Thursday, October 16, 2014


Seriously? I've been asked about veteran journo A Kadir Jasin's Monday blog posting Isu Kepimpinan: Memperkatakan Khairy Jamaluddin (read also Khairy can be next DPM if Najib steps down before GE14, says veteran journo).  
"Is he supporting KJ and Najib now?" 
I tell them it is quite clear (at least to me) that that is not the case. In fact, I sense that Kadir (or AKJ as we reporters called him back in NSTP) doesn't seem to relish at all the prospect of KJ, the former Prime Minister's son-in-law, becoming DPM. But like it or not, AKJ says KJ has cleverly positioned himself as a frontrunner for the position. I don't even think Kadir is crediting Najib for Khairy's rise; on the contrary, it sounds to me like he's blaming Najib for it. You must know that Kadir is still qutie close to former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, whose son Mukhriz Mahathir is Kedah Menteri Besar and is seen by many as PM material and therefore a threat to not just KJ but also Hishammuddin Hussein. 
If you ask me, I'd go with Mukhriz any time. 
But if you ask me again not about these candidates but about the whole kepimpinan negara issue, this is what I really think: Mukhriz Bin Mahathir should not be DPM or PM. Nor should Hishammuddin Bin Hussein. Khairy sil/of Abdullah Badawi should never be. 
Because, with due respect, why should we still be stuck with the children and in laws and daughters and wives of our ex Prime Ministers and ex Deputy Prime Ministers?
If we are to progress as a nation and a people, we must look beyond the dynasties and clans that exist and consciously disqualify sons, sons-in-law, daugters, daughters-in-law and, for that matter, wives of ex-PMs and ex-DPMs. That means Hishammuddin Hussein, Mukhriz Mahathir, Khairy Jamaluddin, etc. We must consciously expand our vision and find a new leader from outside these great clans to take the nation higher and farther. 
We are a nation of 27 million hightly literate and educated people. Surely we got talent. 
Rahman Dahlan
Rahman Dahlan, for example. He's young, he's from Sabah, and he's proven to be a very capable Minister. Not as good looking as Khairy but he's smart and he is savvy. Of course, if you ask me, my candidate for the next Deputy Prime Minister would be the quintessential Sabahan Anifah Aman, the younger brother of the current Sabah Chief Minister. In fact,  I am surprised that Najib Razak hasn't named his charasmatic Foreign Minister as his second Deputy Prime Minister yet!  
Anifah Aman
How about Shabery Cheek? At 53, he's matured like as a politician and an administrator. Not Oxbridge material like KJ but people forget that he was a ferocious student leader and has gone through the mill, from mainstream Umno to a splinter within the party and to where he is today. As Information Minister, he's hands-on and knowledgeable.
Shabery Cheek
Melaka's young and new Chief Minister Idris Haron is up-and-coming. A lot of people thought his predecessor's shoes would be too big for him to fill but Idris has done quietly well. Unlike KJ, he came from a poor family and feel them. He needs to be more more media savvy like Khairy though. And, please, if Idris can get them to bring down half the posters with his photograph around the state, there would still be half too many!  
Idris Haron
And shoot me, you dare discount Azeez Rahim? Say what you like about this former used car dealer, he's come a long way with guts and grit. A natural orator, a champion of causes, even Dr Mahathir thinks Azeez can get a job done where others fear even to thread! "Azeez ni berani jugak," the Tun told me recently. Kinda of remind me of the late Ghafar Baba. Did you think then Ghafar would make DPM one day? Quoting Kadir:  "Dalam politik tidak ada yang mustahil. Yang tidak masuk akal pun boleh berlaku."
Azeez Rahim


  1. i am a long time reader of your blog but never commented before, but this, i totally agree. we should have look beyond families of ex-PM. 28 millions of Malaysia, we surely have options.

  2. Anonymous11:21 am

    Not KJ, not Hishamuddin please.

    All others mentioned, INCLUDING Mukhriz are capabe leaders.

    1. Anonymous3:36 pm

      Mukhriz, capable leader? Kahkahkah. Hes yet to proven..all talks no action. Telur ayam. He had almost the same amount of advisor like Najib.. Mukhriz.KJ.Hisham all incapable. I would love to have Anifah Aman or Shabeery Chik but not MB poster Idris Haron or mamak kaki bodek ala Kak Ijat...Azeez. Ayoyo Tok Pa and MB Perak is more capable lah. Hitam metalik pun mampu tawan hati rakyat. Zero issues.

  3. Anonymous11:22 am

    Kurangnya barisan pemimpin pelapis dari UMNO adalah salah satunya disebabkan oleh budaya cantas mecantas sejak di peringkat cawangan lagi.

