Thursday, May 28, 2015

The most Eff-ed FAQ ever

Updated: Has The Spat finally divided the so-called pro-Establishment bloggers? The Mole places the unpredictable Bujai and Najib loyalist Dr MiM against the prolific Jebat Must Die and Mahathir loyalist Syed Akbar Ali in Najib's FAQs win over many bloggers but a few still doubt, The Mole 28/5/15

Some Malaysians still think this is possible 

Original posting

Thurs, 28/5: Of course the growing army of detractors aren't happy with Najib Razak's response to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's latest tirade [Najib dan Pembohongan, 24/5/15]. They will be happy only when the Prime Minister caves in and steps down. But to most Malaysians who don't want this spat to turn into an all-out, free-for-all war, Najib's FAQ, the closest to a rejoinder one can ever hope form this man, is welcomed. You don't expect anyone - most of all your enemy - to take kindly to being called a liar unless he's not a man (or woman).

They will continue to attack Najib's every FAQ but that shouldn't stop him from responding to Tun each time the latter lets loose a fresh round. By responding directly to his ex-boss each time, Najib will confine the spat to an exchange between them. Otherwise, it is the cheerleaders, people on the ringside, the cybertroopers, and the misguided, super gung-ho machais who get to make the most noise.

p.s It would be nice if Najib's website admin can 1. tweak to function like most blogs, the latest positng is automatically placed at the very top so that people like me and those angry detractors will be notified immediately/automatically whenever Najib has a new posting; 2. keep response time by Najib to every posting by the Tun to less than 24 hours, not in two or three days; and 3. as we journos say, KISS! 


  1. Anonymous10:19 am


    Simple lah. Najib can SUE Tun Dr M or agree to a debate.

    Kangkung won't have the "tel*q" as hippo has kept them under lock and key. So much for bugis lanun.

  2. Anonymous10:21 am

    Prepaid bloggers need to remember not to accept rezeki haram.

  3. Anonymous10:21 am

    Agree. Najib should from now on takes a more hands on approach in dealing with Tun. Let it be him who respond to Tun.

    Others like TV3 should just explain to the people about the policies by his government but never ever take a shot at Tun. Back off.

  4. Anonymous10:39 am

    Rocky, sir

    Najib is a man as refelected by a quotation below:


    It is no good at all
    to conjure all sorts of reasons
    to explain away truth:

    One could subscribe to truth
    only when one has self-respect in the first place;

    When a man tells untruths,
    he has no respect for himself
    and little would he do better for others
    except for his own gain;

    And when a man tells lies,
    he has a tendency to forget:

    With one lie after the other,
    eventually he would be caught
    in his own tangled web:

  5. Anonymous10:47 am

    When the spat between Najib and Tun M started, i saw you making a neutral stand. It's only fair because all of us didnt have lots of info on this issues.
    However, for the last one month you seems to be leaning towards Najib side. It's your rights to do that. And I hope your writing reached the ears of Najib's media monguls.
    Having said that, can you please tell Najib to do very simple thing i.e ANSWER TUN M QUESTION!!!!
    You said "But to most Malaysians who don't want this spat to turn into an all-out, free-for-all war, Najib's FAQ .... is welcomed"
    Tell Najib his latest posting didnt anwer any question raised. He kept repeating the same "answers" all over again.

  6. charleskiwi1:30 pm

    The repugnant and avaricious half breed Mahathir must be very frustrated this time when his chosen PM is just not responding or reacting to his wishes and desires. For once there is someone with gumption not to bow to him and in his frustration and also for the first time he is roping in his wife to join him in his attempt to get Najib to resign as PM. A clear indication of his diminishing support from the Malaysians, everything is beginning to reflect that.
    This half breed is now accusing of the harassments from the tax people when he was a private doctor. He forgot that was exactly what he did when he was the finance Minister cum PM. If he was to go on with he is doing very soon he will be at the facing the many indictments and gross abuses of power while in the 22 years as PM. On top of that his useless son of his will be removed as the MB of Kedah. Please remember no one, including you, is not indispensable and also remember everyone knows that all you are trying to do is just to make the present administration looks back, not that it is, without you.
    Always remember you have lost the support of the people long time ago. Most of the candidates in the by elections and the GE you campaigned and supported lost their elections. You failed to acknowledge that or did't want to accept those signs that you have not only lost the support of the voters but even the superficial support of all your cronies. You only got their support when you were the lord of all you surveyed. Now that you are no more the PM you are beginning to realize the number of real supporters you have. What a bloody shamble go and jump into the nearest ocean for all the inclusions you may have !

    1. Anonymous6:30 pm

      The repugnant and avaricious illegitimate charleskiwi is back, frothing at the mouth like the rabid mad dog that he is.

  7. Anonymous1:46 pm

    Dah 6 tahun Najib jadi PM. Kehidupan rakyat bukannya makin baik tapi makin kelam-kabut. Cukuplah 6 tahun, bagilah peluang kepada pemimpin lain pula.

  8. Anonymous3:37 pm

    Sgreed with you bro . Time to be nice guy are over . It is payback time .
    Remember those years with Tun M , he never back off . He will engage the bull by the horn .
    Trade mark slogon " where is the evidence ? " or " show me the evidence ... "
    Nagib was the protege and blue eye boy of Tun at that time .
    It is time to deploy what he has learnt .


