Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Rais to Dr M: "Cukuplah ..."

Updated: But Siti Nurhaliza, the super-pop singer, pledges support for "lonely" Dr M


The people who want Tun Dr M and Najib Razak to continue to be at loggerheads are not many but they are heard. Those want to see Statesman and Prime Minister make peace not war are many but they are less noisy, which is a normal trait of the majority, anyway. And in a democracy, the majority always prevail. Or so is the norm.

One of these voices belongs to Rais Yatim, a proven-beyond-doubt Mahahtir loyalist who's asked the Tun to stop it already ...

Quickly translated without the help of Google:
"I have given my view - the verbal assault by Tun M against PM DS Najib ought to stop right here. Both have black spots that tarred their administration and service records. And both have their good deeds and brilliance. To expose each other's shit at this point will not benefit country and people. Stop right there. Give Najib and Muhyiddin the room to manouvre according to the dictates of their era. Every shortflall, we shall overcome. Come the 14th GE, they will be judged by their work and service."

Like I said, there are many who want Tun to stop doing a Pak Lah on Najib. Rais Yatim's Facebook entry on the matter, however, is most important. Perhaps also in a personal way. Not too long ago, when he was the Cabinet minister in charge of MCMC, the clueless (at the time it was) regulator of bloggers like me, Abang Rais and I quite suddenly turned against each other. Things were getting ugly. 

One day, after one of our bloggers-meet-Mahathir sessions, the good doctor held me back so that he could advise me that the "perang" between Rais and myself should stop there. "You've said your piece, so move on."

Someitmes, I think, Dr Mahathir should try out some of the cure he'd been prescribing others and I say that with the greatest regards for the man.


  1. Anonymous11:28 pm

    It's not about Mahathir. It's about the country.
    Comparing Tun with Najib or asking both to make peace does not address the problem.

  2. Datuk,

    The good doctor didn't say "Move on". He said "Tone down".

    As soon as we exited through the door, Iturned and asked you "Datuk, What does he mean when he said 'Tone down'?"

    "Stop it!".

    "I see......". I was awed!

    So we did stop. We obeyed the Old Man's diplomatic 'advice'.

    However, Tan Sri Rais never called us for tea, so that we can tell Tun Dr. Mahathir about the invitation and he could 'food taste' the serving before us.

  3. Anonymous12:02 am

    Tun just wants answers to the questions that is bugging him, that is just that.

  4. Anonymous12:11 am

    GERAKAN ETD Najib.aka Najib is not Irreplaceable.
    Sudah sampai masa untuk teruskan GETDN.(gerakan estimated time of Departure Najib).
    Cukup lah dengan lakonan lakonan pelakon pelakon tambahan.
    Mesti daftar NGO.
    Semua mesti ikut undang undang.
    Pemimpin dan pelapis ramai.
    Blogger pun ramai.
    Syarat Aliff BA TA.
    TDM- You ar not alone.
    arjuna waspada
    changkat lobak.

  5. Anonymous12:55 am

    Between you and rice, it was personal.

    Ah Jib Gor's problem is a far more serious one affecting people and country NOW and BERTERUSAN into FUTURE.

    Get it?

  6. Anonymous1:31 am

    Bro Rocky ,

    Since Tun M had pulled you up previously , why not this time , you drop by at his house and just say the same to him .
    Ayahanda Tun is a very angry man this time but seems to have soft spot on you .
    It worth a try . Sending politician to ayahanda Tun M is like pouring oil on fire .


  7. Anonymous7:32 am

    Najib should gi ASAP. Hope Tun continue to speak out for betterment of Malaysia.

    Dr Muzi

  8. Pak Uda7:47 am

    There is a cancerous growth in UMNO.
    That is why DR MAHATHIR is doing his best to overcome the problem....... For the sake of healthy Malaysia.
    We should appreciate the hard work of this doctor for a long term benefit of all Malaysians.
    Peace MALAYSIA..