    Ketua Cawangan kebanyakannya tidak senang bila ada golongan professional atau graduan Melayu memohon menjadi ahli UMNO di peingkat cawangan kerana takut posisi dan pengaruh mereka akan tergugat.

    Kalau ramai cerdik pandai Melayu digalakkan menyertai UMNO dari peringkat cawangan lagi, maka ramai lagi barisan kepimpinan yang lebih berkaliber dari KJ dapat diketengahkan.

  4. Anonymous11:30 am

    wow! Rahman Dahalan, Idris Haron and perhaps even Anifah are somewhat acceptable..but Shabery and Azeez??!!

    Man, that speaks volumes of the dearth of talent UMNO has. In any case, whoever wins, we lose.

    Still stuck in the mud of old politics.

    Anyway Rocky, the only reason you write this is because of KJ and that too because of Tun M. Ultimately, you will accept Mukhriz, despite your postures presented here.

  5. Anonymous11:32 am

    FYI YgBhg Dato',
    This Azeez Rahim fellow even failed SPRM vetting of candidates before the last GE but he fell flat on Dato Seri Najib's feet crying like an abandoned baby. As always Najib fell for such dumb stunts and picked Azzez for Baling parliament seat. Azeez became najib and Rosmah's slave from then on while continuing with his first class apple polishing and con jobs. SPRM should know more about this fellow.


  6. Berilah keutmaan kepada Shafie Apdal..

  7. Anonymous11:42 am

    Asyik Asyik Keluar Bakul Sampah!

    Takde ke yang Lain tak busuk macam yang kamu tonjolkan ni??

  8. Rocky I can only see Anifah Aman as a potential DPM ofnthe future and possible myself...for rest in you blog that you mentioned you are fuc$%ng with my head with your stupid suggestion okay!

  9. Anonymous12:10 pm

    Salam Bro Rocky,

    1. This is your best post thus far, definitely. Bravo!

    2. We DO NOT need any more elitists to lead us. This has been proven overtime with DSN that HE IS NOT IN TOUCH WITH HIS PEOPLE & REALITY!

    3. As with all 'anak-anak raja', they see us commoners just as their baduas! Mere pawns and collaterals! To them, their hangers-on are their soulmates that would determine whether they live or die! Though some of them tried very, very hard to SHOW US THAT THEY ARE HUMAN; they are better off being lousy politicians than being poor actors!

    3. I respect you, Bro, for going against the norms!


  10. Anonymous12:21 pm

    Hey, people are happy with LKS jr (which you did not make mention) in Penang. How?

  11. Anonymous12:35 pm

    I vote Anifah Aman.

  12. Anonymous12:42 pm

    As Information Minister, he's hands-on and knowledgeable. ??? and yet BN still being hit left and right in the internet and other media, So he good is he?

  13. Anonymous12:56 pm

    Agree with you. PM/DPM is not hereditary job, to pass down to children/grandson/granddaughter. Next line of leaders should be nurtured/assessed by their intelligence, competency, commitment etc, right from branch level. Seriously think that most at the current leadership level would fail these test/assesment. Having degrees does not mean you are competent.... Lets try those Sabahan/Sarawakian to lead the country, we may change.....

  14. charleskiwi1:05 pm

    I can only feel sorry for those you named in your blog that the repugnant and avaricious Mahathir thinks or supports to be of leadership's material.
    His chances just like those this repugnant and avaricious Mahathir will instantly diminished because of the support.
    Just look at the by elections or the last GE all the candidates that he supported failed to win their elections. One Umno winning candidate in the last GE even held him responsible for the small winning margin. Also didn't he go all out with his support for the former MB of Johore ? Not only the former MB lost his aspiration to defeat the mad dog LKS, he nearly lost his deposit.
    So much to be seen involved or getting any support from the former PM, he is in fact a liability rather than an asset. Therefore, stay as away as possible from this man if you or anyone want to survive in Malaysian politics.
    He is out of date politician and his survival is because of his knowledge or all the dirts that surround all the Umno dorky and schmucks in Putrajaya.
    Most important of all just remember the fates of all those who were chosen by him personally did not survive long as his assistants. Even AB who was chosen as his successor didn't last very long as the PM. And who was behind instigating for his removal ?
    Finally my advice to all those who aspire to be someone important in this country to not only have nothing to do with him in any way.

  15. He..he.. sensible sensors... *annie may say, " u love me or not ? "

    * sorry annie, nothing personnel. Just to keep the JB's blues on..

  16. Anonymous3:58 pm

    i agree with you abt sons or SIL of former PMs should not be a PM coz we hv learnt our lesson thru Najib. Enough is enough.

