Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Attorney-General: I have an account in Hong Kong?

Calling Rafizi's bluff. News overdrive on Rafizi Ramli in the pro-Opposition news portals, all hailing his heroic pledge to refer Attorney-General Gani Patail to the anti-graft commission - not our own well-regarded Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission but the one in Hong Kong! Rafizi claims he's turning to Hong Kong because the Malaysian authorities weren't responding quickly enough to a Statutory Declaration made by former CID chief Mohd Zain Ibrahim (read about the filthy rich ex-cop here). 
Rafizi .. Look Hong Kong Policy
“They have the authority and power to investigate any financial transactions into Hong Kong if there is reasonable ground to believe that the money was a part of corruption,. 
"We need to compile to provide some information to Hong Kong authority which we will do within the next few days. (Then), I will wait for their response.” - Rafizi
The AG's response to Rafizi's threat to take him down using HK laws and authorities is swift and super transparent. Read  A-G willing to open up bank books for Rafizi's scrutiny
The press release the AG issued to Bernama in response to Rafizi:
Dakwaan Tidak Berasas Berkaitan Isu Tuntutan Bertindih Pulau Batu Putih
Saya mengikuti laporan media sejak kebelakangan ini termasuk yang terbaru dikeluarkan oleh Pengarah Strategik PKR, YB Rafizi Ramli, hari ini.

Gani ... Super transparent

Saya sedia memberi surat kuasa atau autoriti kepada YB Rafizi jika beliau mahu memeriksa akaun bank di mana-mana negara termasuk di Hong Kong, kononnya berjuta-juta dolar telah dimasukkan ke atas nama saya sebagai wang sogokan berkaitan tuntutan bertindih Pulau Batu Putih di Mahkamah Keadilan Antarabangsa (ICJ).

YB Rafizi boleh datang ke pejabat saya bila-bila masa untuk mendapatkan surat kuasa jika mahu memeriksa akaun bank atau di mana-mana institusi kewangan di mana-mana negara. 

Saya juga menafikan dengan keras dakwaan yang disebarkan ke atas saya sejak sebulan yang lalu, dan saya tidak teragak-agak untuk mengambil tindakan ke atas semua yang terbabit menyebarkan dakwaan tidak berasas sama sekali ke atas saya.

Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail

Peguam Negara Malaysia
16 Disember 2013

p.s. Rafizi had gallantly told the portals that he would give himself until Wednesday to gather all the necessary information on Gani for the Hong Kong authorities. But with the AG's invitation for him to come to his office in Putrajaya and get the Letter of Authority to examine his bank accounts, the PKR MP need not wait till Wednesday. 

Unless, of course, he's really just bluffing ... 

I have a feeling we are about to find out very soon!


  1. Pe'ah1:31 am

    Now lets see how MANLY rafizi is to take up gani's invitation...heehaaww!

  2. Anonymous3:48 am

    In FMT, this PKR guy was quoted :“If an opposition leader makes such an allegation, they (Putrajaya) can say it is hearsay and politicking, but this is a sworn testimony from a man who has no friends or foe on both sides of the political divide.”

    “Mat Zain is bold to have put himself at such risk. It is a pity nobody is taking it further,” he added.

    Did this PKR fellow say that money changed hands into a specific person's account?

    NO - its Mat Zain.
    If the AG feels that it is inaccurate, try bring him to Malaysian courts lah.

    Why ask bloggers to protect?


  3. Anonymous6:13 am

    Macam ni lah. Tak mahu susah-susah.

    Those wanting to know the worth of this Rafizi Ramli with all his allegations have only to look at the AnwarIbrahim-ChinaDoll-Video case(or was it the WithJantanDalamHotelRoom fiasco? Can't remember, too damn many). Oops I mean the MIRIP Anwar etc.

    He tried to defend Anwar by noting that during those "blissful hours", Anwar's Twitter messages were still active indicating that Anwar was nowhere near alleged sex partner.

    And lo and behold! The Knights of the Internet UMNO boys did their own investigations, matched second-by-second twitter events and messages, and concluded that yes! Anwar's Twitter DID go completely silent and inactive exactly during those times said mirip personality was bonking said China Doll.

    Alas! How could anyone be tweeting during such an importune time, how could anyone think of doing anything to the senses, when the only senses one would be willing to endure are the screams of a woman and the smell of burning rubber? (Or in the mirip case, no rubbers at all?).

    Hehehe. As usual Marking Bagpie always give humdinger comments sooooo good that it itches to just READ them. Having said that, you think I would pass by any opportunity to participate in the PROTON debates shown in the previous Rocky take on the proton dispute with my own version of gelastic comments? Here goes:-

    People who still harp on the "how bad the proton is" or, succinctly, taking potshots on Mahathir, are soooooo 80's . Soooo Kit Siang.