  9. Anonymous8:07 am

    DR is just asking questions that till now 'President' unable to provide when he is behind 1MDB all along. He knows something and he knows it. To strip asset and liquidate to pay debt or to restructure just like MAS measn something is not right and that the FACTS. TAKE PROACTIVE ACTION not PERCEPTION of such I LOVE YOU OR PM OR NAJIB kind of USA President! DO THE JOB RIGHT and no one will question you. Look ROCKY the MIDDLE GROUND malaysia is very crucial and IMPORTANT who will decide WHO RULE MALAYSIA at GE 14 and BRIM will not make it as PAS said DIA BAGI KITA AMBIL BILA UNDI PANGKA APA? YOU KNOW IT MR BRU. I am one of the MIDDLE GROUND and from the internets there are many RELIABLE source for US to JUDGE. WE know which story is reliable and which is not. We know about OMEGA and all other stuff including apple polish and so on. We are now in INFORMATION era and news at the finger tip. If Najib can satisfy KL Pem uda UMNO in a closs door session than why cant the OLD MAN DR M??????????????

  10. Anonymous8:11 am

    How you compare your little housewife tiff between rais with mahathir crusade to purge umno of hopeless leaders. He is on a crusade you think he is going to stop?. It wi go on till next election or till he drop dead. Good luck umno. If he doesn't win, umno will have a dent in their vote come next election. Pakatan needs to drop taliban pas to ensure next election win.

  11. Anonymous8:24 am

    Why support Najib who is under fat mama's thumb.

    The ones losing out will be the RAKYAT including you rocky.

    RM 45 billion is not peanuts - it is worth pursuing. Najib must be his own man not stand behind fat mama giler glamer

  12. charleskiwi8:34 am

    Sure there are so many who want the quarrel to cease immediately because these are the people who are mindful that more skeletons will be revealed in the process. Worst of all their 'secrets' will also be revealed and so will be many others.
    The interesting thing that comes out of this entire fiasco, to date, is the repugnant half breed is now expressing his fear that Malaysia is going to turn out to be a police state as a consequent. But isn't Malaysia, starting from his tenure as PM, has already turned into a police state ? Isn't putting hundreds of lawyers behind bars without trial, an action of a police state ? Marginalization of non Malays, who are Malaysian born and breed, is surely an act of of a police state. The above examples are only some of the actions of a police state. I can go on with hundred of such actions by the half breed but at this stage it will be a waste of time.
    This half breed is now harvesting the fruits of all the policies he implemented over the tenure of his rule as PM. But one for sure is the position of MB of Kedah is surely in the balance, in fact the survival of Umno Baru is in the balance. In spite of this why is half breed still hanging onto as a founding member ? Why didn't he leave the party, like he did during the time of AB, and return after the 'fight' is over ? Or is it because he might not be around to do so ? In the circumstances he might loose the right to be buried in the mausoleum with the other PMs ?
    Finally he must realise he is only getting the support from his cronies because of their knowledges of their own involvement in the many transactions that took place during his time. Rather as their supporters ! The above incidents are what one would call a retribution for the actions he took or the policies he implemented during his tenure. From dust thou come to dust thou shall return !

    1. Anonymous8:13 pm

      Pure breeds always comes with lots and lots of genetic defects charleskiwi. I wouldn't be gloating nor rejoicing to kingdom come if I were you. Especially if you are a "purebreed".

    2. Anonymous12:56 am

      Hello 8.34 Mat Salleh wannabe.
      Are you smoking something or is ketum your favourite herbal drink?

  13. Anonymous9:22 am

    Rais Yatim's comment on the current situtaion is an uncritical do-gooder thingy which doesn't address the pertinent issues in this impasse between Dr. M and Najib. With the plethora of hard facts swimming around in social media at this point in time, Rais Yatim sounds like a blur sophomore giving his two sen worth on black hole physics.

  14. Rais Yatim.
    "Come the 14th GE, they will be judged by their work and service."

    But by then, BN had already lost. You mean, let the Rakyat choose who should be government?

    You agree Dato Rocky?
    That the status-quo remain until GE14.

  15. berasiam10:04 am

    Yang buat kesimpulan sendiri bahawa majoriti senyap mahukan begitu begini tanpa asas adalah pihak yang cuba menipu diri sendiri.

