahathir.

p.s. I agree with the view that there's a lot of "negativity" out there because of "perception issues". But as far as the Ringgit is concerned, I will blame George Soros or/and currency speculators like him. That's what we agreed upon in 97/98. We have to be consistent, at least, even if we think it's too fantastic to consider that Soros could be working together with Tong Kooi Ong against the Malaysian currency h e r e.


  1. Anonymous7:06 pm

    Najb Gor is not distracted by his 1MDB involvement, nah, he's overwhelmed by his self-inflicted karma! He should really worry about not contributing further to the rotten heap anymore. The only path left open for him is thoroughgoing repentance - the world is a dead end.

  2. Anonymous7:27 pm

    Najib should just step down because he's worse than the sleeping Paklah. He is awake but blankets himself with syiok sendiri environment of "I love to hate PM, Ayam4U, You are our perspiration".

  3. Anonymous7:46 pm

    i dont know abut u, but i dont need statistical charts to tell me when things are bad.

    im feeling it and im paying for it and so does the rest out there.

    ud think we get upset because of some rumors ? some... negativity? i think u give a lil too much credit for urself and too little for us.

  4. Anonymous8:21 pm

    You should banged your head on the wall then jumped dowon fr 3rd floor PWTC are you a paid blooger ?? We need answers on the 42Billons 1MDB debt,thats all !!! Dont you think your children desrved that too ??

  5. Anonymous8:38 pm

    You are getting sober now. The toxic of 1 MDB can numb your straight thinking.

  6. Anonymous10:06 pm

    Cube cite cite sikit pasal imdb.

  7. Anonymous10:09 pm

    Inaction by Najib NR.
    Mataduit jatuh beliyun lagi dah lesap.

  8. Anonymous10:11 pm

    Dulu ingat bile Dol lelah berenti, ur nitemare dah ended.Skrg dah jadi nite of living dead

  9. Anonymous10:18 pm

    I think Najib has completely lost the plot. Si bangang manalah yang advise him to attack and discredit Tun?

  10. unfortunately I don't have a Cuban cigar to keep me company while I mull over this matter, but it seems to me that Najib should as rocky had suggested, focus on other areas that does not involve any kind of verbal communication. Because he will get clobbered the moment he opens his mouth. Even when he say something right, the people will hear it wrong. something about being self proclaimed warrior (when it is so obvious that he was born with a silver spoon stuck up his ass)that just puts people off.

  11. Wake Up. U know whats happening. I am a Singaporean, but I really pity people like you, rubbing things the other way.

  12. charleskiwi8:33 am

    It doesn't matter whether Najib is forced or volunteered to step down as PM because another Umno schmuck will take his place. Or to make matter worse is to have someone nominated by the repugnant and avaricious half breed Mahathir to replace Najib. This would mean this 'chap chong' will have his wishes and desires come true. All he is trying to create is what Malaysia is without him plus the fact that he is just trying to cause a lot of turmoil just so that the focus is not on the atrocities he created during his tenure as PM, thus the time he needs to impede himself from being indicted.
    The truth is all the turmoils that are happening in Malaysia right now are the consequences of what he did. All the people that he is unhappy with or are trying to replace are from Umno. They are all his disciples doing what they have learnt from him the one other solution for Najib now is to have him indicted even for one of the numerous crimes he committed. That would have been enough to put him away for the limited time he now has left. Always remember no one is not indispensable, especially the 'chap chong', what ever it is Najib's time left to do siphon more money out from Malaysia is already half gone. Sad to say the damages done to Malaysia by the two protagonists fighting right now are irreparable whatever the results are going to be.
    There is no electric pot or cattle in this scenario, both are just as guilty as another especially both of them are former and present leaders of Umno.
    What can you or anyone expect from them ? One truth is coming out of this infighting is between the two of them, I am not suggesting that they are only the two of them, you can see that it is billions of ringgits they are 'playing' around with, if not trillions. This is the result of having Umno schmucks in Putrajaya for 57 years since independent ! It is only now, very slowly, all the misdeeds are being revealed, Malaysia is going fast to become another Bangladesh !

  13. Dunno ! he..he.. I think the gods must be crazy, kut ? A coke bottle that must be thrown away at the tip of cliff near end of the world....

    * Ye, RM has been speculated by Soros's next of kin, here. As if the end of Malaysia. They despise BNM's honest governor ! We may ask, who likes to play with bloomberg ?

