Monday, June 01, 2015

"Do you believe RPK?"

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Updated: Hishamuddin Hussein has officially, if unwittingly, confirmed what was before this a "sources story" about PM Najib Razak's invitation to his Cabinet ministers who are not with him to resign. The Umno VP, Defence Minister and Najib's cousin did this via the above tweet earlier in the day.
This conditional support for Najib, which is what the tweet is essentially, has put Hishammuddin in a bit of a spot. One obeserver says it's as if Hisham is hedging. "He could have spoken up and spelled out those conditions during the Cabinet meeting but he did not. Why?"
Wallahualam, but RPK, the man this posting is originally about, thinks Hisham will have to quit (Hisham's last 48 hours as a Minister). But where would he go? Ikatan?

Original article
Pak Tam left a single liner in my comment box yesterday:

Can you believe RPK?

I responded with a one-liner too: 

Do you believe the Sarawak Report?

I owe Pak Tam a little more than that one liner. I don't know who Pak Tam really is (it's a pseudonym, with means he's an Anonymous like 90 per cent of commenters in blogosphere still are, for reasons best known to them) but RPK we have known for many years, through his ups and downs, our highs and lows: as a Free Anwar Campaign champion, as the ISA detainee, as a Dr Mahathir chronicler during the vs Pak Lah era, as someone close to Ku Li, as a friend, as an Anwar champion once again just months before the 2008 general election, as a human rights movement leader-in-exile with my ex-lawyers Haris Ibrahim and Maliq Imtiaz, and as a Malaysian-in-UK who seems to be sympathetic towards PM Najib Razak now.

Do I believe him? I know he's got deep throats in the government (of Malaysia) and in the Opposition despite being thousands of miles away. The story he broke Najib asks his Cabinet members not with him to resign  was also reported by Utusan Malaysia h e r e. The sources for Malaysiakini, Malaysian Insider, The Rakyat Post and all the other credible and incredible news portals have not said otherwise. 

Most of us, Pak Tams and all Anons included, have made up their minds whether they could believe RPK or not. 

Question is, still, do you trust the Sarawak Report? 

Read The Agenda and ask yourself. To quote Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the Jews rule the world by proxy ...


  1. Since he has deep throat in the government then the story can be considered before others tell the same.

  2. Anonymous12:28 pm

    you don't have to totally believe RPK or SR. most of us have the brain and the tools to find evidence and check the facts ourself. even without reading the SR we know that there are a lot of transparency issues and corporate governance issues in 1MDB that make all of us Malaysian feel very angry at najib. he couldn't care less about all those, if not he will make sure that 1MDB is run as professional as it could be. 1MDB don't even have internal auditor and risk manager to analyse the risks of taking up so much debts to put into assets that generate so little cash flows. how can they service the interest, let alone pay the principal. the exit plan is always by listing the IPPs assets. there must be some serious problem that make even the SC not endorsing Edra to pass the listing litmus test. this make them more shitty than FGV or AAX, the two companies that seriously tumble big time because those companies have no value. najib seriously make a mess of all this and dare to ask the cabinet to resign. he is lucky that we malaysian is not very expressive. in a lot of countries, this kind of financial scandal will lead to chaos.

  3. Anonymous12:49 pm

    Yeah, right blame it on the Jews.

    Oy vey, these people can't even eat their challah bread in peace!

  4. charleskiwi1:00 pm

    No matter who you choose to believe the end result will be the same.This is as long as the believe and aspirations of the half 'chap chong' still in the minds of all these people who are saying that they want a change. What kind of changes can they make when all these people have already become so dependent on the tongkats and weelchairs.
    The hopes to change will need a new generation of Malaysians without any influence at all from the half breed completely at all. This will only be possible when the 'chap chong' is no more around and Umno becomes a political party only with members who are really dedicated to the people and not there just to advocate policies that solely benefit one particular race.
    Most of all the country should not become a country that only caters to one religious believe, Will all these ever happen in Malaysia ? At the ways things are happening the light at the end of the tunnel is far far away ! Just look at the most of bloggers herein the present shambles can only become worse and worse.

  5. Anonymous1:37 pm

    Wasn't RPK used to be, a once upon a time, a Nabi (Prophet) to the Fuckatans? At a once upon a time, all his words and sayings are Hadith?

    RPK says this, RPK says that, RPK produce SD; Do you know what SD is? RPK, RPK, RPK.


