Sunday, May 17, 2015

Najib Razak tells foes ("them who might have hidden agendas") to not undermine AG and PAC

Updated: Dr M unmoved by Najib's FAQs, says they do little to erase his doubts about the PM's leadership. "I was the first Umno president to be elected under a new party Constituion in an open and democratic manner".
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Monday, 18/5: The thing is, his detractors are well aware of the fact that the AG has been investigating the 1MDB and that the NurJazlan-led PAC, which includes YB Tony Pua as a member, is starting its own probe soon. It's as if they don't want the Accountant General's office or the PAC to find out the truth. It's as if they want to stick to the perception ...

Expect the PM to use his blog more to speak out against those he said "might have hidden agendas".

It is unfair for certain politicians to convict the government in the court of public opinion way before the actual facts are laid down by lawful authorities, namely the Auditor-General and the bi-partisan Public Accounts Committee (PAC). 
When concerns began to be raised, I wanted a detailed explanation, so I ordered the Auditor General and PAC to investigate 1MDB’s books. Anyone found guilty of embezzlement or misappropriation will be brought to justice. 
We are expecting the release of the preliminary report by Auditor General very soon. In the mean time, please do not speculate and form conclusions without the information that will be laid out by the Auditor General, who will provide a detailed report into 1MDB’s finances. 
We all want detailed answers but it is only proper to let the auditors do their job and tell us clearly what the situation really is. If we pre-empt it, we would be undermining them, as many others have done. This is not the proper procedure. If we are sincere in finding out the truth behind those allegations, we need to get the information from legitimate sources (like the Auditor General) and not third-party news portals or online blogs that might have hidden agendas.

Check out Najib's defence against 13 issues that have been raised in recent days H E R E 


  1. Anonymous11:50 pm

    Mahathir ,the simplific typical layman perspective:

    Mahathir post PM - Not sure really like this guy who boldly critised Tunku.

    Mahathir as PM - Wow, what a guy, brave to bring change and do things other leaders dream about doing.

    Mahathir 1997 - Whaaa? how could you fire Anwar?? He's such a great guy. Kesian dia. He's a sodomiser?? What? I hate you Mahathir! Reformasi!

    Mahathir post firing Anwar - I still hate Mahathir!

    Mahathir post firing Anwar, Much much later - Hmmm, maybe there is some truth.

    Mahathir post PM - Yeah, Badawi will do better job uniting the rakyat and strenghten UMNO and... he's Mr Clean.

    Mahathir post PM - Yup, Badawi'a loser. But Najib? yeah you got a winner here.

    Mahathir post PM - Thanks for the endorsement and thumbs up to Najib.

    Mahathir post PM - Whaaa?? Najib is killer, super corrupted and running this country to the ground?? Is this right Mahathir?
    No wayyy! I hate you all over again Mahathir!

    Layman now - Hmm, maybe Anwar was framed by Megalomaniac Mahathir. Look what he did to Tunku, Musa Hitam, Ku Li, Anwar... now Najib..

    Hate you Mahathir hope you @#! soon. Always creating divisions in Party and Malays. GAHHHH!

    1. Anonymous8:44 pm

      Musa hitam is,an ass back then n now. Still is.
      Ku li? Pegi la betulkan negeri kau tuh dulu. Air d negeri sendiri pon berkarat sebok dgn karat org.
      Anwar another shit-hole. Najib actually is the opposition in umno. Api dlm sekam dah nak kena terkam dgn rakyat yg benci kpd munafiqun.

  2. Anonymous12:37 am

    Wow, you are the first blogger to highlight Najib's pathetic answers. Obviously you were paid to do so. Shame on you!!!

  3. Anonymous1:24 am

    Bro...macam tu punya jawapan baik tak payah!

    Soalan: Kenapa 1MDB beli IPP yang hampir tamat lesen pada harga yang melebihi pasaran?
    Jawaban Ah Jib Gor: Kita Tunggu Audit Negara dengan PAC

    Soalan: Adakah baki 1 billion telah dibawa balik dan disimpan di BSI SIngapore?
    Jawaban Ah Jib Gor: Kita Tunggu Audit Negara dengan PAC

    Soalan: Kenapa jual tanah dengan harga yang amat murah pada 1MDB?
    Jawaban Ah Jib Gor: Kita Tunggu Audit Negara dengan PAC

  4. Anonymous5:06 am

    rock read this

  5. Anonymous6:44 am

    Sorry, not convincing at all, just another rhetorics. He is not feeling what the people on the ground feels. Najib is doomed.

  6. Anonymous9:33 am

    What happened to

  7. Anonymous10:31 am


    Can you wipe that brown stuff off your nose and explain the SIX lies that were told regarding the 2 bil repayment, including 2 in Parliament?

    Ohhhh, look at you.

    Banking in your brown-smeared cheque (wash your nose, bro!) and pretending you can't hear.

    Journalistic integrity?

    HA HA!

  8. Accept Tun M challenge to a debate (if he is a men enough)

    1. Anonymous8:48 pm

      Saya,sokong dgn pertanyaan dari tun m sbb saya sendiri pon tertanya2 . Tetapi debating tidak bagus sbb people will forever deny.
      Jawab jer l soalan2 yg d tanya. Jawab la jika d pihak yg benar . Kena la buang sikap ego yg tidak bw kemana pon.

