Friday, February 28, 2014

Blame your friends at YTL not Umno, Tony

".. 1MDB’s proposed site for the power plant — next to its existing 1,400MW coal-fired power plant in Jimah — means the new plant would be closer to an injection point where the power generated can be channeled into the national grid. In comparison YTL Power had proposed a site in Tanjung, Johor, is reportedly three times farther from an injection point compared to 1MDB’s site, which means a greater distance of transmission in turn leading to higher transmitted energy losses." - 1MDB wins RM11bil Track 3B Power Plant ProjectKinibiz 28 Feb 2013

Where YTL Power went wrong. YB Tony Pua won't be happy with the news. The DAP leader was openly campaigning for YTL to win the project instead of 1MDB simply based on the fact that YTL Power's bid was lower (read my 19.2 posting Tony Pua a YES man?). I don't expect him to take this bad news lying down.

But as the article explains, there are other factors to be taken into account when awarding such a massive project. Even in the best case scenario, according to previous media reports, YTL Power's bid price would end up higher than 1MDB's bid price. Kinibiz also pointed out that YTL Power was also the only bidder whose proposed location was not within the country's major load centres. Industry players have estimated between 2 and 5 per cent transmission losses.

Moral of the story? Politicians should stop making a fool of themselves. They should stick to things they know and which will help them serve the people better. Those corporate boys can more than look after themselves.


  1. Anonymous4:57 pm

    "politicians should stick to what they know?" - Since when they knew anything?

  2. Anonymous7:24 pm

    Did Mr. Pua have a noble cause to uphold in supporting YTL's bid? As a holder of public office isn't it right and proper for him to declare the reasons for his stand? Otherwise he risks being suspected by us commoners of harboring a personal agenda, and the consequent derogation of his governmental office.

  3. YTL dh bayar elaun kt dia. Jadi dia kena kerja kuat sikit lah. Kalau dia tak menyalak n anti Tauke Francis kata dia tak buat kerja. Tauke Francis ni kalau boleh Malaysia ni nk d belinya. Dulu kes MCM Spectrum pun dia marah kerja an sebab bagi projek tu kpd T'S Syd Mokhtar. Dia ingat dlm Malaysia ni dia aje lah yang handal. Orang lain semua bodoh. Times for DON to look and help Malaysia entrepreneurs.

  4. Scheiss.Geist7:56 pm

    This clown should stick to matters related to philosophy, politics and economics, than matters technical & engineering related.

    In the 1970s, students in the UK who studies subjects such as sociology were said to be pursuing a "Mickey Mouse course", by their colleagues studying more solid stuff like science and engineering and one time I found the words "sociology degrees, take one" written on a piece of toilet paper in a toilet in my university.

    BTW, another guy with a toilet paper degree from Oxford is Khairy Jamaluddin.

  5. Anonymous9:27 pm


    This is really a good news. Padan muka Tony Puaka and his chinkie friends in YTL!

  6. Ismail11:24 pm

    YTL done with purpose to show transferacy in decision making.
    Tan Sri Lodin told YTL dont waste your time.
    1MDB will buy your power plants.We want to leader in power i. malaysia.

  7. Anonymous12:11 am

    Another classic bad case for YTL is the MOE's BestariNet project awarded to YTL. YTL being new player in ISP was awarded the RM x billion contract as against TM and other experienced ISP. YTL delivery so far not to expectation but to YTL they are in good position in infra placement for commercial purposes. Many shortcomings and disputes as to deliverables between MOE and YTL. The PBS initiative problem is somehow related to YTL shortfall. Tony? YTL? Apa lagi YTL mahu? Tadak cukuo kaya ka? Mahu kasi mati biznes orang lain ka?

  8. Anonymous3:45 am

    MOE Bestari net by YTL is a big failure??!! Who in his right mind would use the YES 4G for their internet connection?? Oh yes, almost 90% schools in Malaysia!!

    YTL has so strong connection in MOE... such a new player with such big contract awarded... They must have a superior product compared to others.

    Dont you just love Malaysia... where the rich becomes filthier richer!! May e I should get a job in SPRM

  9. Anonymous8:03 am

    Please remember who is taking YTL to where it is to day ? Most of all who benefited most from the YTL ? Don't worry too much about YTL, they are already operating in Singapore.
    Just like Genting bulk of their operations are foreign based, can egregious Mahathir's schmuck son earn a descent living not to mention earning his billion from his 'gifted' investments within Malaysia. Why ?

  10. Anonymous12:45 pm

    Was told YTL bid was technically KOed from the beginning, but they tried to drag certain important people into the bid. In the end, sanity prevailed.

    R.I.P YTL, you have suck the country enough!

  11. Anonymous5:34 pm

    power loss = I(2)*R

    I=current, R=impedance

    longer the cable, longer the losses through the transmission line.

  12. Anonymous11:47 pm

    Anonymous 8.03,

    What you talking cock??