  16. You seem to be missing the point. There is a difference between knowing where monies went and not knowing where it went. While millions wee lost during Dr Mahathir's time, it was not for his own personal benefit but for the public project. The divide between public purse and private one has never been purer than when under Dr Mahathir and surpasses even Lee Kuan Yew's who paid himself for good statesmanship and forgone private sector earnings.

    Consistently, the leaders after Dr Mahathir have failed Dr Mahathir's standards of division between public and private and consequently weakened the Malay state and project.

  17. Mazlan10:21 am

    Once Tun has his teeth into something he won't stop until he wins. That is the measure of the man.
    Clearly Najib - and more likely the people around Najib have pissed Tun off by their actions - and once that has happened there is no way Tun will stop.
    One of Tun's key advantages is that he has always had a god understanding of what the common man and woman are feeling - and his views are a reflection of that.
    The man is always 2 steps ahead of anyone else.

  18. Anonymous11:01 am

    Habis tu, biarkan saja kehilangan duit berbilion bilion itu tanpa diketahui di mana kah perginya?

    Mungkin perbalahan sebelumnya tidak melibatkan wang yang banyak. Bolehlah 'forgive and forget'!

    Percayalah kalau 1MBD tidak ditangani dengan baik, akan banyak lagi ' kehilangan ' yang akan berlaku. Bila ada pihak berkeras untuk mendapatkan jawapannya, 'berdamailah '.

    Itu sebab zaman selepas TDM tidak ada apa apa pencapaian yang dapat dibanggakan. Balik balik membanggakan perkara perkara yang telah dilakukan pada zaman TDM.

    Saya sebagai rakyat biasa merayu Najib, BERUNDUR lah kalau sayangkan agama, babgsa dan negara. Insaflah anda tidak cukup kemampuan untuk membawa Malaysia ke arah yang lebih cemerlang!

  19. It is not for Tun M to understand but more of people like this blogger and Rais Yatim them self tha need to open the eyes wider and see how much damaged Najib has done and continue to do to the country.

  20. Anonymous1:07 pm

    Cukuplah Rocky.

    Your apple polishing for Jibby is as rotten as your opinion.

  21. Anonymous2:00 pm

    kepada Rais Yatim, Shut up!!!

  22. Anonymous2:28 pm

    Mamak dah naik tonchang apabila dipanggil Melayu. Selepas 22 tahun mengaut kuasa, jawatan dan harta, makin susah dinasti Mamak nak dihapuskan.

    Ketuanan Melayu dah jadi Ketuanan Mamak.

    Tinggal bangsawan Melayu jer yang boleh selamatkan Melayu ori. apa nak buat?

    Yang ori Melayu lain dah semakin bodoh dan lesu.

  23. Mana boleh "cukuplah"...segala salah laku mesti ditegur...kalau tidak makin berleluasa...negara boleh hancur...fikirlah sikit rais ooii...

  24. ...burung terbang di pipiskan lada...

    Bila burung sudah di tangkap, baru lah masak lomak cili api !

    Betul bro ?

  25. Anonymous4:17 pm

    Mat pantun DOK DIAM2 BOLEH DAK?

  26. Anonymous4:25 pm

    Mmmmmmmmm, may be a change of regime soon, how is Locky Blu gonna make money now?

    Lu soolah lelong your integrity years ago, so what you got left?

    Sell the ponytail as a mop?

  27. Anonymous5:32 pm

    Too many of the Middle Ground comments do not support "Cukuplah".
    The Silent Majority is sounding more like Najib "Boleh Belah".

  28. Eh Bru, bila masa Rais Yatim "a proven-beyond-doubt Mahahtir loyalist" eh? Bukan ke dia dulu yang dah bakar jambatan lepas tu sambung balik sendiri.

    Wake-up lah Bru. Sudah-sudahlah spin. This is not about Tun Dr M and Mohd Najib personally like you and Rais Yatim. This is about the rakyat and the country at stake.

  29. Anonymous8:11 pm

    When Rais Yatim was a minister, he was only goos enuff to be a minister for his clan minangkabau and his beloved wife. Everything was evolved around these two things and he was not good enuff fo pr others.?

    So why do we need to listen anymore to this patroniszing minang? Go,and say that to your beloved wife lah eh...

