Thursday, November 07, 2013

Royal University of ITM

Bumi grads from UiTM
No, thanks. I agree with new YB Irmohizam Ibrahim on the need to maintain UiTM mainly for the sons and daughters of the soil regardless of religion. That IS, after all, UiTM's DNA, it's what makes it different and special. Non-Bumiputera students' intake, if any, should be confined to special cases, eg children of civil servants, police, army, or anak yatim-piatu. If it's decided that access for non-Bumis should be increased, it must be done gradually. If taht happens, it is important that the Bumi-NonBumi ratio must reflect the country's population, as this would serve as a reminder to all these students, when they graduate, of how disproportionate other aspects of real life are out there (and why we must continue to correct the imbalances).

Kit Siang's Dyana, made-in-UiTM
However, I disagree with his idea of turning my alma mater into a Royal UiTM, and not just because it will make this proud institution of higher learning sound like a golf club. A "DiRaja" title will do nothing to protect the UiTM from those who want to force it wide open to non-Bumiputeras (while at the same time blocking the opportunities for Bumiputeras in other fields, eg private sector jobs). PDRM is the perfect example, as cited by DAP Lim Kit Siang's political secretary Dyana Sofya. She should know: just look at how unprotected our police diRaja officers have been against the poisonous barbs thrown by her own party leaders!

So Let UiTM be, I say. And I say that to people like Irmohizam and Dyana's boss Kit Siang.

If at all, it is the "Royal" that needs protecting. The word has been abused, misused, overused. Eg Royal Selangor Club, Royal Ipoh Club, Royal Lake Club, Royal This Golf Club, Royal That Golf Club ... berapa banyak kelab diRaja daa?! My suggestion: DROP all "Royal" titles from these clubs. The word "Royal" should be reserved for our Police, Army, Customs and selected civil services. Otherwise, one may get the impression that that's all our members of Royalty do - clubbing!


  1. Royal Selangor Pewter is OK?

  2. lufang6:28 pm

    Latuk locky ahh,

    Don't forget the "Royal Selangor Pwetter " , wa pon mahu talok Ah Kow Royal Durian Garden , itu nama manyak syok lah.

  3. Anonymous6:31 pm

    And yet you say those want to hire the Mandarin speaking employer is a discriminating against bumiputra move? At the same time we have these institutions which continuously and legally discriminate the non Bumi.

  4. Anonymous7:07 pm

    Wow, Bru - you never cease to amaze.

    So, are you saying that UiTM cannot compete on a level playing field? And that it's degrees cannot be ranked on par with those from (what the heck) NUS and NTU (where a fair number of Malaysian students who, apparently are not good enough to get into Malaysian public universities, land up).

    And enough about the discrimination allegedly prevalent in the private sector. Why not go the whole hog (and I use the term in context) and ask the government to force employment by race quotas on the private sector in Malaysia?

    As was mentioned in another post somewhere, let's see if the government has the stomach to tell IBM, Google or H-P, among other tech and MNC luminaries, that they must hire (and promote) X per cent Malays, Y per cent Chinese and Z per cent Indians and others.

    As they say, talk is cheap. And whipping up emotions is par for the course for bloggers who have no understanding of what the business and tech worlds are all about.

    So, how about telling the PM, when he next visits the US (or the UK or China or wherever), to make it known loud and clear to investors that quotas and affirmative action are a fact of life here, and if they don't like it, they can jolly well lump it.

    Of course, we all know where they will decamp to, don't we?

  5. Anonymous7:45 pm

    it will be rank below 300 in world Uni ranking, who cares! be prepare to shame yourself, please don't make claim too loudly.

  6. Anonymous8:03 pm

    yes agree. how about we start petitioning with Royal Selangor Golf Club?

  7. Dear Rocky.

    Your last sentence is very amusing. About the same with that 'Royal Brew' thing. Anyway, I agree with you Dato.

    I have no objection if they aye to non-bumis' entry, but it's ratio must reflects the contry's population.