    What are you? 10? lol

  13. Anonymous6:21 am

    Anon 8:03,

    You are a typical chinkie bastard who harbor busuk hati when Malays become rich and successful. It's ok for chinkies, oh it's through sheer hardwork, blah, blah but when it comes to Malays, oh it's handouts that's why so and so becomes rich. Do you think the chinkies who own genting casino managed to secure that piece of land without the involvement of the Sultan of Pahang? I just wonder how much they had suap the Sultan for the land deal. RPK once said that corruption was invented by the chinkies and I think it's true. The chinkies also bribe their gods when they burn paper money to get a place in Nirvana for their dead.

  14. IT.Scheiss11:34 pm

    Anonymous at 3:45am wrote.

    "MOE Bestari net by YTL is a big failure??!! Who in his right mind would use the YES 4G for their internet connection?? Oh yes, almost 90% schools in Malaysia!!"

    I've enquired of a well known secondary school in Ipoh which apparently hasn't got 1Bestarinet yet nor do teachers I've asked quite understand it.

    What nonsense is this when 1Bestarinet is supposed to serve Malaysia's over 10,000 schools.

    Also, it's already well known that the WiMAX wireless technology which Yes 4G uses has lost out to 3.5G and 4G LTE technologies.

    Of Malaysia's four 2.3GHz WiMAX spectrum licensees, Asiaspace has shut down its AMAX WiMAX network in Peninsular Malaysia, Redtone 4G covers parts of five cities and town in Sabah & Sarawak though its WiMAX broadband speeds of 512Kbps and 1Mbps aren't much to shout about.

    In March 2013, REDtone CEO Lau Bik Soon told The Edge Financial Daily that the unsuccessful takeoff of its WiMAX broadband services was due to lack of devices in the local market.

    Packet One Networks still survives after CEO Michael Lai's departure last year though the Green Packet group is still losing money according to its Q42013 financial results with the lion's share of losses - i.e. RM77.6 million being due to Broadband Services - i.e. Packet One.

    According to YTL Power International's quarterly report of Q2 2014 (Interim Financial Report 31 December 2013), the group's Mobile Broadband Network segment lost RM77.8 million, which was an improvement on RM137.7 million loss in the corresponding period ended 31 December 2012.

    During the same respective periods, revenue from its Mobile Broadband Network segment was RM445.6 million and RM219.3 million respectively.

    YTL Power International's other business segments are Power Generation, Multi Utilities Business, Water & Sewerage and Investment holding activities. The group reported RM7.75 billion in the financial period ended 31 December 2013. Its Power Generation segment earned RM575 million during that period.

    It's Water and Sewerage segment earned RM1.4 billion in revenue of which RM391.8 million was profit, so processing water and scheiss (excreta) earns more revenue for YTL International than its loss making Yes 4G.

    From the above, it's clear that WiMAX broadband isn't profitable yet or is not very profitable for its four licensed operators in Malaysia, some of which are looking at replacing it with 4G LTE.

    Therefore, basing an online educational service such as 1Bestarinet on WiMAX is asking for trouble.

    Instead, why not connect the schools with fibre broadband and the students with WiFi, so they can use off the shelf netbooks, notebooks, tablets and other devices which come standard with WiFi.

    Anyway, it looks like 1Bestarinet is headed for the same failure as its predecessor SchoolNet, which it replaces.

    This is clearly another case of IT.Scheiss.

  15. Anonymous8:27 am

    To all the pigs and dogs,

    All the rich chinkins got to become billionaires not from the Malays, it was through hard work, period.
    They all have earned their billions not just Malaysia, unlike the Umno half breeds who are gifted, awarded and most of all robbed from the country. These billionaires are either Turks, Indians who became billionaires in the name of the Malay. When the true 'Malays' are left to rot in the kampongs.
    Yet the Malays are helping them not only counting their stolen wealths and worse of all hide the ill gotten gains. Can these half breeds even make a descent living outside Malaysia ? May as well give them blank cheques but be careful the blank cheques will bounce, who will then be in for a hard time ?
    Please remember without the chinkie's 'haram' monies from Genting, four digits, turf clubs just to name a few, who is going to pay the civil servants ? Especially so when the black gold has run dry and then where are the monies going to come from ? And who is going to supply the monies for tongkats and wheelchairs ? The half breeds are sharing the money from the black gold amongst the Umno warlords
    ? and what is there except the 'haram' money. It is illegal for using the word Allah but it is all right to use the harm money, what a bunch of hypocrites. So be careful what you are advocating ? Malaysia will not only remain in the third world instead it will a fourth world Without the haram monies Malaysia will be like Indonesia , Afghanistan, Bangladesh or Pakistan ?
    Most important of all without all the chinkies in Malaysia and without the haram industry where is the money going to come from to pay for the cilvil servants ? From Indonesia ? There will be austerity in Malaysia and who will be the first not to get paid ? I leave you to think of the consequences without the haram monies !

  16. Anonymous12:57 pm


    Opposition accused/bullied BN for practising nepotism and cronyism.

    This insuniation,gathered them many votes during past elections.

    In this incident,if PKR announced it is filialty and denounced nepotism/cronyism you have also annulled your accusation on BN.

    Rakyat,time to change,tired of their antics of raising false flags in/outside Malaysia

    Pro/Opp we are Malaysians too.