Sunday, December 07, 2014

(Another) First Malaysian woman Prime Minister

Monday brews: The blog Apanama, which incidentally was behind the original The 1st woman Prime Minister of Malaysia (4 Nov 2014) is up and running again. The blog's webmaster had to suspend the blog after a massive DDOS attack early last week.

Original posting:
This Bujai has nose for gems. This one adds a huge grin to my lazy, sunny Sunday morning:


  1. Anonymous11:13 am

    Just imagining , Shamsidar the ' first Malaysia PM ' .
    How will Malaysia be like...?
    How will AlJuburi react ...?
    How will Kipas behave ...?

    Imagine all the people .....

  2. Anonymous11:42 am

    If this lady becomes our PM, thousands of Malaysians pack their bags going abroad finding greener pastures overseas.

  3. Anonymous12:04 pm

    She's got to be kidding!!!!!

  4. Anonymous12:30 pm

    Can we still believe CNN? What is the motive?

  5. charleskiwi12:40 pm

    Malaysia yet another Bangladesh or it is in the process of becoming one ! Time will proof what I have always said just close up all the haram activities and you will be there faster now that the prices of oil in going sout plus the wells are getting depleted. Come on stop cheery picking and stop biting the hands that feed you !

  6. Anonymous2:02 am

    At least Banglas 6 bulan kat Malaysia boleh cakap Melayu.

    Cinapek dok Msia 50 tahun tatak mau cakap Melayu.

    Mat Bonk

  7. Anonymous11:45 am

    This AGHASTLY WOMAN! Such a fascistic dictator who is getting rid of all the opponents on some pretext or other together with framed up and trumped up charges. She is bloody using the government institutions such as the Bangla judiciary to rid the country of all forms of opposition. She has already been responsible for sending elderly opponents to the gallows.

  8. Mustapha Ong1:16 am

    Please do not insult Datin Seri Rosmah. I think if Kak Rosmah is elected as the next Wanita UMNO Chief (I am sure Shahrizat will be most happy to support Kak Rosmah) she is capable to be Malaysia's first woman PM. Kak Rafidah had missed the opportunity to be our first PM. I have to give my respect to kak Rafidah...she is happily retired now (jaga cucu lebih baik lah kata kak Rafidah) Tak macam Tun Mahathir nak masuk campur semua hal negara selepas bersara sebagai PM. I tabek Pak Lah yang diam2 makan pencen sebagai seorang pemimpin negara yang telah bersara!

  9. Anonymous12:49 pm

    betul kaa?

  10. Anonymous9:52 pm

    Mana yang baik, orang pencen yang duduk diam-diam main dengan cucu atau orang pencen yang mengambil berat tentang masa depan cucunya?