  8. Anonymous8:17 pm

    Eh, who wants to go to UiTM ? Is this your wet dream, Bru ? People want to go to real universities lah. Degrees yang boleh orang percaya. Not to universities that produce low class graduates with no English skills.

    Tell you what: keep the bumi enrolment at 99.9 %. There's a new university in town and it's called Xiamen university. It will be a university based on meritocracy, not based on race.


    1. Anonymous12:33 pm

      Beb get your facts right. Graduating from anor uni in malaysia does not make that individual bole dipercayai, high class and efficient fluent english skills automatially. It has to be gained.

      At least uitm student dont have to attend kelas peralihan unlike student from chinese school to gov school.

  9. Anonymous8:26 pm

    Correct imbalances ? Read Darwin's Origin of Species. Imbalances are genetic. Promote racial intermarriage. Don't kahwin cousins and close relatives.

    Take a cue from Najib. His son-in-law is Kazakh. Mamakthir's daughter in law is daughter of Liem Soie Liong. Taib's daughter in law is George Chan's daughter. Sidek's son in law is American. And all these people don't give two hoots about religion or imbalances.

    The only imbalance you have to correct is the gap between the rich and the poor. It's like you smoking an expensive cigar in Bangsar that will buy 10 meals for a poor family.

    Hypocrisy from UMNO has to end someday.

    Zheng Ho Abdullah

  10. Anonymous8:45 pm

    No thanks Bru. Why waste time on such an inconsequential issue. Are the nons beating down the door to get in ??

    1. Anonymous2:37 am

      If non issue why kit Siang keep harping the same issue? Hypocrite to max la you abeng.

  11. trifling-jester9:59 pm

    gotta keep as many of the poor and middle class malays confined to a mediocre university. its easy limit their thoughts that way. also, if they get too smart by going elsewhere they'll question why the hell their umno leaders only send their kids overseas.

    usually people will open up their universities to as many applicants to encourage meritocracy and improve its diversity - all of which are ingredients for a fertile educational environment. but you on the other hand..

  12. Anonymous10:06 pm

    Datuk, your title is also a Royal bestowed title. Good for you but UITM not good enough?

  13. I agree. Let UITM be. Selagi ada bulan dan bintang.. No more polemics please. There are a lot of higher institutions in the country.

    Apa lagi yang kurang !

  14. Anonymous11:05 pm

    Anon 7:45 pm,

    "Below 300 in world Uni ranking?" No, quite a bit lower. Below 700, in fact:

    A slide of 100 places in one year.

    The V-C is quite blase about it, although, he doesn't understand how the rankings are calculated (his major blunder - "UiTM had never asked to be evaluated in the list and one of the factors that must be taken into consideration is that the absence of international students has cost the university points. Where do we admit international students?" Unquote. But international student numbers count for only 5% of the rankings, so ya, pendek kata, that's the "research standard" of the V-C at the top of the organisation.

    Even if this girl was pushing for non-Malays to be in ITM (she wasn't)….

    …..I'm not sure it's a good idea. I think non-Bumi newcomers will feel uncomfortable. The issue has become politicised, like too many others.

    I would encourage the Education Ministry to be more proactive in elevating iTM's standards, however. This is quite important in producing more competitive Malay graduates. The "pendatang" parents who are not wealthy (and there are many) will continue to place a premium on education, and they will scrimp, save, beg and borrow to get their kids into a decent tertiary education, maybe overseas. The melayu DAP girl's comments I think were directed at this situation, but alas, they are "pendatang" after all. Don't want to piss off Noh Omar, do we.

  15. Anonymous11:14 pm

    Godfather @ 8:17 pm

    I am a product of UiTM and proud to be one. I know I am better then some of the so called masters graduates from other universities.

    Why I am good? UiTM has taught me very well on how to survive on the level playing field.

    Need I say more.

  16. to anonymous 11.14 pm,

    Everybody is proud of their place of graduation.So are you.
    There are grammatical errors in every sentence you wrote.
    1.better than not better then
    2.why am I good not why i am good ?

