Thursday, February 12, 2015

Rosmah: "The last thing I'd do ..."

To bring down Najib, first bring down those closest to him. And nobody's closer to Najib Razak than his dear wife, Rosmah Mansor, and his little brothers. Break them up. Get them to be at loggerheads!

What Asia Sentinel is trying to do - to suggest a severe rift in relationship between the First Lady and the siblings, especially Nazir Razak - is nothing new. It is also nothing short of despicable. At one time, our politicians from both divide were so intent on "killing" one another they didn't think twice about dragging their foes' moms, dads, wives, husbands, etc. Then they decided on a kind of truce on that. Which was good. Something news portals like Asia Sentinel should try and emulate, for the sake of decency.

In any case, Rosmah has denied that she was out to pull the First family apart. It's "the last thing I'd do as long as I'm alive ...", she said.

Read Barking Magpie's Rosmah Mansor says .. RUBBISH!

Your turn, Nazir ...

p.s. It's hard to miss the fact that the new round of attacks on the PM is also aimed at his close advisers and friends. While Asia Sentinel tackles the family, the Sarawak Report focuses on Paul Stadlen who advises Najib Razak on media matters. They complain that the dude's been doing Too much partying ...

And then there's the fresh attack on Jho Lo-1MDB, which may set up a mouth-watering duel in court between Tong Kooi Ong, a close friend of Anwar Ibrahim, and Jho Lo, the man who knew how to party, alright and said to be close to Rosmah Mansor. On Jho Lo, I tend to agree with Another Brick in the Wall: Time for Jho Lo to start singing ...


  1. They are going full-force to attack all angles. I remember fondly the way some UMNO bloggers attacking Pak Lah's son in law. History repeating itself.

  2. Anonymous10:17 pm

    Temptation-Pressure applied to one's thingking designed to create wrong emotion which will eventually lead to wrong action.It is all about resisting the temptation.

  3. Noh beirut grand nephew2:55 pm

    Why nazir still silent?

    It only lent credibility to allegation he sabotaged 1mdb coz he couldn't get the roleS that he wanted. When pak busu cannot get what he wants, he goes on tantrum to grandma rahah and the brothers have to secede to his wishes.

    His wishes to involve CIMB in many govt restructuring have been many. When he does not get what he wants, he will sulk like refusing cimb to involve in 1mdb and bitch about 1mdb o tony fernandez.

    He also wants to be minister of finance so that the razak sons can emulate the tun dr ismail and elder brother dato rahman ismail as two brothers in the first cabinet of malaysia.