  9. Anonymous4:06 pm

    Rocky trying to be bipartisan and sitting on the fense is not making the BB happy it seems.
    You just have to jump into the 1Bugis pirate ship.
    Sad to see a journo of your stature having to do this.

  10. Cut the hair din, you look stupid8:57 pm

    Instead of KISS. I think you should just stop being stupid. Trying to give the Faq some legs eh? Did you even read the stupid thing. It doesnt address anything. Come on i know we all need to make a living but stooping so low as to make yourself look super stupid is ridiculous. Is it worth it? I guess bid high enough, someone is always willing to take one in the ass

  11. Bongekman10:31 pm


    I am your fan and I have posted several comments in your earlier postings but I stopped for a while since the "tirades", I know you are a free man and you may write as you wish in this free world. I am totally in agreement with you that we need to consider formalizing The Ultimate Stochastic Bullshit Indicator TUSBI.

    TUSBI 1, the FAQ is not written by PM ( the Q&A in Parliment is also not prepared by him) and FAQ revealed more lies. He quoted 2014 assets vs 2013 liabilities.

    TUSBI 2, the original question was, what happen to all the borrowed money when the assets purchased well below the total loans made. I suggest you take your smartphone and use the calculator for quick result. If you could tally the loans and the assets (by the way inflated by several fair valuation exercise for the land), then theTUSBI is for the old man himself.

    TUSBI 3, the whole nation is in divides due to 1MDB and this has been for e very long time but two senior employees do not consider as urgent and important to take the opportunity to clear the air before PAC. Citing delay in receiving notice from MOF and travel commitment is total bullshit. To assumed that the duo made the decision without the approval of PM is also total bullshit.

    TUSBI 4, recent admission by PM that 1MDB is having small problem and "pelan menyelamat " is underway is also bullshit, this is after months of denials and blaming the detractors of being politically biased. The right order is TH bought the TRX land at cheap price (land is being earmarked for bumiputra real estate ownership) and sell to 1MDB for higher price. Not the other way around. Blaming detractors now that TRX land will fall to the hands of non bumiputra is totally bullshit.

    TUSBI 5, labeling news portals as spreading bullshit after creating bullshit ourself is the ultimate bullshit. Granted, news portals have a different agendas themselves and they are very consistent with their slanted views. The result of GE 13 is the manifestation of hates being spread consistently.

    My suggestion is, instead of blaming the news portals for all the misery, we must stop our own bullshits. We are insulting our own fan base with all the bullshits. Tell the truths, we may forgive you.

  12. Anonymous10:40 pm

    Ask Jibby to tell us where the 27 billion is?? No need for all the wayang kulit and tai Chi. Just show us the money and not units of kangkung. Is that so difficult.
    Show the NATION where the money is and that will put a stop to MM's tirade.
    But Jibby can't can he. Cos' he knows its gone into the Twilight Zone.
    He ask us to support him but how can one support a crook, a liar, a charlatan and a down right spineless leader ,apart from guys like you and your ilk.
    Well, when he leaves the earth he will, like us all ,leave with empty hands. No chummy judges, no pliant AG, no kowtowing cops, no nothing. Remember , if you support a crook you too will be judged as one.
    So practice sleeping with AC off to prepare yourself for the HOT reception you will later receive.

  13. Rahman7:54 am

    I have no problem with Najib reply in FAQ,but let the reply be specific and precise.
    Last reply is no so convincing.
    Tun M not only talk about the ring but also the apartment in Ney York bought by Najib step son.?why no reply from Najib.

    Tun M talk not onkt the debt and liability og 1MDB,but why Najib not giving detail of assets of 1MDB.
    We knew 1MDB bought the IPP and the land.The cost only $14 billion.
    What happen to another $27 billions.what asset did it specific.

    Najib reply is not so convincing.

  14. charleskiwi8:03 am

    It is now suggested that Najib is to take six steps to get rid of the repugnant and avaricious half breed Mahathir.
    Why all the troubles just to get rid of this half breed, all Najib has to do is to have this 'chach chong' indicted for all the countless abuses of power and the numerous atrocities he committed during the 22 year of his rule as PM. That would be easy as drinking a cup of water.
    This half breed had committed so many abuses and atrocities that the charges would keep him busy, very busy, just to come up with the defense. The 'chap chong' would have time to do the things he is doing right now. By suggesting this I am not telling the world that Najib should be spared. He too has done too much harm to the Malaysians and should also be sent to the gallows.
    One of the six things suggested that I am in agreement with is to sack the 'Muj' yesterday and not right away. He is a total failure with whatever he is entrusted, look at the shambles of the education system that is right now in the country. This 'cow' has yet to prove how successful he is with anything he is entrusted to. Another thing to look at he also the choice of the half bred who has a proven track records of wrong choices. No doubt in due time the 'cow' will prove the half breed's choice is a big mistake if the 'cow' is to become the PM.
    This 'cow' hasn't got the making of a PM to begin with, and that is why he is the choice of the half breed. What a dilemma it is for Najib but whatever his dilemma is the voters has only to put up with his predicament for the next few moths or until the next GE when he, together with the rest of the Umno schmucks, will surely be kicked out of Putrajaya and seize back the private jet he now has !

    1. Anonymous6:42 pm

      As usual, the repugnant and avaricious illegitimate mixed-breed charleskiwi is ranting and throwing a tirade. Most probably he is drunk or is high on substance abuse while writing his comments.