  17. Joe Black8:03 am


    A Rose by Any Other Name is Still a Rose. In your case, now that you have declared having obtained your efucation from UItm, don't bring disrepute to the Institution by Writing Crap, Senseless Propaganda or simply concocting slanderous inuendoes.

    An Educational Institution is only as good as the conduct of its Former Students.

  18. charleskiwi8:51 am

    When you said that you or the Malays are sons of the soil, are you also saying that the whites from Europe are also the sons of Australia or North America ?
    No, the real sons of the Australia and North America are the aborigines and the Red Indians and also the Orang Asli of Malaysia. The criminals from England, the fortune hunters from Europe and the Negroes from Africa were and will forever be immigrants, period.
    Also are the refugees from Indonesia calling themselves as Malays are NOT. I repeat not the sons of the soil, the real sons of the soil of Malaya are the Orang Asli and that is why the Orang Asli are protesting so often of the many atrocities they are, up till now subjected to.
    The aborigines and the Red Indians in Australia and North America too, or years, are protesting just like the Orang Asli are doing in Malaya. Therefore stop calling yourself as sons of the soil, at least these white immigrants have taken these countries to become the first world. And to justify themselves of the many atrocities done to the Orang Asli. The indonesian refugees called the Orang Asli pseudo Malays, how can they be called pseudo Malays when most of them are not even muslims to qualify themselves as Malays or pseudo Malays ? If they are pseudo Malays why are they so badly marginalised and protesting almost daily of the atrocities done to them ? Also why are they called Orang Asli (original people) so appropriately called) and above all by who ? By the earlier refugees from Indonesia.

    Even the daughter of the egregious Mahathir and the former Trade Minister have openly admitted the Malays are all 2nd or 3rd generation of immigrants or shall I say pendatangs. The egregious Mahathir once admitted that it is because the Malays are fortune enough to take control of the political scene of Malaya. And as a consequence the Malays can do things as they like in Malaya and I might even add are able to try to rewrite the history of Malaya just to project themselves as the sons of the soil. Whatever they do they will, forever, be pendatangs just like all the pendatangs ! Therefore the sooner you accept that the better it is for all and may be take the country to become the first world !

    1. Anonymous4:21 pm

      It's unfortunate that some people never read history, anthropology, archaeology and human genome works. Instead, they continue deluding themselves about Malays and 'Indonesians' being pendatang, like they are. Oh well, small minds will always remain small without further education. No point trying to educate those incapable of learning. Just keep perpetuating your assumptions. I'm sure scholars local and foreign alike who've written about these subjects are laughing at you.

  19. Anonymous8:57 am

    they do clubbing...u must be blind or wish to stay blind.

  20. Anonymous8:58 am

    let the bodohs stay in UITM. Subpar university

    1. Anonymous4:35 pm

      Janganlah jealous Kalau tak dapat masuk. Perasan iri hati tu tak baik, nanti jadi macam Hitler yang iri hati dengan orang Yahudi. Kalah nanti Bila perang. Kalau pandai, carilah tempat lain Nak belajar. Kalau susah sangat Nak masuk tempat lain, belajarlah kuat-kuat sikit. Jangan jadi pemalas.

  21. Anonymous9:24 am

    Is it possible to have a contest between Uitm and Utar students on any subject matter ?Perhaps any of the newspaper could organise it.
    It could be between 1st year students of Utar and final year students or perhaps between the best of uitm and the worst of utar.
    That would be fun to watch and the whole world to know about standards of education .
    I hope you could kindly organise it.

  22. Anonymous10:04 am

    Anon 11:14

    I congratulate you. Even with the minor grammatical errors in your posting, you are willing to compete on a level playing field. Rocky Bru says the uneven playing field should remain because the Malays can't compete. He says the nons should start a 100m race 20m behind the Malays. We tell him to go fly kite.


    1. Anonymous4:31 pm

      Godfather, have you seen the number of grammatical errors from non-UITM persons in this blog or your permanently sealed racial prejudice forbids you from recognizing them? If this is the standard or argument from the likes of you, I'd be surprised if the rest of non-UITM persons have a clue about anything, going by your argument.