  17. Anonymous4:01 pm

    my pick is





  18. Anonymous4:10 pm

    Saya sokong pendapat saudara sepatutnya tidak perlu ujud kepimpinan dinasti atau klan didalam UMNO.Ramai lagi rakyat diluar sana yang mempunyai kebijaksanaan dan daya kepimpinan harus diberi prluang memimpin UMNO.Apakah ini adalah hasil dari budaya bodek dan ampu kerana kebanyakan pemimpin UMNO rasa terhutang budi dengan bapa-bapa mereka sehingga tidak berani komen dan membantah.

  19. Mustapha Ong4:39 pm

    Bro, I disagree in order to agree...English is a funny language but is not a perfect language compared to French, the diplomatic language. Yes in politics, nothing is impossible...anyone can be a PM or DPM if he is popular but not necessary capable. Muhkris falls under this category. However, my choice is still Khairy as he is slowly winning the hearts and mind of the non Malay supporters come PRU14. Hishamuddin maybe an interim PM after Najib and he will have his choice as whom to succeed him as PM. I share your view that Abdul Rahman adalah is a good and capable Minister from Sabah. He is good and speaks excellent Engkish and Malay...hopefully he can learn Mandarin too!

    1. anybody but not kJ7:47 pm

      Lu Mustapha Ong...

      You talk rubbish.

    2. Anonymous10:51 pm

      Are sure KJ? Musang berbulu ayam. For those outside seeing him like gem in the mud but who know him will shoot to kill once on sight.

  20. Anonymous5:16 pm

    I fully agree to your suggestion Dato'. But, Shabery Chik should not be in the list. From my observation, he is not effective. My preference in order of priority:
    1. Anifah Aman
    2. Rahman Dahalan
    3. Azeez Rahim
    4. Idris Haron

  21. Anonymous6:06 pm

    Tok Pa

  22. Anonymous8:05 pm

    Mukhriz is a very capable leader...just like his father. I don't know what that Mahathir hater was going on about. Must be a bitter ingrate.

    All others on the list are capable too...EXCEPT for Hishamuddin and KL.

  23. Anonymous8:21 pm

    If me, Mustapha Mohamed should be in the list. Take out shabery chik.

  24. Mat Debu8:54 pm

    The RAHMAN teory ...... RAHMAN DAHLAN will be next PM.

  25. Anonymous9:15 pm

    Everyone thinks Najib is weak..... You will all be surprised at his tenacity in the job of being PM. UMNO warlords need to take care and he will give Pakatan a good slap too. His opponents and the ambitious upstarts should be wary.

  26. Anonymous9:16 pm

    Everyone thinks Najib is weak..... You will all be surprised at his tenacity in the job of being PM. UMNO warlords need to take care and he will give Pakatan a good slap too. His opponents and the ambitious upstarts should be wary.

  27. Anonymous10:01 pm

    Idris haron ada karisma sebagai pemimpin.

  28. Anonymous10:05 pm

    At least one person finally mentioned, how about Mustapa Mohd a.k.a Tok Pa ?

  29. pemerhati10:06 pm


    If only the likes of Noh Omar realise that he is not acceptable at all.for Selangor.

    Baru ada budak muda nak groom, orang2 Noh Omar dah nak cantas mencantas.

    Di Kedah, hampir semua Ketua Bahagian nak kerjakan MB pasal masing2 lapar.

    Pemimpin UMNO sedar tak bahawa rakyat dah berbulu dengan UMNO dengan perangai mereka.

    Yg Najib pulak, macam tak peduli. Dia pun nak jadi happy Prime Minister ...

  30. Anonymous10:33 pm

    yes tok pa , husni , ku li , saifuddin , ada ramai lagi , orang lupa saja..........

  31. Anonymous10:47 pm

    All choices rejected. Sorry. None fit the bill. Unless a no nonsense dictator with no wife, no children, relatives, friends, cronies or whatsoever is elected then malaysia will survive.

  32. Anonymous10:56 pm

    Ah, charleskiwi..Here we go again..

  33. Anonymous11:22 pm

    KJ had already stated before that this term is going to be his last. The Umno veeps will going to be in his cross hair. Wonder how he's going to execute his battle plan.
    VP is a whole different ball game. The prospect is pretty daunting. It's going to be a lot of hard work. It's going to be highly costly. He's in for David vs Goliath type of fight.
    The competition for one of the 3 posts is going to be super stiff. He's up against the incumbents who have rock solid machinery behind them. The guys who have been around far longer than him; together with rock solid loyalists and formidable resources.
    After all, those guys had master the trade very well. They knew when to hold the horses and when to go all out. He probably going to lose in his first shot. But as you say, in politics nothing is impossible.

  34. Anonymous11:29 pm

    Out of six PM we have have, only Mahathir coming from commoner background. Courtesy of Tun Razak who had noticed his talent. We need another one if we were to have the kind of achievement and success of those Mahathir had given to us. I don't think it will happen in the near future though.

