Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Malaysia and Rohingyas: Using our vast experience to help the refugees

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Updated Fri 22/5Damned if you do, damned if you don't: The Malaysia Dilemma by Anak Si Hamid

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Wed, 20/5/15: I read Helen Ang's Najib gomen caves in to pressure, about PM Najib Razak's "lack of gumption" to stand by his own Administratiion's decision not to allow the Rohingya Muslims to land on our shores. But if this is a "weakness" on the part of the Prime Minister, it is one that we should welcome with open arms. 
Please let the Rohingyas in. Lead this regional effort to save these Boat People.
Bernama's full story H E R E

Msia, Indonesia couldn't wait any loner, says Anifah 
I never had doubts whatsoever that Anifah Aman, our Foreign Minister, would do the right thing, ie find a temporary solution quickly to resolve the life-and-death crisis facing the 7,000 Rohingya refugees out there in the sea. I am very proud of him. 
As veteran journalist Nuraina Samad wrote on her Facebook yesterday, there is no country more experienced than Malaysia in this region when it comes to helping refugees like the Rohingyas are concerned. For decades we were giving the Vietnamese Buddhists and Christians refuge in Pulau Bidong and in Sabah/Sarawak while the international community decided who they wanted to take in. Today, most of these "Boat People" are doing very, very well in the US, Australia, Europe and else where, thanks to us. [Read Nuraina's entry H E R E.
Myanmar is a disgrace. Anyone disagrees?

As the Chair of Asean, Najib must send the message to Myanmar to be civilised, get Thailand and the other member countries to help Malaysia and Indonesia in dealing with the issue, and start making those calls to world leaders. 
The international community will take its time to deal with this matter. Why? It concerns not just Muslims but poor Muslims and there is no oil at stake so this will be very low in terms of priority for most of them. Our esteemed critics should be gunning their razor sharp words at the internaitonal community and their hipocrisy instead of attacking our own ...
p.s. I sure hope the Lim Guan Eng is still with the Federal Government on this.


  1. Can see clearly now11:57 pm

    I m very proud to be a Malaysian. Just wondering how Singaporean feel about refugees

  2. Anonymous12:01 pm

    I think Kak Helen should be put on a boat and exported back to Tongsan (if one strong enough can be found to accommodate her fast-growing bulk.)

    Then she'll know how it feels.

    "What kind of people are they?", as she's fond of whining, drenched in her own hypocrisy.

    Lu sindili what kine of peeper, Ms Cinapiggie? Ask yourself, maaa.

    Celminkan dili sindili dulu, worrr...

  3. charleskiwi1:11 pm

    Malaysia has been trying to have more muslims accepted into the country. In fact this is indeed an excellent chance to have these refugees or shall I say most of them are muslims.
    How appropriate a chance for Malaysia to increase the muslim population of this country with the influx of these refugees accepted and at the same time to show to the world how humanitarian a country Malaysia is.
    But please remember Malaysia is almost having the same problem themselves but in a much much bigger scale. millions (and still counting) skillful and professional Malaysians too migrated to other countries for being marginalised. Not much different from Myanmar and Malaysia should really be glad that they are now able to have the immigrated replaced by these muslim refugees. I might even add at this rate it wouldn't be long before Malaysia would have a country with almost every one as muslims.
    The repugnant and avaricious half breed Mahathir must be pleased with what is going on. He doesn't has to import muslims to boost the muslim population they are given to Malaysia on a silver platter. Three cheers and many thanks to whoever is making this possible.

    1. Anonymous11:57 pm

      Kiwi boy,
      What a load of bullshit!!!
      Millions of Malaysians migrated???
      What are you smoking, boy? Care to share with the rest of us?

  4. Anonymous2:18 pm

    Save malaysian first, 1mdb bayar hutang dulu dah!

  5. booyah7:47 pm

    temporary protection? 1 year only ? hahahahahahah. joke of the year.yg sekarang dah berdekad pun masih dekat sini beranak pinak mcm tikus