  23. Anonymous10:37 am

    Yeah, let's defend UiTM from the kaffirs who are banging down the door to enter the university. Let's barricade the front gates, and make sure only bumiputras can pass. Let's ask the Agong for help. Let's make Ibrahim Ali the vice chancellor of the university.

    Make Rocky Bru the chancellor. Just disallow smoking in the university.

  24. Anonymous11:34 am

    jangan gaduh, melayu juga akan rugi, bangsa lain tepuk tangan.

  25. Anonymous12:29 pm

    What about titles like royal professors? Their thoughts and thinking don't sound like the title given.

  26. Anonymous12:45 pm

    You DAP cybertroopers manyak bodoh lah .. Lu hantam UiTM kuat2 .. kata UiTM tak ada kelas etc ...

    Itu Dyana Sofia, pol sec Lim Kit Siang, lu punya beloved leader, dia pun graduan UiTM lor ...

    Apasal Kit Siang angkat sama dia, pasal dia Melayu ka pasal dia bagus ka. Noooo .... Jawabannya ..

    Pasal dia UiTM graduate lor.

    Kit Siang, lu better sack all these useless cybertroopers.

  27. Anonymous1:47 pm

    What for they want non-bumis?

    If you want non-bumis take only Hindraf members. That will improve the Uni`s ranking a lot.All the students will be wearing dhotis.

  28. Anonymous3:30 pm

    Nowadays UMNO racist pigs are a dime a dozen.


    1. Anonymous7:07 pm

      Too many China pendatang lah nowadays. Yawn...zzz..

    2. Anonymous11:51 am

      Yawn zzzzz china men are too ignorant plus selfish. zzzzz...tak habis2 pendengkinya nak segalanya...zzzz

  29. Anonymous4:07 pm

    Why dont u used court to get exclusive "ROYAL" for Malay use only ?
    So no one can get confuse is Malay king or Malaysian king.
    By the way UITM ???? is like UNIVERSITY OF PHILIPINES

    1. Anonymous7:15 pm

      Alamak Anon 4.07. "Why don't u used" tu tak boleh pakai lah. It should be "Why don't you use..". Sama dengan "no one can get confuse..". Confusing sikit lah grammar tu. Sila cari day school untuk belajar English sebelum Pergi jual VCD di pasar malam ok.

  30. Anonymous4:37 pm

    You know what Charleskiwi, I can't let you get away with this one. I don't know what your motives is. Trying to insinuate the Malays are not the rightful owner of this land, as if the immigrants brought by the British are more deserving to claim the country.
    "When you said that you or the Malays are sons of the soil, are you also saying that the whites from Europe are also the sons of Australia or North America?
    No, the real sons of the Australia and North America are the aborigines and the Red Indians and also the Orang Asli of Malaysia.."
    Yup, the white people of Europe are not the sons of Australia and North America and they never claim to be. But the Malays indeed the SONS OF THE SOIL of Malaysia together with the aborigines. To begin with, the Malaysian Peninsular is part of the Malays archipelago, the Nusantara front which include the Borneo, parts of Southern Philippines and Southern Thai, Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi and thousands of other islands at the tip of the Pacific. The Malays come from this part of the region. For thousands of years, they cris-crossing between places as the time goes by. The are not coming from a continent thousands miles away the way the Europeans did. I'm a bit baffled of your comparison between the two. Of course there are also the orang Asli who lived there but they were less sophisticated and settled deep in rural places. They are not yet civilized and well-equipped to govern a vast area of land the way ancient civilizations did. They're both coming from the same place but do not lived together side by side. If your argument hold water then why don't you accuse the Indonesians as not the real sons of Indonesia since they too have orang asli whom live among them.
    "The criminals from England, the fortune hunters from Europe and the Negroes from Africa were and will forever be immigrants.."
    No, they are not. They called themselves Australian and pledge allegiance to the Queen of England. They are all equals under the Australian constitution and practice a single system of education. There is only one type of school in Australia and they are not separating them based on race. ,
    "The aborigines and the Red Indians in Australia and North America too, or years, are protesting just like the Orang Asli are doing in Malaya.. "
    They are protesting because they have been driven out from their places and placed into government reserve land. Completely broke, denied economic opportunity and stripped off their rights and privileges. The way you guys recently trying to do to the Malays.
    "Even the daughter of the egregious Mahathir and the former Trade Minister have openly admitted the Malays are all 2nd or 3rd generation of immigrants or shall I say pendatangs."
    The Malays as defined by Article 160 of the Malaysian Constitution as someone born to a Malaysian citizen who professes to be a Muslim, habitually speaks the Malay language, adheres to Malay customs. Dr. Mahathir and his descendents possess all of those above.
    To be continued..

