Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The video Anwar Ibrahim doesn't want you to watch

Updated: After my posting below, the blogger Apanama posted another video clipping he wants you to watch. Click h e r e.  Alang alang seluk pekasam biar sampai ke pangkal lengan. 
Read also, Name the 40, Anwar by Bujai. 

"Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim told the High Court today that he will not name the 40 Barisan Nasional MPs who were willing to cross over to Pakatan Rakyat in 2008, saying it would be unfair to reveal them now.
Under cross-examination by counsel Tan Sri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, Anwar also denied the suggestion that he did not have the numbers he claimed he had to move a motion of no-confidence against former prime minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in the September 16 move six years ago ..."

Original posting:
Apanama posted this video h e r e on Monday 27/9 under the heading Anwar Ibrahim a Bloody Liar.
The blogger is either extremely foolish or so very sure of his facts.
I'm sure he is aware that these days, bloggers get sued for RM100 million for less.
I'm not going to reproduce the video clipping. No point getting two bloggers sued for RM200 million.
So you, my Dear Readers, please hop over to Firdaus Abdullah's blog and watch the video and decide for yourself if Anwar is a bloody liar. 
Last I check, they haven't started suing people for visiting and reading blogs so hurry up... 
p.s. I heard this video was produced in court during the Anwar Ibrahim vs Anifah Aman trial.


  1. Anonymous10:00 pm

    Was it all bluffing or did Anwar Ibrahim really attempt to bribe BN MPs behind the scenes?

  2. trifling-jester6:57 am

    anwar tried and failed big time, which means his promises went unfulfilled making him a liar.

    rocky and friends are bringing this up now (6 years later) because it is a new assault on an old story.

    that may be a sign of desperation amongst players of gutter politics (both sides).

    while they distract the rakyat with their shit-flinging, the plundering continues. datukships titles are thrown around, and chief editorships are handed out to substandard journalists.

  3. That was not Anwar. It was an UMNO impersonator attempting to discredit Anwar. Anwar is a lot more handsome than that. He is annointed by his wife as Anugerah Tuhan. Kak Wan Kipas is also extremely capable to be MB. She is so adept that she could not produce the Omega watch in her keep. Sometimes her filing system sucks especially when Faekah was assisting her.

  4. Anonymous4:17 pm

    Lies... lies.... and more lies....

    Arent we all just fed up with this clown.

    State Economic Adv isor whos pushing very hard for wifey to become the MB... ohhh and the winning prize.... kachinnngggg....rm3bil..

    Selangorians are idiots to support this fool and his family.

    and they seem to wish to be compared to the .gandhi family??! hahahahahahahaaaaahaaaaaa

  5. Anonymous4:27 pm

    asal dia pejam mata?

  6. Anonymous4:41 pm

    most likely one of the coalition member had rejected the 916 project as the whole process leading to it was smack of bribery and non syariah compliance.

  7. Anonymous5:11 pm

    looks laik mey...sounnnd laik mey...butt...nooot mey

  8. Tembunian5:27 pm

    "rocky and friends are bringing this up now (6 years later) because it is a new assault on an old story."

    No, they are bringing it up now because there is a court case currently in progress about this very thing. The gutter politics is being done by you, in this case, sorry to say.

  9. Anonymous6:44 pm

    He lies to others to get his selfish ways, while he deceives his pristine spirit with the sentient profits of the world!

  10. Chu chu7:30 pm

    They say behind the scenes massive amount of money were promised by anwar and then this was counter-offered and thats why the 16 sept hit a glitch. Im not privy to details but even i realise something must have went on behind the scene. Can you enlighten us rocky?

  11. Anonymous12:16 am

    At least Anwar doesn't sodomize the Perak state government like what UMNO did by bribing the opposition party members to jump ship.

    As usual, you Rocky has nothing better to contribute except for your usual twisting, spinning and farting around.

  12. oppus2:30 pm

    Dato Rocky...

    Kita ada;
    Perogol bersiri..
    Perompak bersiri...
    Pembunuh bersiri...
    dll lain2 yg bersiri...

    Kini kita ada..


    Ini mungkin dianggap lucu...tetapi ini adalah hakikat dan kebenaran..

    Dia adalah PEMBOHONG BERSIRI..yg melakukannya Pembohongan tanpa merasai apa2 salah...berdosa......jauh sekali malu.

    Lihat semua ini..
    16th September.
    40 ribu Bangla.
    Kotak undi.
    Penduduk kpg Pala..
    Racun Arsenik.
    Jam Omega.
    Sakit leher.

    Hah....kalau kita tidak faham...
    Mcm P.Ramlee katalah
    "Alamat nak mampus".

  13. Meleis5:07 pm

    Funny when this old whanker refused to name the 40 names, when he is in the habits of using other people's name.

    Qardhawi lah, this university, that university lah aper lah..


  14. Anonymous6:10 pm

    Didn't RPK say that some Chinese businessman was supposed to supply the money for the 16-9 move but didn't at the last moment?

    RPK also blames Anwar for introducing money politics to UMNO.

  15. Anonymous6:03 am

    Anonymous 12:16am said...
    "At least Anwar doesn't sodomize the Perak state government like what UMNO did by bribing the opposition party members to jump ship."

    Of course, the Pakatan standard of proof is, when they do it, they don't need to furnish details. But when the other side does it, they demand proof in 4 different ways.

    Allo nyiok. Getting MPs to lompat kijang was not UMNO's plan, it was Anwar's. Recall that Karpal Singh already warned Anwar that such a plan was immoral. But bugger went and did it anyway.

    UMNO was smart. They laid a trap for Mr Ex Finance Minister. So when the sole BN MP crossed, Pakatan lost all moral argument when their own went over afterwards.

    Jerat makan tuan, Rocky yang kena hentam. Hahaha. You Pakatan people are pathetic, and now by the grace of God everyone can see it.