  9. Come on PM, show us your mettle! Fight as if your life depends on it. So far you've shown to be weak. Prove to the rakyat you're a PM we can rally behind.

  10. Anonymous2:33 pm

    I lost respect for you when you became a Najib prepaid blogger. What a shame...

  11. Anonymous8:01 pm

    Come on rocky, funny and inappropriate things happened right under his is plain to see, you will see inlogical things will be explained through inlogically manner. Birds with the same feather flock together. Good luck Msia and of course to you too.

  12. Anonymous12:51 pm

    Looks like this repugnant and avaricious half breed Mahathir still thinks he is not only the PM of Malaysia but also the one who dictates who should be the PM of Malaysia.
    Just look at his records, he fired all his deputies during his tenure as PM of Malaysia. Also after his 'retirement' he thought he was still running the country behind the scene. He initiated the early exit of AB and now he is trying to do the same to Najib. Both of them are his personal choices before now, in fact it was Najib who kept him on as President of Umno Baru and thus as PM.
    Without Najib where do you think he would have been ? This time round Najib is turning out to be a 'hard nut' for him to crack. Now for the first time he is roping in his wife to help him fight his battle and in the holy place.
    I am not suggesting that the turncoat is performing his job well and should not be kicked out as the PM. Just remember that both of them , the half breed and Najib are from Umno. As such this shamble that is going on right now between the two of them is only a reflection of what Umno is. More importantly the half breed is creating all the scandals is just a reflection of his real intention behind. He simply is trying to show to the world what Malaysia is without him.
    He forgot no one is indispensable not to mention his one foot is already in the coffin.
    Going to do the Haj now, is in a way trying to repent for all the sins he committed but in the case of this half breed no matter how many Hajs he goes to will never be enough.
    To sum up it took him a long time to say what he said of Najib or it must be because Najib never builds the crooked bridge that he tried to build when he was the PM ?
    What ever the problems are just remember they are both from Umno and all the problems the country is encountering now are the results of having Umno in Putrajaya for too long !charleskiwi

  13. Anonymous7:12 pm

    Ini blogger prepaid doing his job. So get off his back lah people. The man just doibg what he get paid for. It is entertaining.

  14. Anonymous9:29 am

    There's one major flaw in the PM's explanation and it has put him in this conundrum he is in. Najib is the Chairman of the Board of Advisors of 1MDB. He is also the Minister of Finance, the one in charge of 1MDB. To top it all off, he is (in case no one realise this) the Prime Minister, the one who calls the shots, the one who gets to see everything even if it has Extreme Top Secret stamped on every page. If he is saying he has to wait for a report from AG and PAC to answer all the questions raised, all I can say is we (the nation) is in deep shit.

  15. Anonymous11:46 am

    Anon 1:24 pagi, "Kenapa beli IPP dengan harga tinggi sedangkan lesen dah nak tamat."; Lu ingat tuan punya lesen bodoh ke tak negotiate untuk renew lesen tersebut. Harga tinggi dah di asaskan dengan harga NPV dan Business P&L future value base on perpetual license. Jadi IMDB is taking calculated risk by paying premium price for the IMDB to undermine the current owner in view that the license shall be renewed. And within the IPP market industry club everybody knows that IPPs in Malaysia is a gold mine as they do not have to spend more capex to build new IPP. The same goes in the near future is that there shall be shortage of power to the extend Malaysia have to buy from neighboring countries. That's why Malaysia will soon need to resort to Nuclear Power in the future to redress fossil fuel volatile cost. So this is about positioning of Corporate Assets.

  16. Anonymous3:12 pm

    Jibby is a LIAR......first he says the cash was transferred from Cayman Island to Singapore. Now he says there was actually no cash but assets. WTF...soon he will say there was no assets but just tin MILO kosong..
    Come on there is a limit to supporting a LIAR...or is there none??

  17. Anonymous6:21 pm

    It seems that ajib failed to answer simple questions like itu 20billion ++ cicir mana. So Rocky, if you really want to help him, try and anwer for him la. If you can't than you should stand with the rest of tbe marhaen and ask ajib to answer. Spin2, tawaf2 pun pening la Rocky. You tak boring ke defending the indefensible? 20 billion tu banyak tau...

  18. Anonymous10:24 pm

    Anon 1.24 pagi,u think the owners club of IPP is somekind of loosers bisnesman like u ke,mesti la renegotiate,most of them are very wealthy billionaire with connection here and there..some said they are mahadeys cronies..dont know true or not..but things started to get ugly when 1mdb won a tender to build an ipp with capacity 5000 bla3,or 5 million ? Dont know la,not an energy expert..a tender which also been bid buy ehem3..but lost to 1mdb

  19. Anonymous9:59 pm

    Too late Mr.Thieve and please stop merepek. With PAC and Arul Kanda playing Nasi Kandar delay games with the rakyat, we all can expect what the outcome of the report will be. Better enjoy eating Nasi Kandar before the prices goes up again to repay the debt of 1MDB while those benefited from 1MDB missing funds will continue to have lavish party. Btw, no need to assume the position of Bomoh Kelapa by talking about Tun's motives. Until now, still cannot answer where the money is (although we all already know where la) and worst still had lied in Parliament and even produced false bank statements.