  31. Anonymous4:43 pm

    "The egregious Mahathir once admitted that it is because the Malays are fortune enough to take control of the political scene of Malaya"
    I can't recall if Mahathir did say that. Would you mind give the citation?
    "And as a consequence the Malays can do things as they like in Malaya and I might even add are able to try to rewrite the history of Malaya just to project themselves as the sons of the soil.."
    Of course they can do whatever they like cause it is their country, their land. They have never rewrite history because it is historically and scientifically proven they are indeed SONS OF THE SOILS. There are a lot of evidences being put forth if you care to look into it. Take an oversea trip and go to the British National Archives or the Museum. See for yourself if you have a deep distrust in our version. Though I know people like you only want to see what you want to see. We know what are rightfully ours unlike some other people who are trying to take everything even though they are not entitle to it.
    "Whatever they do they will, forever, be pendatangs just like all the pendatangs ! Therefore the sooner you accept that the better.."
    You should put a mirror in front of that statement and only then self-reflection and self- understanding would be possible.

    By the way, what with kiwi in your name stand for. New Zealander?

    1. Anonymous10:52 pm

      Scientifically proven ? The only thing proven is the work ethic of the particular race.

    2. Anonymous6:41 am

      You call yourself a muslim? Islam does not condone bigotry racism prejudices corruption nor feelings of ketuanan.

    3. Anonymous10:52 am

      You people are forever ungrateful bastards. This is not about Muslim-non Muslim anymore..this is about the immigrant zionis chinese wanting and wishing to take away Malaysia from org Melayu in each and every conceivable manner, no matter hiw dirty and underhanded your tactics maybe. Org Melayu Bumiputera have conceded enough to your kinds (including traitors like dyana) I want to make sure none of your kind will ever raise your ugly face again at us. Racism lives in the blood of your kind, not org Melayu Bumiputera who you have been deceiving for so long. Mr Ye wad right, the non-muslims chinese always consider themselves as superior to the org Melayu Bumiputera. All because u had a good headstart than us. I wonder if we can sue the British for this? Maybe the dapsters and the rba beanies wilk cry foul..since the chinks reckoned the british are more supreme than the chinks ie. Org Melayu are inferior to them. And yes, org Melayu are the 'tuan tanah'!!!

    4. Anonymous11:56 am

      Sejak 13th may 1969 masih berkumpul hasad mereka dan hingga sekarang mmg mereka tidak pernah berhenti dari menindas org melayu. Rakus punya zionis...

  32. Anonymous6:36 pm

    Latuk Locky:

    Typical UMNO spin. First, Islam is under threat. Then, race is under threat. Then, national security is under threat. Now, UiTM is under threat.

    Use whatever little common sense you have left. No nons worth their salt want to go to UiTM. They want to go to UTAR and soon the Xiamen university. They want to go NUS, Nanyang, Australia, Hong Kong, UK, US. Worst case, if the nons have no money, they apply to UM, UKM, USM. UiTM never figures on their list.

    No need for scare tactics. You guys can live happily ever after.

    1. Anonymous7:22 pm

      We'll, thank you Anon 6.36. Now go and tell your clan who make noise about this to Pergi berambus!

    2. Anonymous7:17 am

      So, your Anwar Ibrahim can solve all the problem for you, is it?

