Thursday, March 05, 2015

Graft probe into Felda hotel deal

Updated 10 March:
Ah, the MACC has confirmed my March 5 posting on the detention of top execs at a Felda subsidiary in relations to kickbacks from the purchase of a multi-million pound hotel in London. Well done, MACC! Someone said on Facebook when I broke the story that, "This is bad", but I said "It's also good" because we need to know that our anti-graft men and women are going after the crooks and the corrupt, wherever they are. Felda, for one, is very dear to the heart of PM Najib Razak.

The Bernama story via The Mole
Read also Malay Mail's Felda hotshots probed over London hotel deal  (March 6), FMT'MACC zooms in on more Felda investment top guns (March 6), and TMI-Malaysiakini's Isa's son quizzed on London luxury hotel buy (March 7):-

MACC confirms detaining CEO of Felda subsidiary

Monday, March 9, 2015
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This property in London's Bayswater is one of a few Felda had bought last year. 
PUTRAJAYA -- March 9, 2015: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has confirmed detaining the chief executive officer of a Felda subsidiary on March 1. -- March 9, 2015: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has confirmed detaining the chief executive officer of a Felda subsidiary on March 1.

In a statement released today, MACC director of special operations Datuk Bahri Mohamad Zin said the executive's remand would end tomorrow.

The commission also detained a businessman on February 26 whose first remand which ended on March 5 was extended for four days before he was released last Saturday.

The men aged 44 were detained to assist in investigations as they were suspected of having misappropriated the subsidiary's funds relating to the purchase of a hotel in Port Dickson.

Bahri said statements had been taken from 23 individuals so far to assist in the investigation which is ongoing. -- Bernama

My March 5 Posting:
TWO senior executives of Felda have been detained to help with investigation into alleged kickbacks involving the purchase of a multi-million pound boutique hotel in London by the federal land development authority. According to sources, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission may haul up several more in connection to the probe, believed over the purchase by Felda Investment Corporation of this hotel:

For context, read Felda Investment buys London hotel for RM330 million (The Star, Dec 2014)


  1. Anonymous11:21 am

    Isa Samad and Emir Mavani must resign. Cuai!!!!!!!!

  2. Haiz,satu demi satu... Semua da xtau halal haram

  3. Anonymous11:42 am

    MACC, don't just focus on Felda. How about Tabung Haji? Ismee & friends are happily cashing in million kickback from property deals in Malaysia, London, Australia and Saudi Arabia. And don't forget to REVISIT Deputy CFO Haji Axx Axxxx, owner of so many luxury cars, swiss watches, high-end properties, and surrounded by cheap whores. With his current peanut salary, how can he afford buying those assets?

    1. I suggest T.Haji to increase bonus upto 15%, more people will invest in TH & more oversea asset can be purchased. Every body make money and laughing to the bank.... case closed.

  4. charleskiwi12:48 pm

    When is this nonsense going to end ? Without fail almost daily scandals after scandals are being revealed. Especially inevitably they involved schmucks from the ruling party Umno ?
    The only way these nonsenses will cease is to have them, namely all the Umno schmucks are being kicked out of Putrajaya. What are the Malaysians waiting for ? Enough is enough !

    1. Anonymous9:19 pm

      kick them out and pkr will do worse. why do you think pkr wants putrajaya much? to do justice? my foot. its all about $$$.

  5. Anonymous1:27 pm

    good action by MACC

  6. Anonymous11:56 am

    rock, thanks for highlighting this. i nearly puked my nasi lemak.

    apa nak jadi negara kita ni.

    but, is this also some kind strategy to divert attention from that mother of all mother of issues blighting malaysia today.

    yeah, i cannot even look forward to lunch now.

  7. Anonymous2:55 pm

    yeah! MAC please investigate EPF and KWAP also.
    they also using the same mechanism to siphon rakyat money.

  8. Anonymous3:47 pm

    No wonder why all GLCs (Felda, KWAP, EPF, Tabung Haji) have been so aggressive in buying properties overseas over the past 3 years. Some lucky pirates were offered kickback.

  9. Anonymous4:18 pm

    Bloody shit nincompoops! We makan kangkung you feast on asparagus lah?

  10. Anonymous4:20 pm

    Hahaha....another sandiwara to divert our attention. In Bolehland, we have crimes but no criminals. Don't believe ?

  11. Anonymous7:14 pm

    Flying unicorns will make their appearance first, before anything changes in this rotten Regime. The rot is right from the top and i mean the TOP.
    We the ordinary Rakyat have to scrimp and save while these corrupt whores deplete the nation's coffers.
    On Muslims are they??? Could have fooled me !!

  12. Anonymous7:23 pm

    Just wayang kulit to divert attention from 1MDB's shit. Nobody will go behind bars for sure.

  13. Anonymous1:32 am

    detain for Secret Talk a.k. akutim samarata & happy go?
    or for Justice?

  14. Anonymous4:32 pm

    Anon 11:21am

    Isa Samad and Emir Mavani must resign? Cuai? But who appointed those 2 jokers in the first place? That fella is even more cuai!!!!!

  15. Anonymous3:17 pm

    Most us, ordinary Malaysians, going about our daily lives feel so revulsed with what is happening to our beloved country. We do not have any leader of calibre, standing and distinction, both in government and opposition. All the politicians in Malaysia seem to be merely playing politics not working for the nation and its people. Right now Malaysia seems deluged in horrible scandals from both sides of the political divide.

  16. Felda is dear to Najib's heart. So is 1MDB.

  17. Anonymous9:05 am

    MACC should continue doing what they are supposed to do. That is to take on corrupted politicians and govern servants wherever they are. However to have significantly improved governance it is necessary to replace BN government with one serious about eliminating corruption.

  18. Anonymous12:16 pm

    Tabik spring kek MACC . Well done .
    Walau pun TS Isa Samad tu waghih den ,
    tapi kalau terlibat ngan RASUAH pancung jo macam IS pancung .

    Takdo kesian do ...

  19. Anonymous12:34 pm

    MACC sudah panggil broker nombor 1 GLC, Shaikh Akmal (kawan baik Kalimullah & Nor Mohamed Yakcop)? Kalau belom panggil, this FELDA thingy is just another wayang kulit.

  20. sayasokong4:56 pm

    Please support this petition where they asked obama to give justice to anwar but ask anwar and PKR to give justice to the "whistleblower" whom claim his family land encroached since 2012......we believe many others pkr members, voters, selangorian and malaysian that was denied justice by pkr esp during pkr party khalid ibrahim etc....and if you do please support the petition...

  21. Anonymous12:15 pm

    Ini semua satu wayang saja. Of course orang Felda itu memang innocent! Hidup UMNO! Hidup Melayu!