Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanking Zahid Hamidi for thinking aloud

Updated: Umno's young (and allegedly suppressed) respond in Leadership in Umno must be earned, the Mole 25 Nov 2014
"Umno needs more young blood to continue striving for the party’s cause and therefore, it is important for senior leaders to make room for the young to grow." - Danni Rais (left)
Danni said this is not the first time the call not to suppress the rise of the young in Umno is being made. "If we want to see it happen, the top (leadership) must walk the talk and really push for it."

Original posting:

In my Oct 16 posting KJ, DPM? I wrote about the danger of us Malaysians looking up to past prime ministers' sons and son-in-law to be the successor of Najib Razak, who is the son of a Prime Minister himself. I enjoyed quite a bit of support on that one from young ones within the party and in general. Of course, I have my angry fans too. But I am happy to discover now that I am not the only one who thinks that we should look beyond them in order to succeed as a nation.

So people, stand up and salute Zahid Hamidi, Malaysia's Deputy Prime Minister in waiting. For saying what you wanted to say but could not, would not or did not have the guts to ...

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Prominent socio-political journalist-blogger Jailani Haron made a pertinent observation in Heirlooms … :
"I have seen how a few division chiefs 'planted' their spouse as the division Wanita head, their son as Ketua Pemuda and daughter for Ketua Puteri.
What do you call that, if its not a political dynasty!
And up there, it's still a practice…"
But Zahid's call is not going to be followed through during the Umno General Assembly, at least I don't think so. Too sensitive an issue. Even Bujai, who doesn't have that much personal stake in the party, appears conditional in his support for Zahid's "heirloom" call. His disclaimer: 
"Ooopsss... I'm not saying the prime minister's sons - Hishammuddin Hussein and Mukhriz Mahathir - dont have the right package but they must proof something 'extraordinary' to reach the pinnacle of politics."

 Zahid made the statement in support of Prime Minister and Umno President Najib Razak's call Don't keep new blood from rising over the weekend. 


  1. charleskiwi12:53 pm

    If this Zahid ever gets ti become the DPM, all I can say is may Allah bless us all Including the 70% Malays. Most of them are not only non Malays, when the truth is they are only imported muslims.
    He will be the worst DPM Malaysia ever had and will certainly introduce policies that will bring Malaysia one step closer to chaos. Just look at the police force under him, what efficiency it has brought to a department already known to be one of the most inefficient departments in this part of the world. The same will happen to Malaysia if and when that happens.
    But don't despair, for that will never happen as the 'Rahman' theory ends with Najib !

    1. Anonymous6:16 pm

      This chap at 12.53 pm never fails to amaze me.
      A couple of days back he made some pretty ridiculous claims about the UMNO membership. Today he rambled about 70% Malays, non-Malays and imported Muslims?? Just what is he babbling about?
      By what instruments is he going to substantiate his claims about the police force? Can he quote an authoritative study or surveyto back up his allegations?
      To cap it all, he is now a seer, a prophet maybe, as he can prophesise what the future is.

  2. Yeah Rocky Bru he has the Deputy Prime Miniser in the making stuff, I have known him almost all my life he is a man of substance. The only senior Cabinet minister to ever came to my open house many times to eat my wife rendang hati and stayed and talked!

  3. Anonymous3:01 pm

    This is all rhetoric for PAU. All these bright Hang Nadims will be slashed by the Sultans of Singapura fearing their demise. Besides being special officers, I don't see Pemuda & Puteri UMNO getting candidacy and posts at ADUNs or even local councils.

    Safe DUN seats should be used as a training ground for the youth to acquire policy making and administration skills before aiming for federal posts.

    I guess they'll take this matter seriously when PR finally snatches Perak away from BN in GE14 and installs Dyana Sofia as the next MB.

  4. Anonymous6:17 pm

    Charleskiwi you wrong after RAHMAN some one said another round of Malay leaders will start with R from RAZAK.
    Jabbathe hut!

  5. Anonymous8:14 pm

    Zahid Hamidi pun serupa saje dengan yang lain2. Bila time persidangan atau pemilihan barulah menyalak-yalak dengan hebat, mengeluarkan kata-kata yang hebat tapi lepas tu habuk pun takda, Pigi dah.