  6. Anonymous2:07 pm

    rpk is simply a paid writer. he has no principles, he earns his keep writing whatever his paymaster instructs.

    which is why he is a genuine chameleon.

    also he has ZERO guts to face the music.

    he CABUT instead of staying to fight - SPINELESS

  7. Anonymous5:00 pm

    Jebat Must Die have mentioned about "Special People" and what they are willing to "believe".
    He is anonymous too.
    So Rocky, how "special" do we need to get to believe in Najib?

  8. I will not believe Sarawak Report if PM Najib have the balls to sue them.

  9. Cukuplah6:21 pm

    Errr.... enough about the Yahudi's please and conspiracy theories.

    Kill and dispute the message, but killing the messenger by alleging everyone is out to get you, we have enough of that in Malaysia.

    Based on the kind of siege mentality thinking that seems to permeate the thinking of certain blog writers let me lay down the list of people who for some reason (and it is never ever clear WHY?) are trying to destroy/destabilise Malaysia. Ignoring the fact that in REALITY Malaysia is an ally and friend of a lot of those countries (who are alleged controlled by Jews) , in the alternative reality that lives in these people's head these same countries for some unknown reason are trying to destabilise their friend and ally in the region. You know, the friend whose PM goes on golfing holiday trips with their President.


    Jews - why, I don't know, some reason they have it in for Malaysia, and all the Jews have the same opinion, are monolith adn all have it in for Malaysia. Yes let's demonise people for their religious beliefs and ethicity rather than what they say or do, Jom we are Malaysians

    Singapore - through less of these these day

    Malaysians of Chinese descent - even though they are citizens in the country but somehow every single person of this ethnic group is united is some hidden agenda. Forget the fact that they are citizens of the country.

    Christians - ditto, trying to make Malaysia a christian state no matter how laughable and how unreal this is to reality

    Liberal - because people can have a different opinion and disagree

    DAP - codeword for Chinese, though good Chinese like MCA are often left of the hook, yippee, when reality doesn't tally, just ignore MCA, Gerakan etc

    and others, more sure to come, Arabs, Nigerians all somehow trying to destabilise Tanahair kita for their unknown nefarious purposes

    Cukuplah - reality is hard enough and that really needs to be dealt with. Education, economic management, lots of things simple not good enough and really going to affect us for decades to come, children and grandchildren

    Instead we go on about Jews, Chinese etc.

    Don't need imaginary enemies and conspiracy theories and really need to stop demonising people.

  10. Cukuplah6:26 pm

    Yuo look at the links above at the terrible things Open Society and Global Witness are trying to do to control the world and destabilise the world.

    Grow up

  11. Anonymous6:38 pm

    Good Lord. Your logic is false. If A is bad, B is not necessarily bad. A being wrong has no bearing on B. Especially if things said by B have been turning up as true. Take up philosophy in your mature years, Rocky. YOu might learn something.

  12. Anonymous7:15 pm

    Dear all,
    I'm curious until today no one has asked where is these so call 13 power plant & 2 desalination plant located at.Normally in the audited account there will be a listing of assets which will include the name of assets/company, location & shareholding in the company/assets.
    The auditors then will verify whether these assets/company really exist.Nowdays public also can check online who own companies, who are their major shareholder and directors. If these information is made known to the public, the rakyat themselves can verify where the money goes.

  13. Anonymous Anonymous said...
    Jebat Must Die have mentioned about "Special People" and what they are willing to "believe".
    He is anonymous too.
    So Rocky, how "special" do we need to get to believe in Najib?


    Dear Anonymouse,

    You have to ask Jebat Must Die that question. To do that, just drop a line in his comment box. Good luck.

  14. Dear Pak Tam,

    It turns out that RPK and Utusan Malaysia reported the truth - the PM did invite his Cabinet Ministers who are not with him on the 1MDB to quit. His cousin Hishammuddin Hussein has also confirmed this via his Twitter, something about supporting the PM with conditions (well that's Hisham and that's another story!)

    As for using the Jews in this posting, well, I'm just quoting Tun Dr M, guys. Just like most of you, I was boycotting Starbucks for a while, too, you know :-))

    1. Anonymous7:05 pm

      Saya tidak boycott for awhile say boycott terus. Mcm ler tiada kedai kopi yg umpphh di msia nih. Mak aku buat kopi lagi sedap.

  15. Anonymous9:12 pm

    Najib and rosmah have the balls and guts to sue and made a police reports againts RPK until he get lost and hiding in UK , but sarawak reports until today , Najib and Rosmah doesn't have balls and guts to sue them , so I belive more toward sarawak report even more than you bro regarding Najib and 1MDB, RPK everybody know he works for his pay master.