  30. Untuk RAIS tolong tutup mulut....kalu sudah kenyang makan dedak ahjib....rakyat yg kat kampong pun tahu apa itu 1MDB...dan tahu penyangak2 didalamnya....biar TUN BONGKAR. Hidup TUN.

  31. AppleSucks1:05 am

    I can forgive brainless paid bloggers. But you and your apple polishing write-up are just stinking vomit.
    Yes we do want to know why 1MDB is loaded with RM42bil debt, and we also want to know how the accounting trickery inflated their asset value to RM51 bil. These balance sheet figures are as stinking as your writeup.

  32. Anonymous BigDogDotCom said...

    The good doctor didn't say "Move on". He said "Tone down".

    As soon as we exited through the door, Iturned and asked you "Datuk, What does he mean when he said 'Tone down'?"

    "Stop it!".

    "I see......". I was awed!

    So we did stop. We obeyed the Old Man's diplomatic 'advice'.

    However, Tan Sri Rais never called us for tea, so that we can tell Tun Dr. Mahathir about the invitation and he could 'food taste' the serving before us.

    11:44 pm Delete


    Thank you Big Dog,
    Yes, how could I get that wrong. The Tun, indeed, told us to "tone down lah". And did we tone it down!
    One thing was clear to me that day: Dr M valued Rais Yatim as a friend and a comrade. As a Minang, Rais is cultured and loyal. And the pantuns!

    One thing is clear to me now: We need more voices like Rais at this time of personal conflict involving the Tun and Najib.

  33. Anon 8.11am says Pakatan needs to drop Taliban PAS to exploit the Umno crisis and win next election?

    There is no Pakatan without PAS lah bro.

    ANd there is no PAS without Taliban.

    That's why I say we need BN to continue to rule for the sake of our children. Because you guys are worse than hopeless.


  34. Anonymous8:14 am

    UMNO are also going taliban way, they voted yes for hudud in kelantan. Why would you want to vote taliban umno?

  35. Anonymous said...
    UMNO are also going taliban way, they voted yes for hudud in kelantan. Why would you want to vote taliban umno?

    8:14 am Delete

    Dear Anon,
    That's not Umno bro, that's Umno Kelantan. They have forgotten how it was to lead a state, having lost to PAS in Kelantan for over 3 decades, so that's why they simply follow.

    Please forgive them.

  36. Anonymous10:15 am

    Latuk Locky:

    Lu ada baca semua olang punya komen tak ? Lebih dari 3/4 sokong Tun Mahathir. Lu cepat cepat cari Plan B lah, bila boss engkau kena pecat, you mau pegi mana ?


  37. Anonymous10:29 am

    This is not about Tun and Najib. This is about the common Rakyat and the Najib administration. You rocky bru don't get it, Tun is just a spoke person for the Rakyat. Tun has ears on the ground, not like Najib. He understand the Rakyat so much better than Najib, so he know what he is talking about. Najib on the other hand, is, for the lack of a better word, CLUELESS.

  38. Anonymous4:24 pm

    This fellow is so "clan"ist" that every building built during his tenure as MB N.S, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Minister for Culture,Arts & Heritage,Minister for Information,Communication & Culture all are with horn.Dont trust people that burnt the bridge and then quietly swam back.Its all about own benefit and interest for backing up Ah GIbgor.
    During his long service in the goverment nothing much have been done for the benefit of the rakyat in his constituency.

  39. Anonymous5:29 pm

    1b ke,41b ke,singgit ke,tunggu la audit negara dan PAC buat keje..byk yg lebey sudu dari kuah ni.

  40. Anonymous6:28 pm

    Judging from the comments here, there is a great deal of anger by the rakyat against the current leadership,for simple explanations like 'Where is 1MDB's money?'. the Finance Minister can answer that without an audit process, surely!

    This is made worse by immature comments by the PM Dept spin head Puad to ask Dr M to prove wrongdoing. Good heavens..it is for the PM to prove everything's OK in the first place. Jeez..call yourself the spin head?


  41. Anonymous6:32 pm

    you forgot to translate the pantun/peribahasa.

    "chicken fight with pestle. In the end, chicken's hunger satiated."