  6. Anonymous9:46 pm

    Si Zahid ni bila nak dekat PAU baru nak lantang bersuara. Bukan main garang tegur Nazri dan ketua bahagian. Sama macam waktu pemilihan parti dulu. Nanti dah habis perhimpunan senyap semula. Business as usual..

  7. Anonymous1:15 am

    Well , he is much better than that PM cousin . Quite decisive and close to the masses . But most kampong folks are seeing the smarter one in Shafei Afdal. He is quite articulated in addressing issues .

    Hat off for Shafei then followed by Zahid . The young gun should go to Mukhriz .

  8. charleskiwi1:40 pm

    Anon 6.16 pm,

    I m sorry you cannot even comprehend my claims hat Umno is now no longer restricted to the Malays. When in fact half, if not more , of Umno present membership are half breeds and I have times and again proven that to everyone.
    Just for your benefit once again can I ask why is an European who mates with an Asian and the off spring is called an Eurasian, or an Indian who mates with a Malay and the offspring is called a Mamak ? Please don't avoid answering before you go into another subject. Or typical of your kind, always trying to deviate to another topic when you are unable to answer a question. Do you know the meaning of babbling ? One thing for sure the Malays are already being ruled by half breeds now. And you why ? It must be they are unable to find the cunning enough Malays to be their leaders.
    To answer your question about my claims about the police force, I don't even have to quote any authoritative study all I need is to quote the recent custody death and why was the unfortunate victim father threatened with a gun by a police officer ?
    Also why do you go to the police, you are supposed to go to them for help ? You know what happen to these people who die in custody, many will die while in police 'protection' how unfortunate for those who seek the protection of the police are killed while in their 'protection' !
    I can go on and on but it would appear nothing will impede or diminished the death of people who seek their protection. So pathetic, what this entire situation and this is no allegations but a fact of life for having to live in Malaysia ?
    i don't dare even to pretend to be a prophet, only the almighty Abdullah is a prophet and no one else. But one thing for sure and you don't even need to be a prophet to conclude where this, once beautiful country, is heading to. Already heavily in debt and in bloody shamble there is only one place it will end up especially when the black gold runs out and that isn't far away.
    No doubt the blame is again on another 'Chinese tsunami' and when that happens Najib still will have the audacity to ask where did he go wrong to loose the support of the Chines, how ignorant or does needs to have a torch to guide him where he should turing to for the answer. Please don't accuse ne that I am advocating for LKS to be the PM, far from this, I am oppose that any support be given to him. I am ashamed of him as a Chinese.
    Finally why are all the so called Umno leaders have suddenly found so many questions to ask just when the Umno general assembly is just around the corner ?

  9. Anonymous3:47 am

    1.40 pm

    If and until you can come up with the facts and figures from any scientific and authoritative studies to back up your allegations regarding:

    1. The lineage and ancestry of the UMNO members;
    2. The efficiency index of the PDRM,

    then your comments remain as they are, just hearsay and wild allegations, and should be treated as such.

  10. Guys. The writing has been on the wall for quite a while. Love him or loathe him, Zahid Hamidi IS the seniormost UMNO leader currently commanding the strongest band of support from among UMNO frontliners, other hardcore, regular delegates and lay UMNO followers. He might not be Mr. Perfect, but he has been pretty consistent with his stand on many things. That is good enough.

    He will be the next DPM and next PM. Deal with it.

  11. I first saw him in the flesh like three weeks ago. Just as I was walking out of Putrajaya Mosque after Friday prayers. Heard some one saying something like, 'Hey, let me introduce you to the Interior Minister, you know, Police Minister' to someone else, from somewhere behind of me.

    I turned around, and saw him. It was a Malaysian somebody introducing him a few Arabic looking dudes. And then I heard him say, 'I'll see you again, Insya Allah'.

    He looked kind of like, well, friendly and unassuming but at the same time like firm and confident. And he also looked like kind of possibly related by family ties to the Selangor Sultan, if one just judged him by looks alone.

  12. Anonymous8:28 am

    Rocky why so silent on the Zahid and Paul Phua????