    3. Anonymous10:57 am

      Anon 6.36pm: Let's put it this way. .. typical dapsters spin? Then what about utar and ktar then? I'd love to see more Bumiputera intake there starting now.

  33. Anonymous7:22 pm

    uuwaaaa....perlekeh uitm tp merenggek nak masuk uitm....pelik tp benar....!?..ini lah bangsa selain melayu n bumiputra....

  34. Anonymous7:23 pm

    uuwaaaa....perlekeh uitm tp merenggek nak masuk uitm....pelik tp benar....!?..ini lah bangsa selain melayu n bumiputra....

  35. Bedul7:45 pm

    I feel like vomiting listening to some non-Malays wanting to join ITM. Come on la dont be so jealous. In Din Merican or that old fart Zorro the nons are all humiliating UITM students as low class. And look at how Chinese companies dont even call UITM grads for interview. Simple to see you all are envious UITM is the only institution that has English as the medium of teaching. Go enter that racist pig Uni Tengku Adul Rahman
    Or elsr go to Taiwan U.

  36. Anonymous8:46 pm


    Don't compare us the Malays with you, the Chinese. We the Malays are SONS/DAUGHTERS OF THE SOIL as our forefathers had been here for thousands of years and had intermarried with orang asli. Whilst you CINA cibais were imported by the British without our consent. You Charleskiwi is a mere PENDATANG.

  37. Dap cybertroopers are all anons, bro. They come and go to kill you ( exclude balance comentators reveal by their writing )Somehow, they live here, enjoy all the prosperity given by UMNO. Narrow minded species.

    Ponek den...

  38. Anonymous11:01 pm

    what a confuse bugger they are..

    They ask to enter uitm yet they say its have no class. they say they are not racist yet they are the bigger bigot. they say they dont discriminated yet thats the reality. they say 1malaysia just to get project. the more i see this stupid race the angrier i am. but the best thing i'm not the only one. More and more malay (exclude the UMNO chinese ball licker) are aware to this and are doing something. I like to congrates to the stupid red bean army for helping us to realize the true character of chingkies.


  39. Anonymous11:16 pm

    Pergi mampus. UITM should remain as it is.

    Any efforts by anybody from the Umno leadership to change the status will be punished severely.

    That will be the day Umno will cease being the party that the Malays vote for. We don't want or need Umno anymore if that is the case.

    Ranking UitM is low mainly because of no foreign students.

    Anyway, pergi campus everybody who dislike the status. They just don't like the Malays to have such opportunities.

    Debating why we do not need Chinese school in Malaysia is more relevant than why UiTM should open up.

    Bloody hell.

    1. Anonymous11:11 am

      Lucky the DUMNO leadership agreed to the setting up of Xiamen university. Soon this university will be even more popular than UM.

    2. Anonymous10:47 pm

      You mean, Xiamen university that can't make it to the world rankings? LOL. Better stick to selling VCDs.

  40. Anonymous12:14 am

    i hope one day if you die and i die i will meet u there and punch you straight on the face because of you stupid posting about us ....

  41. ITM stands for ' Indians Teaching Malays '. Those days indian nationals were teaching almost all courses in English. Now ITM has progressed to UiTM after many Malay lecturers trained in post-graduate are taking over Deans and lecturers positions.
    Almost all the pioneer Indians have retired.
    By all standards UiTM is as good as any other university.

  42. Anonymous3:14 am

    'By the way, what with kiwi in your name stand for. New Zealander?'

    .....shoe polish la bro!

  43. Anonymous9:21 am

    Uitm is in the Top 201-250 Asian varsiies for 2013. Utar is in the 251-300 category, which is not too bad, together with Lim Kok Wing University.

  44. Anonymous10:30 am

    Anon 4:37 pm & 4:43 pm

    So, what points are you trying to make?

    Apart from an misconceived notion about what it takes to succeed in this day and age.

    And I will give you a hint. It's not race. It's not religion. It's not quotas. And it's not affirmative action.

    Is that clear enough for you?

    Of course, if you want to be the top frogs in your own little kampong, go ahead.

    There's a much bigger world out there.