    * GST is generating handsome revenue . That was what the kastam revealed, for the past two months. Wow ! Keep the notch. We don't want any other foul play, right bro ? Money for the benefit of rakyat. No tolls. No more PTPTN. No more goods price hikes. No more economy monopoly. No more development can't be done because of short cash ! Ye, a lot more !

    * FGV ? New top post line up must take place. The existing ones must go! Otherwise FGV still looks goblok !

    * Been "my foot !" all over round town and kampung ! 1MDB top pop. PM Najib must loves gossips/fitnah and in ' the care' of pembangkangs ! All those lies and perceptions. Facts and fallacies.

    Question : Has he been peacefully living with it all this long ? I dont think so. Still no lesson ? What the heck ? Umno dumbos dunno, too ? Wenger Khairy please wake up ! No more tip toeing.

    * There is "somebody" whose making political fuss, ahead of media headlines, that the cabinet will be reshuffled, TPM will resign or the push of takeover as the new PM etc, etc - moderation or "khabar angin" ? Surely that will ruins our Malaysia. Well, he is known to know, the good friend of Najib himself, they say.

    * "The Group" that recruited by Najib, makin' fools of themselves and their boss. Wawasan 2020 shit.

    * Zam's blog lately, ronson - Siapa terbakar, siapa kena bakar, I dunno. Can't judge one. Can't read his political mind.

    Sad to say, we know whats happening. Our future, PM Najib, is it real or just a sweet dream ? Please answer and please transform the title "Negarawan Bangsa" or otherwise, retreat in full honor !

  14. Anonymous9:47 am

    Dah taknak jilat ke din? Skang ni dah bagi "tone" mcm nak memberi nasihat je, merajuk ke? Tapi last2 kau link jugak kat blog racist sampah unspinners yg tak reti inglish tu. nampak sngt sandiwara. £££ $$$ baik tuan yes sir done sir KACHINGGG

  15. Anonymous10:36 am

    Ahjib gor the pahlawan bugis moden minus 2 eggs must resign for good. He is a goner in the eyes of the rakyat, a liar, a cheater, an a$$hole by standard. I really dont see any need for him to explain anything at all..he is incompetent, period. No one will believe him anymore except sampah sarap around him or a$$ lickers surround him. What a brainless idiot he is...Rocky you better of blogging about betterment of the people, stop telling stories about the 'bagger' or 'handbagger'. If you want you can suggest to him to setup 1MGC - 1 Malaysia Got Cheated...what f**k*r he is...puuui!!!!

  16. Anonymous10:39 am

    Ahjib gor the pahlawan bugis moden minus 2 eggs must resign for good. He is a goner in the eyes of the rakyat, a liar, a cheater, an a$$hole by standard. I really dont see any need for him to explain anything at all..he is incompetent, period. No one will believe him anymore except sampah sarap around him or a$$ lickers surround him. What a brainless idiot he is...Rocky you better of blogging about betterment of the people, stop telling stories about the 'bagger' or 'handbagger'. If you want you can suggest to him to setup 1MGC - 1 Malaysia Got Cheated...what f**k*r he is...puuui!!!!

  17. Anonymous10:46 am

    You defenders of this horrible government have more positions than the Kamasutra! The only question that needs to be answered is where is the loot!

  18. charleskiwi1:15 pm

    Two wrongs don't make one right, what is happening in Myanmar should never be used to compare to what is happening in Malaysia. This is because Malaysia, in all circumstances, belongs to the Orang Asli (original people) and no one else regardless how long anybody else has been here. Therefore to suggest that the Malays did not expel the non Malays out of this country as a comparison is incorrect. This right belongs to the Orang Asli, period.
    The Malays are, just like the non Malays. foreigners in this land or like all the non abiogenesis in Australia or the non Red Indians in America.
    Therefore for the repugnant and avaricious half breed to suggest otherwise is not only incorrect and wrong but only a true reflection of what he kind of ingrate and ungrateful human being he is. He has managed to be responsible for the millions of skillful and professional non Malays to have immigrated since he became the PM. Even though his successors are trying their best to get these skillful and professionals back to Malaysia with all sort of incentives and added incentives. Sad to say without any success. Stop immediately claiming this country belongs to the Malays it belongs to the Orang Asli in west Malaysia and the Head Hunters in East Malaysia !
    Most important of all I repeat two or three wrongs don't make one right.