    1980's Kit Siang: "Proton cars are a Mega Project, Mega Waste"

    60% of cars on road in Malaysia a proton.

    1980's Kit Siang: "Penang Bridge a Mega Waste! Mega Disappointment!"

    2013 Kit Siang (on phone to son in Komtar): "What? No laaa cannot laa take ferry to go there. Take Bridge laa faster!"

    1980's Kit Siang: "Plus Highway a major disappointment, a major waste of rakyat money"

    2013 Kit Siang (to Tony Pooa): "You get your ass to Johor right now for emergency DAP meeting. Why not can't reach in one hour? You're taking Pedas Linggi kampong road or what?"

    1980's Kit Siang:-
    "Petronas Twin towers a waste! Example of how Malay gomen led by Mamak Kutty can waste our money just like that!"

    2013 Kit Siang (to relative who just came from Mainland): "See that? See? World's highest twin towers, you know. Staring at the top can get you neck strain maaa..."

    1980's Marking Bagpie: "Aku Terima Nikahnya...."

    2000's Marking Bagpie: "Hello Cik Adik. Jalan sorang kaaa. Apa? eyyyyy jangan cakaaaaapp. Nowadays people think botak-headed old man sexy you know. Facebook ada ka?"

    Marking Bagpie

    At the last, tenderly,
    From the walls of the powerful fortress'd house,
    From the clasp of the knitted locks, from the keep of the well-closed doors,
    Let me be wafted.
    - Walt Whitman

  4. Anonymous8:03 am

    Overseas bank account could be under a proxy's name. Simple strategy to avoid detection. Will be difficult for Rafizi to nail this one.

  5. Anonymous8:15 am

    Wah, the AG so brave wanna give a letter of authority for Rafizi to investigate his accounts ASAP. So:

    1) Rafizi don't have someone inside the Hong Kong banks to give out clients' bank details like the one in Malaysia?

    2) Rafizi should rush to the AG's office faster than he could spell the word 'jackpot' to get that letter and ask Anwar Ibrahim to ask Paul Wolfowitz's contacts in all known global banks to speed up the exposure of AG's bank accounts.

    3) Also don't forget to ask from other Fuckatan members with links to Singaporean authorities to also expose if AG actually hid millions in Singaporean banks instead. If Singapore bribed the AG so that they get Pulau Batu Putih as alleged, transferring and hiding the money in Singapore would be better, innit? Why Hong Kong only meh?

    4) Then Rafizi should stop being a bloody hipocrite. Anwar 'Anugerah Tuhan' Ibrahim was also alleged to possess myriads of bank accounts. Investigate that one also la, stop being a hipocrite like Neelofa lor.


  6. Anonymous8:16 am

    "...our own well-regarded Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission."

    And to think that people pay for stand-up comedy, when they can get this for free!

  7. Anonymous9:02 am

    Tan Sri AG , thank you for offering the letter to Rafizi and I hope he will accept your offer of the letter and proceed with the investigation. You are a spot and a gentlemen. If there is no truth, you can turn around and sue his ass for malicious acts. Being a civil servant, you just cannot respond to politician in ways of others but if he cannot prove what he has said about you, then I totally support your actions against him. Don't settle out of court. Teach them a lesson.

  8. Anonymous9:09 am


  9. wow,Statuatory declaration (SD) is not only to be read with close scrutiny and must. colloborated with other evidence.
    Look like the Anuar Saga in sodomy 1 trial. Alot of SD thrown around but none is admitted in court. It was just a case of after thought.
    I wonder who is This Zain, he suddenly become importance.Is he up to some thing. His black eye report was not even conclusive as a result the goverment has to set up Royal commission as to who caused the black eye.Funny is'nt it.
    This is Malaysian politics, truth is not important but who can be the best spinner. waste public money.

  10. drMpower3:51 pm

    best bet is that this guy will remain silent when get faced up. then when dust settle he will continue barking at the sides.

    but then this kid doesnt got anything to lose, because he doesnt has any face at all. ya la. if got sued, then he will say 'that mat zain guy said it, not me'

    balls dont have. face also dont have.

    if there is NO taker for gani patail's offer then boy wonder should suck it up big time

  11. Bedul4:17 pm

    Meluat dengan Rafizi ini. Macamlah pandai ngat. Boleh letak bawah tapak kaki KJ.je.
    Nauseating. Just the sight of him makes me barf.
    Selalu baling batu sembunyi tangan. When it comes to the crunch, ooooh I'm so scared.
    A coward that's what he is.

  12. Anonymous8:38 pm

    Semua mata ke arah telur rafizi sekarang. Sama ada betul memang ada terletak di tempatnya atau ia sekadar persepsi saja ada di situ.

  13. Anonymous9:57 am

    Why is AG entering into a public debate with this bugger. He has the powers he sue the pants off this MP.