  16. Anonymous9:58 pm

    Rocky, just like Najib, RPK was not answering the questions. Instead, he was cursing those that asked questions..

  17. Rocky.
    If the Serawak report is not true then 1MDB or J Loo or Najib must respond.
    Take legal action
    For London Times to reproduse Serawak Report,they must satufy 100% the truth.

  18. Anonymous10:28 pm

    Rocky, nobody is saying 1MDB cannot make profit. It will be stupid if they cannot make profit out of the dirt cheap prime government land. People are questioning where the borrowed monies go. Explain where the RM27 billion goes. That's all they asked. Najib does need to play hide and seek for that. What for?

  19. Anonymous12:21 am

    Have seen the evidence myself as I assisted in compiling hard copies of docs from banks , emails , transfer notes . There is more to come , every time a claim is denied by any involved in 1MDB , there is a rebuttal if its not the truth.Do you trust Sarawak Report ? That is for the readers to decide at the end of this whole episode .I will say this in a couple of liners after analysing the evidence. Jib and Jho had planned this raid using the 1BDB front . Jho is holding the LOOT for Jib.Jib was expecting the GLCs that are cash rich to take over the toxic assets of 1 MDB . Assuming they do . the slate is cleaned and Jib and Jho think they can get away with the LOOT . Malaysians better wake up , you have in place a PM / FM who is a THIEF ,sad to see a beautiful , resource rich country badly managed for 57 years . MACC , PDRM and the cabinet has got no BALLS to make the first move to rid this nation of cheating and lying scum like UMNO / BN .Stay tuned to Sarawak Report and Radio Free Sarawak .

  20. Anonymous6:35 am


    When dr mim, the unspinners and you yourself blogged heavily on anwar's case before he was finally rested in jail, I was totally dependent on your writings to understand the case because I was too lazy then to go to the background of the case.

    BUT with 1MDB issue, I personally do some research on the background of itd formation until to its current standing.

    A glean at your article plus those sewaktu dengannya, when comparing, I cannot help but agree with writings of bloggers JMD, DIN AND AKJ AND RVEN ZAMZ who are pro mahathir.

    Do not be mistaken, I am no fan of mahathir but HE TALKS SENSE unlike clueless najib. Face it bro, we are going to the dogs. Any faint hope of winning the coming PRU14 is totally destroyed.

    We in east malaysia feel very sad albeit our small contribution in terms of giving bn seats at federal level. I am quite sure that we shall never ever become najib's BN's FD states.

    To najib....bon voyage

  21. Anonymous7:10 am

    If you dare,please fire them immediately..not ask them to resign,because the issue is not their fault.Apa punya tukang kipas MB.

  22. Anonymous12:08 pm

    The final game has begun, lets all enjoy the show. Who would guess it wld come from watery H2O.

    Rocky you better pray you don't end up on the losing side kah kah

  23. charleskiwi1:16 pm

    Hi Bru,

    Just one interesting question, how come the lusty AI is always having health problem whenever he is in jail. His had back problem when he was in jail the last time when he was in jail. He wanted time out of jail to be treated in Germany and may be someone can please who knows, if he did during the many years when he was out of prison before he was again sent back to prison, please ?
    He didn't look like someone with back problems when he went about before, during and after the GE. In fact he looked in perfect health before he went to jail. He is indeed a master pretender in heath appearance.

  24. Jebat Must Die 'anonymous'?
    You can contact him by email, even if he don't know you. He'll also give you his phone number if he knows you. And willing to meet if there's a good reason.

  25. Cukuplah4:40 pm

    "As for using the Jews in this posting, well, I'm just quoting Tun Dr M, guys. Just like most of you, I was boycotting Starbucks for a while, too, you know "

    Sorry lah Rocky, but that is a cop out, you can't point people to a blog, choose to quote certain things in your own blog then say you are just quoting someone else.

    You quote and highlight because you agree with this crazy conspiracy stuff.
    And you promote blogs that regularly demonise other Malaysian citizens.
    No need to shy away, just nail your colours to the mast. Always so disingenous.

    P.S - I disagree with some of your postings but always respect the fact that you allow and don't censor comments. Thank you, kudos and respect on that

  26. Anonymous10:43 pm

    Sarawak Report is practically implying that Najis is conning the rakyat's monies invested in 1MDB through a Chinese middleman J Low who is also accused of siphoning the monies to purchase a condominium in US and invest in a western movie on behalf of Najis's stepson.

    How come Najis never dared to sue Sarawak Report ?

  27. sebagai anak jati pahang, 'berdosa' lah nak sokong orang tua punca rakyat berpecah dari kedah.