  35. Anonymous12:10 am

    Perfect lineup Anonymous 4.01pm

  36. Anonymous1:28 am


    For once in your miserable ass-kissing existence, you were making sense...I found new respect welling up inside me...

    ...and then you came up with a list featuring such pundek as Dahlan (Minister Of Twitter), Azeez and Idris Haron.

    Fail lah, latuk.

    Manya bisar punyak fail.

  37. Anonymous1:31 am

    "my pick is:





    my diagnosis is:

    you have a drug habit

  38. Anonymous1:34 am

    "My preference in order of priority:
    1. Anifah Aman
    2. Rahman Dahlan
    3. Azeez Rahim
    4. Idris Haron"



  39. Anonymous11:09 am

    Rahman Dahlan ... at last some one mention his name. Ini adalah pejuang Melayu yang paling berani potong lidah DAP..jauh sekali kalau nak banding dengan KJ.

  40. trifling-jester12:31 pm

    breaking away from clans?! WHOA?!!!!! what next? Choose a leader based purely on merit????????????

    im going to die....... laughing

  41. Anonymous12:43 pm


    Mukhriz gets my vote as well.
    I don't care for drama queens.

  42. Anonymous7:31 pm


    so sure BN going to win next round?
    But anyway your recommendation sucks for all!

  43. GE just over. TMY the DPM just return. U people really got nothing better to do. Just leave politics take its cause.

  44. Anonymous3:32 pm




  45. Anonymous8:00 pm

    the problem is the UMNO members are always supporting the x PM or TPM sons and its family lineage. I hope they would look at other young candidates and support. we have many talented candidates.

  46. Anonymous1:07 pm

    salam bro

    shaberi...bagi cadangan n komen kat fb n kemudian dia banned u dari bagi komen...sama macam timbalan jadi pada rocky bru...


  47. Anonymous3:29 pm


  48. Anonymous8:14 pm

    Qualification wise:

    1. Anifah Aman -Economics,US
    2. Rahman Dahlan -Econonics,US
    3. Azeez Rahim - Unknown
    4. IR Idris Haron - Professional Enginneer (PE/IR)US

    We have a Doctor in the house before maybe we should let an Engineer lead the nation

  49. pepsicoke12:48 am

    Tak payah cakap lah, come PAU the same old things happens, same old faces.

  50. pepsicoke12:53 am

    Tak payah cakap lah. Pasti cerita lama muka yang sama juga

  51. Salam Rocky,

    Shabery Cheek? Don't make me throw up bro. Nobody can stand to watch him speak and not feel disgusting about his saliva.

    Saliva Prime Minister anyone? Yuck!

  52. Anonymous10:11 am

    LOL.. whatever Dato Rocky is smoking i'll have some too.. lawak giler punya posting Tok... lawak lagi bila baca komen2 orang naik hangin kat sini... Personally, i think the KJ DPM theory is quite spot on... how do i know.. I was a Ketua Pemuda Bahagian once... money talks.. and a lot of money talks loudest.. keep those crazy posting coming...

    Mr Traz

  53. Anonymous10:59 pm

    we should let non bumi to lead the country ! Ada berani ka?

  54. Anonymous8:18 am

    I'm from Rembau. I know KJ and Mukhriz personally.

    During GE12, we openly voted for the opposition because KJ was not in our good book.

    But over the years, he was a changed person and did what he was supposed to do as MP and as the Youth Chief. He has proven himself to us (the kampung folks) that he can do the job. Post GE13, even with his promotion as minister, he did not neglect his duty. He is calm, quick and diligent when it comes to making decision. But this toddler has his dark side which I do not wish to discuss it here.

    Mukhriz on the other hand was slow and indecisive in taking leads. I tested him several times and he failed to deliver especially when he was in MITI (and it has nothing to do with personal favor or such). But he is humble and very diplomatic in his approach. As a person, I love him but as a leader the apple has fallen far away from the tree.

    The likes of Rahman, Shabery, Idris should play a role in our future politics because each has strength that the country can rely on. We should get rid of old and ridiculous warlords like Zahid, Tajuddin, JJ, Nazri, Shahidan, Hassan and more frankly they have untrustworthy face. Whether you like it or not, its a fact. They are the ones dragging the whole country down.

    Only the strong one should lead the country. Frankly at this juncture I would go for a combination of

    1. Hisham
    2. KJ
    3. Rahman
    4. Tok Pa
    5. Idris
    6. Shabery
    7. Anifah

    Good mixture of Malaysians. Why Hisham? Not because of dynasty but we just need a level headed person to steer the country for time being before the babies learn to walk, run and jump properly.

  55. Jefri Md Nor9:53 am

    I would agree to RD... a young uprising talent...