    And it's sad that you don't want to be a part of it, because, hey, you are a "son of the soil" and all that I see is mine.

  45. Anonymous11:09 am

    Amazing how every discussion turns into the same tadika-level racial mudslinging.

    So much for intelligent debate.

  46. Anonymous2:18 pm

    10:57 am,

    Two points:

    a) Nothing in the rules of UTAR or KTAR expressly prohibits other races from joining.

    Because we tend to engage in racial flocking, it's very heavily Chinese:

    Ditto for KTAR, I guess.

    Hence if ITM's doors were opened wide to non-Bumis, there would not really be a stampede of students trying to get in, by the same token. That's why there's hardly been a stampede of Bumis into UTAR, though they are not blocked per se.

    I really wish, however, that of all the things that get turned into political footballs, we should stay away from education (and religion, and race. That's another story.)

    b)This Dyana girl has clarified ad nauseam that she said that poorer non-Bumis should get something LIKE ITM. Not the same as saying INTO ITM.

    Malaysia's future interests are best served by having good unis and colleges now. That means a good ITM, a good UTAR, etc. if we want to stay fenced off.

    After we're dead and gone it would be great if all our unis and colleges were open to all races and nobody was politicising it.

    i.e. we were just focusing on better education. I guess that's what unis and colleges should be about.

  47. Anonymous3:38 pm

    Anon 10:52 am

    Alamak, your grammar one kind, lah.

    Lagi your English (or what passes for it) lagi teruk, man.

    Not an UITM alumnus, are you?

    Because, 'Bang, if UITM teaches all it's courses in English, then we are in trouble.

    Seeing as how UiTM alumni are the cream of the crop, and therefore deserving of the best jobs in the public and private sectors.


    Because, as what passes for logic goes, it's our country, mate.

    And the rest of you can go play tiddlywinks or whatever.

    And maybe throwing in a Zionist conspiracy or two here and there to spice things up.

  48. Anonymous4:20 pm

    Focusing on better education ? PPSMI changed to BM ? Education blueprint written by McKinsey ? This politicisation is entirely to distract from the incompetence of our ministers and bureaicrats. How do we fire these incompetent idiots ?

  49. Anonymous5:16 pm

    4:20 pm,

    Nope, I have never understood either the need to have McKinsey do our blueprint, nor the cost.

    Mahal giler.

  50. Anonymous7:24 am

    Its only a matter of time before Pemandu gets its dirty hands into UiTM and transform the varsity beyond recognition under the pretext of GTP 1malaysia.

    1. Anonymous10:42 am

      Is this a leak? must be edward snowden.

  51. Am glad that UiTM has become one of the best universities around.From a humble being back then (early 60s)it now draws comments from various quarters.

    My alma mater stands tall.Thank u Arshad Ayub and all the rest who dared dream to make ITM a beacon of hope for the natives.

    Ghani Patail and Noraina Samad were the last batch of the "pre-U" class of 1973/74.I still remember Mr Vaz who smoked in class.He taught geography.Remember Mr Shamsudin too who made lively our History lessons.Who can forget the characters such as Zainal from Sarawak.Joe Priak and others where are u guys?

    Let UiTM retains its status quo.No "royalty" is needed.

    pre-u class of 73/74 (Ibrahim Ali's call for demo broke the timeline though.It was fun time.)

    from sarawak with luv.

  52. Anonymous12:02 pm

    Somebody brought up the name of Gani Patail. He's a joke. In any meritocracy, he would have flunked his LLB exams at UM and he would have been fired for his incompetence. He's the perfect example of what happens when a nation's top post is given to a bumiputra who got 3rd class honours in UM. Mahathir is now realising his mistake but what damage has Gani done that cannot be undone ? Altantuya, Pulau batu putih, Tajuddin Ramli, Ling Liong Sik, Noritta Samsuddin, Anwar Ibrahim's black eye, and many others.

    Hopeless case that should not be held as a beacon for UiTM.

  53. Datuk,

    Glad you're not one of those progressive and liberal Malays,ya.